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  1. Starmer hasn't had the opportunity to do those things. Give him half a chance and he'd do the same. He's no better than Johnson and don't kid yourself.
  2. I think Starmer argues better than Johnson but the right answer to which of them is neither.
  3. Joe Satch - Surfing with the alien CD through the Leak system while reading the latest HiFi News
  4. If you did that, there would be none left. Nobody else wants the job. Thomas More's Utopia was an interesting idea ...
  5. Are they monetarists because they are clueless or clueless because they are monetarists?
  6. In politicians, integrity + competence = a constant. Society suffers equally, given equivalent levels of corruption and incompetence It therefore doesn't matter how, or if, you vote. I wish this were not true, but it's been looking like it for as long as I can remember.
  7. Politicians are like bananas - they start off green and straight but they invariably end up yellow and bent. Who was it that said "Politicians are like nappies, they should be changed frequently and for the same reason"?
  8. Help organisations exist for men who are victims of this scam, they can usually be found in the Yellow pages, listed under "Golf Clubs"
  9. @Le Baron It does seem that Joe Public also has a short memory and will actually vote for people who he voted out 2 elections ago because of the trouble they caused.
  10. You forgot the most important one - not having to turf the cat off your lap every 20 min to rescue the stylus.
  11. Jeff Beck - Emotion and Commotion CD. Through the Leak system. Amazing guitarist.
  12. I use an industrial galvanised steel shelf rack. 2m long x 1,8m high x 0,5m from front to back. There are 5 shelves adjustable for the height between them, each can take 300kg. Cost approx 100GBP 20 years ago. It has been very useful in all the places I've lived in. I put floorboard-style particleboard on the metal shelf under the turntable. Cheap, flexible, durable, what's not to like? See this: (hmmm, not sure if this is right, I've copied and pasted the url of the post in which I put the pic of my rack)
  13. I think I've been a bit different. Starting with Budget-Fi many years ago I began to improve the signal sources first, then the amplification. If I were to buy new speakers they would have to suit the amplifier AND the room in which I intend to use them, so to a point I'd be trusting the recommendations of other people who know what would sound good in a room like that with that amplifier, I'd also be looking at the specs to see if the amplifier would drive them, and I'd also be using my ears to decide if I liked the result.
  14. I've heard it said before that you should always buy the amp and speakers together, it would seem to make sense. Was this a prime consideration or did hings just thurn out that way?