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  1. Yes, I will call Tom. I just paid out over $4,000 for my Radikal about one year ago. I don't think I will be able to afford to buy another Radikal unless maybe I could sell the current one to recoup some of the cost. I'll see what Tom says. Honestly, I have not been able to dedicate the time to listen to my vinyl like I thought I might so presently my listening >50% digital (CD's and plain old mp3's on my old iPhone into a Wadia 171i into my Bryston DAC). When I cook I listen to digital since often my hands are wet and I feel like for vinyl, everything has to be pristine.
  2. I live in Dayton Ohio. I will check with Thomas O'Keefe in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I paid a lot for my Akurate Radikal. I think it was last year that I got it. It is probably too late to get any consideration since it has been just over a year. What is the cost for the Radikal 2 upgrade again?
  3. I've been off the forum for a while and see folks making reference to a re-designed Radikal. I see lots of chatter about when it will be arriving but no clear explanation of what changes precisely are being made, how much it costs and how these changes are thought to change the sound quality of our LP12's. I got the Akurate Radikal earlier this year along with an Adikt cartridge and had a Greenstreet Audio sub-base and the Karousel bearing upgrade at the same time. I am enjoying my records and haven't even scratched the surface of all the revelations and re-listening of favorite older albums not to mention new artists on vinyl that I keep finding out about. So if folks could help me out - could you maybe point me to an article on-line that actually explains what the Radikal 2 upgrade is made up of and how much it costs and how it sounds - that would help a lot.
  4. I have been listening to my new Radikal-ized and Karousel-ized LP-12 on top of my equipment rack. Unfortunately footfalls are make me have to tip toe to change records. I have my old Sound Organization rack that worked perfectly at my old house. Unfortunately I have plaster walls with this really weird aluminum lathe backing it that makes it next to impossible to locate the wall studs. This type of listening where I can't jump up and down is driving my crazy and also I cannot have a party while it it like this. Please encourage me! From, Bill in Ohio, USA.
  5. I'm not entirely for sure. I just don't remember any shim being required. My turntable was original from about 1983 so I'm not sure if it was "Cirkus" or "pre-Cirkus".
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