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  1. Fraser

    Woodworker wanted

    At low levels, not really no! Today was the first proper listen at decent volume. I had expected some improvement in high frequencies but to be honest I can't hear any difference there at all, the big difference is in the midrange. Vocals are so, so clean now 👍 there was some hash in there before and it's vanished so I'm delighted. Acoustic stuff sounds sublime on these - highly recommended
  2. Fraser

    Woodworker wanted

    My fiance rolls her eyes at me whenever I hint at this subject so I'll bore you lot instead. Speakers are JBL 305P mkII On further investigation I don't think the cabinets on these things is too bad. I decided to go down this route: Dampen cabinet and drivers where possible Veneer outside of cabinet Sort out the baffle. The baffle is the easiest improvement to make. It's about 2mm thick and rings like a bell when tapped. For this I made a mixture of kiln dried sand and resin, to make a cement-like mixture, and used a Calpol syringe to fill in each compartment of the baffle, around the driver, and particularly the waveguide. The thing is now like tapping a rock! This was easier than I thought so I decided to do the same to the cabinet as well. Again, the difference this made in the tap test is evident straight away. I've had a few others speakers which I've done this on, most of which made negligence or minor differences to my ears, but it's a fun to do anyway. The big improvement will definitely be from the baffle. Once this was dried I used some car damping foam sheeting to line cabinets, and used some 300g/m2 wadding I had from another project to fill the chamber. I then lined the rear metal sheeting with the foam as well, and lined the port with two layers of it. I've veneered a few speakers in the past, but they never turn out as nicely as they do in my head. This is usually due to poor preparation on my part. I'm too impatient when it comes to sanding / planing and end up bodging it together in a hurry and being disappointed forevermore. On this occasion I thought the existing cabinets would veneer quite well, and they sand very easily. I picked up some peel and stick veneer due to my laziness, and chose walnut in keeping with JBLs illustrious history. I'm actually quite happy with how these turned out! Ignore the bases; I think I'll have another go at them...
  3. Fraser

    Woodworker wanted

    Does any kind soul fancy making some little speaker cabinets for me? I've been meaning to do this for a while but with a 2 year old out of nursery and now a new-born making her presence felt progress has been a little slow... I've already got most of the materials and will cover the cost of anything else needed. Depending on covid / oil price I'll try and make some additional beer money available for the lucky individual too The current cabinets are around 185w x 230d x 285h (mm) and the baffle is a plastic moulded one so the profile dimensions are to stay the same. No finishing is needed; I could do with the practise before I attempt it on some guitars. I'm based in Aberdeen but happy to post wherever / cover cost the other way.
  4. Here's some pics of the conversion to balanced operation. It wasn't a great time to do this; we have one toddler and a new-born baby so time is very limited and this was destined to be a bit of a hackjob from the start! Nevertheless it works.. I can see why these models are so popular for modding. It's incredibly easy to remove every single component and put back together. The only difficult thing was 'adjusting' the hole to fit the mini xlr in. I couldn't really make any noise due to sleeping child so rather than use a drill I opted for a file to scrape the offending material away. I hadn't counted on the inside of the mounting being such a bugger however, and I'm not too happy with how is turned out. Luckily it looks like you can buy new housings from the US for about 9usd and this will allow me to use 2 right hand housings rather than attempt to adjust the factory cable mounting again. Sound-wise: no idea to be honest, I've only had 5 minutes of listening before duty calls, the only obvious thing was how much more power is on tap - the volume is ear splitting beyond 12 o'clock.
  5. I've more or less answered my own question re. the xlr connections - the manual included a pin out configuration thankfully, and it was just a case of checking continuity across the cables to check which one was getting hooked up. I'm using some van damme mini starquad cable and neutrik / rean connectors for the cable which is now complete... Now the trickier bit where I'll need to fit the xlr port into the headphone cup without shattering it to pieces. If would be easier to drill a new hold on the bottom of the cup, however my OCD would hate having an un-used socket on the face of the cup so I'll try and re-use the existing hole. Another surprise with these headphones is that although they're marketed as 'closed back', they leak quite a lot of sound, at least at the volume I listen at. I decided to take the plunge and open them up for a better understanding of how they've been put together. While they look closed, there's several places where that's not the case. The headphone socket on my pair wasn't totally sealed; there's also a gap between the baffle and the rear of the cups and there's further vents in the baffle itself where vents allow sound to escape. For now I've left the vents as-is and remedied the leakier areas around the socket and between the cup and baffle using some driver sealant strip. I've added some adhesive foam dampening material to the larger, flatter surfaces within the cups and added some 300g weight wadding to the empty space within there also. Pics: More listening is needed to understand the effect of this but first impressions are good.
  6. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction of a wiring guide for balanced conversion? The connections will be 4pin xlr (amp side) to mini 4pin xlr at phones. The connectors I have are marked 1 - 4 on both the full size and mini connections, so I assume this will be consistent... It's more to identify which of these numbers from the amp will then become left + / ground / right+ / ground. I have a continuity tester to hand so should be able to do a final check but I assume there's a logical / standard convention for doing this.
  7. Fraser

    Sony PS4

    I've managed to go my whole life so far without a Facebook account and I'd like to keep it that way! 😀 It would be handy for items like this, granted...
  8. Thanks! Sounds like it will be worth doing
  9. As far as I know yes; settings below:
  10. It's a shame as I prefer the interface and presentation of Spotify, I've never really noticed it sounding quite as rough as it does though. You would think a slightly more expensive premium HD version would sell by the bucket load
  11. Fraser

    Sony PS4

    I've now sold this twice on eBay to non-paying bidders, and I can't be bothered with the place. One auction ended at £265 and the other at £207, both plus postage. I'd sell for £175 posted to a wammer. Link to auction here:
  12. Thanks! So far so good I have been following that thread on headfi with interest and there's definitely some food for thought in there. Mainly the treatment of the cups themselves - it looks like Fostex themselves have addressed on some of their higher models so they appear quite logical improvements to me. Interesting listening session tonight - I made it through some albums I know inside and out: Manic Street Preachers - holy bible Nirvana - unplugged Talking heads - true stories Tool - lateralus The clash - London calling The same issues appeared again - muddiness and lack of clarity during busier parts and also noticed a fair some sibilance on vocals and unpleasant cymbal sounds (washy?) I thought it was worth a try trying another source as I had previously been streaming Spotify through a Chromecast audio to the headamp/dac. I have an old qobuz account I never really used much beyond paying an extortionate amount of money for some hi-res files before realising I didn't have any devices to play them back on 😕. So I gave that a shot with the same albums and my phone seems to stream them quite happily at 96k and it's a drastic improvement! The drums are as sharp as a razor on the same tracks. This is quite a surprise as I've never been one for paying much attention to digital front ends. The qobuz subscription is roughly double what I lay for Spotify but I think it might be worth it.. and maybe landing a phone which can handle 192k... The other option is connecting the laptop up via USB and using the desktop qobuz player and see what happens; I imagine that's a cleaner solution again than what I currently have. Either way it's easily the best headphone sound I've had yet - not sure I'll be going back to speakers any time soon!
  13. Sorted now - thanks all!
  14. Some more listening today. I'm still blown away by the clarity on certain songs, it's genuinely like hearing some familiar songs for the first time. Tonight was the first time I tried them with some of my favourite heavier playlists, in particular tool. This didn't go quite so well, particularly with the busiest layered sections of songs like parabola and lateralus. The drums in particular were missing the impact I like. I'm not sure whether this can be fixed with some bodging or whether this is an inherent limitation of the drivers, but I'm looking forwtto finding out!