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  1. Cables/Interconnects won't add anything (they are passive), although they might subtract frequency bands which make it sound like something is being added if you turn the wick up a bit
  2. It would tell you something about their preferences, or about who's advice they've been listening to.
  3. Owning the "right" kit might get you some kind of street-cred but is not of necessity proof that the owner knows much about HiFi
  4. It does seem to be behaving normally now, so thanks to whoever fixed it.
  5. I don't know if it's the same thing. Could be ... but the more people that shout about it the more likely it is that tech support will try to fix it.
  6. Looks like it's gone, from here too. But I can still see notifications that folk have reacted to comments or quoted them, however I apparently "do not have permissions" to see them!
  7. I am now getting the same display. Gratuitously. But I'm not even being invited to login (again) as if I'd been logged out. The wam knows me, as it is still showing my profile but it won't show me the wam arms or pub car park.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-58327374
  9. I know a bloke who used to arrange for them. Sh1t Hot Musician.
  10. Modern ones certainly aren't. They are designed and built by accountants, and as such aren't much use to anyone. Old ones aren't either because people didn't have HiFi in those days. However a lot of the really old designs seem to be a bit more HiFi-friendly (with the exception of tiny cottages which are so small you end up sitting on one of the speakers). You'd think the best designs would date from 1960 to late 1980s because that was the period in which most people would have wanted HiFi or a stereo system of some kind. However I'm not sure architects took much notice (they usually don't, I think they have to have 2/3 of their brain cells removed before they are allowed to become professional architects).
  11. I like the suggestion of letting the guest choose [out of my own collection], but if the choice were entirely mine it would be a side of one of Camel - Music inspired by The Snow Goose GF Haendel - Messiah (Kings College Choir, David Willcocks) depending on my knowledge of the guest's preferences.
  12. How to get rich quick: write and publish a book on how to get rich quick
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