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  1. i've always fancied a pair of coleridge or harewoods with the ceramic tweeters. not heard any though
  2. so after crawling gumtree as you do I came across this listed the other week for sale. Only ever knowing of Ram producing speakers I took a gamble on the 350 mile round trip to collect this amplifier not knowing it even worked. The only mention I can find on it is a Vince Jennings interview about ram audio on falcon acoustics website. https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/downloads/RAM/RAM Story.pdf on page three of this document there is a brief paragraph and one picture. Tested on some cheap speakers for now and seems to be working well and sounds great. The guy I purchased it from seems to remember buying it an a customs auction in dover in the late 70's early 80's but that's the only information he had. If anyone knows anymore about this please let me know, will send an email to falcon as I recall them doing crossovers for Ram
  3. yamaha ca1010 / 2010 and ns1000. would make a great vintage set up if you're that way inclined should be able to pick both up for about 1500-2000.
  4. He had a small collection of records for sale not much. I didnt actually look through them. I think he said a friend of his was selling the records
  5. Yeah worth a trip over, where abouts? I'm only about 30 mins away in dy8. he also said he uses a couple of people for repairs, no idea of how good they are but useful to know there's somewhere for people to take stuff. I'll be popping back to possibly drop stuff of to be repaired hopefully.
  6. I had a quick look in here today, guy seems super friendly, was welcome to the idea of booking a time on an evening, taking your own stuff in and demo against other bits with a few beers. stuff to me seemed reasonably priced, yes a bit more expensive than ebay etc, but obviously a chance to demo the equipment will appeal to quite a few people instead of buying and hoping it sounds good. I ended up walking out with a carver pm1.5a at a very reasonable price as something fun to try cheap.
  7. That's what i thought, and based on it's value as a rarity, i could find something better at the same sort of value. The XTC was a side project of orelle I believe, classed to be more "hi-end". There's a small thread on pink fish (not sure if i can post a link to their site) about them with a small review from hi-fi world about the bigger pow-1. I'm near Birmingham, I just don't know anyone else who is into hi-fi to listen to etc.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334186482009?hash=item4dcf110959:g:AZAAAOSwmLBhbZZs These have just popped up on the bay, possibly a bit more information about IAS rather than actual IAS speakers
  9. think i've updated it correctly. ha i need some to be able to spend first
  10. yeah it's a shame, i did ask but the guy had no idea. That's the thing, I'm trying to find the "weak" part of my system but have never heard other preamps in my system so don't really know where to look next.
  11. cheers i was thinking around the £5-600, I'm just thinking i would get a better sounding pre for my money than this. Have you ever heard one compared to other ones in it's price range
  12. Here is my Armstrong 730 pre amplifier, that I'm thinking of upgrading, I've had it a few years now and think it's time for something else now I've upgraded else where. Not sure if these sort of posts are allowed but due to the rarity, I'm unsure how to value it so any help would be appreciated or just any more information about it.
  13. debut studio album by English punk rock band, led by vocalist/guitarist Adrian Borland, who would go on to form the Sound. Released in May 1977, it's considered by some to be the first punk LP independently issued in Britain.
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