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  1. That's it, EEI! Cheers Great little thing it is, just not getting the use it deserves.
  2. Great little Headamp which I bought on here, I think. Battery powered. From memory it is Australian with tentative links to Max Townshend (apparently). Maybe someone on here can clarify? I've took the lid off to show the innards as I haven't got a clue as to the specs. It did the job well, that's all I know! It's not going to win any good looking contests, it's got a wrap around the metal case work. It's basically as I bought it. £110 posted £100 collected from Shrewsbury
  3. These worked great under my Hi-Fi Rack when I had them on it. They're not getting used at the minute so I'll let them go. Few marks on the top where the spikes have scratched them. Set of 4 - £45 posted? Collection also welcomed from Shrewsbury for £40
  4. Bought these recently on here but found there wasn't an issue that needed resolving with my turntable after all. Set of 4 - £185 posted Collection also welcomed from Shrewsbury for £175
  5. Sitting in a drawer doing nothing so may as well be sold for someone to get their use. I remember paying just over £100 for it. £80 including postage? Collection from Shrewsbury if you desire for £75
  6. 5mm Black Funk Firm Achromat Good condition, but no longer needed. £40 including postage? Collection from Shrewsbury if you desire for £35
  7. Tried to PM you but it won't send? Maybe you could message me in the first instance? Cheers, Ben
  8. Blimey, my room and equipment has changed a lot. Stunning speakers that were only replaced with something from Alan's latest venture. Buyer will not be disappointed one bit. Good luck with the sale, Paul
  9. Bought this a few months back and have used it a couple of times when changing cartridges but I can't see me needing it anytime again soon, fingers crossed. With that in mind, I'd rather put funds elsewhere. Excellent condition with box, manuals and nothing missing. Some faint marks on the mirrored perspex, purely a byproduct of switching between the alignment curves. Probably the best all in one solution out there, certainly the best I've used by far. Bit more detail about it here : https://www.analogueseduction.net/alignment-tools/acoustical-systems-the-smartractor-phono-alignment-tool.html These are £475 brand new and I'm offering it for £285 including fully insured delivery to Mainland UK. Posted anywhere else please get in touch It's currently in Stockport, but can be picked up from Shrewsbury
  10. Edwards Audio ISO-1 Mains Isolation Transformer Now surplus to requirements. Can only be used on equipment rated lower than 40w, so great with Phono Stages, Turntables, CD Players etc. I used it on my Phono Stage to good effect, but no longer needed. £110 posted anywhere in the UK £100 collected from Shrewsbury
  11. Townshend Seismic Sink Early bladder type version, size is 48x38cm and is weight rated for 60kg. Holds air without issue but cosmetically could do with sprucing up. Don't really see it when underneath equipment though. I bought 2 last year and never got round to using this one, and is now surplus to requirements. Great way to find out the benefits Townshend products can bring without breaking the bank. £105 including postage or £90 collected from Shrewsbury
  12. Coupled with a good pre, how would you rate this against the CTA402?
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