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  1. Hi! Do you have any suggestions?
  2. @SUPATRAC hello and welcome
  3. Fair enough, it's just that the drunken toffs were mainly responsible for delaying my journey home from work, and that's what rankled. As far as HRH is concerned, I remember what her father is reputed to have said: "If it doesn't fart and eat hay, she's not interested".
  4. I used to drive past Ascot racecourse on my way to/from work. Except that I learned to use another route when the racing was on. The main drag through Ascot was crawling (literally) with drunken toffs in grey suits. Anyone else would have got done for being drunk and disorderly (probably at much lower levels of intoxication) but not here ("just high spirits Your Honour").
  5. Talk about Lawrence Armstrong getting done for taking drugs while riding his bike - when I was on drugs I couldn't even find mine!
  6. no whisky bottle stays unopened for very long chez moi!
  7. That's what we guitarists call "scooped". An "American" guitar sound is also a bit that way, whereas the "British" guitar sound (think Marshall Plexis) has loadsa midrange punch.
  8. I think that is generally true of most politicians. Even them that campaign on someone else's behalf have a reason for doing it.
  9. If a man makes a statement, and there's no woman in earshot to hear it, is he still wrong?
  10. If you shut the borders and use the army, even the selfish and ignorant people can't just get off their plane and spread the disease - point guns at them and they'll do their tests and their quarantine, it's easy.
  11. so they've "postponed " "freedom day". what a surprise!
  12. Two apposite quotes from FZ: Writing about music is like dancing about architecture Music journalism is people who can't write, writing for people who can't read. I think similar applies to writing about HiFi
  13. wowsers. not seen one of those before. is there enough space between the cage and the handles for your fingers when lifting it?
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