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  1. I'm really not a reviewer in any way, shape or form. Detail and soundstage are absolutely spot on. There's not that much detail thrown at you that you'd get fatigued from extended listening. While I've not yet anyway. The bass is deep but never seems out of control. My system you could say is already on the warm side as I've got a Valve Phono Stage and a Valve amp (no digital sources here) but I wouldn't say the speakers add to the warmth, but by no means are they clinical. They're just bloody lovely, and that's the best analogy I can give! Ha
  2. I fetched them, mate. Not sure about boxes but he's just shipped a pair of some others to Ireland I believe so he must have sorted something? As I said though, I'm not sure
  3. Yes, it's the Burr Oak. My room isn't the biggest, 4m x 3m roughly, with the speakers during across the 3m width. Being as they're not rear ported they work really well though. It took trial and error I have to admit to start with but now the bass is spot on, whereas the KA-2 I had I just could not get them to work in my room.
  4. I assume you mean the AR-10 I have? The finish was one I chose myself @Alan Kralkwasn't a fan of how delicate the veneer was! I can safely say they're the best speakers I've personally ever heard/owned. My first set of Alan's speakers were some BC30 MKII, I then added the PAW stands and I loved them to bits. I upgraded to the KA-2 but they didn't gel with my room, so when I heard Alan was starting up again I mentioned I'd love to try 3-Way speakers and he just happened to have some in his new range. Safe to say these won't be going anywhere soon! @radiant redthey look even better in person. The finish is sublime!
  5. Edwards Audio ISO-1 Mains Isolation Transformer In great condition, I bought it on here a couple of months back and was that impressed I've upgraded to a full mains conditioning unit. Worked great on my Phono Stage. Note, this can't be used on anything above 40 Watts so is ideal for Phono Stages, and Turntable PSUs. £140 posted Collection also welcomed from Shrewsbury
  6. I've got the very first set of AR-10 that Alan made. Fantastic speakers
  7. I thought I had this sorted, but I now haven't! So a bump it is
  8. I'm now considering a 3 - Point fixing tonearm as well. Anything out there waiting for a new home?
  9. Yes, I'm familiar with Origin Live, I had a Resolution Classic. I've no experience with their tonearms though I have to admit
  10. That's a good price indeed, I'll be sure to have a look.
  11. Got a few possibilities, but still looking at the minute
  12. As far as I was aware this is the newer 3 point fixing? As it will be fitted to a NA Hyperspace I'd rather not have to buy a new armboard/collet. Cheers
  13. Thanks, I'll add it to a shortlist I'm drawing up
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