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  1. Those Audion monos had quite a bit more power in PP mode which was handy for some speakers and they were musical but I’ve been told the parts or sound isn’t up to the same standard as the BP amps. I remember you got a very good deal on that BP. It was a few years back tho!
  2. Thanks for that. Yeah I was too slow! Spent too long thinking about it!
  3. Also looking for a border patrol Psu for an art audio amp I have. Standard or MB version
  4. One went on eBay yesterday for £2.7k with WE tubes. I was going to buy it but thought about it too long!
  5. I guess up to about £2.5K or so. Depending on what tubes it has etc.
  6. Yes I am! I remember buying some Audions from you a few years ago. You upgraded the BP power amp at the time. Please just sell me you system. It would be a lot easier and quicker! :-)
  7. Always wanted to try one of these. Looking for a Border patrol 300B power amp with external PSU. Either a straight single ended or parallel single ended ok.
  8. Sorry for the delay in reply into this. I can’t find my original Caiman PSU but it must be knocking around somewhere. I was curious to compare the PSUs. Your Caiman with the external psu sounds nice. Will go for it if you still have it. Let me know, cheers Colin.
  9. I’ve told James a couple of times that I’m good to take that pre. He also said I had first dibs on it. Just waiting to hear back from him. I guess he just must be busy at the moment and hasn’t got time to reply.
  10. Yes it was a shame about the old Hovland caps and the pots. I did ask Definitive Audio about caps for a phono stage a while back and they said they still had some of those yellow Hovland caps but I didn’t check how much or what values. Simon also used a pricey Panasonic pot in the Model 2 but I think that pot went out of production v quickly. I remember him really rating it. I once had a transformer output coupled SJS pre that used the Panasonic pot and it sounded lovely. Would love to hear the original Model 2 in the copper case but they are nearly about as rare as the copper cased power amps IIRC!
  11. Thanks for that and sorry for the slight delay in replying to this thread. Was v busy today! I’ve told James I am happy to go for his/your old SJS. It looks lovely. Was initially curious about the fine details of the spec but it doesn’t matter. As for the Emporium one it’s very strange. I wonder who did that? Why would someone butcher a masterpiece?!. It could be sorted out by Simon but it’s a bit of a project and some inconvenience so certainly not the best buy out there!
  12. Cool, yes I’ve said so to James already and am happy to take it regardless of the fine details of the spec. This is much better than that Emporium one as that needs quite a bit of work!
  13. Hi James. Re to our conversations last night I’m still very interested in this (not sure if you saw my last message) , was just wanting to make sure it more like a 1.5 and not a model 1. Might Rabski remember if it’s had tantalum resistor upgrade and wiring upgrades? (silver rather than silver plated)and a few other upgrades as per the model 1.5? Just trying to work out the spec. If you or Rabski have no idea no worries I’ll probably go for it anyway. cheers Colin
  14. Thanks. Yes I should just have put a wanted ad out for “The legend” and people would have know what I was talking about. All SJS stuff is such wonderful kit. Now, if only I could get my hands on one of those early ultra rare copper case power amps!.
  15. The bushmaster is nice. I had one in the past, but I liked the original Caiman as it had variable output. I’ll prob take Magics one.
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