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  1. @Lurch they look like they could be good replacements. Fanx, have a 'like'
  2. surgical spirit on cotton wool pad?
  3. My Dad left behind his HiFi. He doesn't need it now. Now that my Mum has been banged up in a "residential care home" I've taken over the HiFi as nobody else in the family cares about it. The speakers appear to be of "bookshelf" size, and sat on stands. Each stand had a rectangular platform supporting the speaker, except that in each corner there was a kind of screw thing with a spike on top (this supported the speaker), with a nut around it above and below the platform, the screw thing going through a hole in the platform. Although I did not dismantle the HiFi myself, I suspect that some of these parts may have become lost. If it were just the nuts, I don't think there would be a problem replacing them they may just be bog stock M6. Replacing the screw would be a case of finding an ordinary M6 bolt then filing a point on it, or of finding a supplier of these parts, the latter would be preferable. I'm not sure if the stands have any maker's mark on them (I guess I'll find out when I fetch them out of storage) but if anyone knows what the proper name of these spiky bolts is or can suggest a supplier to google for, I'd be grateful to be told.
  4. @insider9 I've been digging The Strawbs since the early 70s. Did you know Rick Wakeman used to play keys for them? Even though he's spent a lot longer doing other things ... I think my favourite Strawbs album is Bursting at the Seams, probably because my favourite Strawbs track Lay Down is on it. I trust Dave Cousins is still alive and well.
  5. I hope I can see my mum before then, but yes, I do agree with you very much.
  6. sounds like a good solstice celebration to me. tbh I'd be happy with just the beers
  7. This seems quite wise. If it's a valve like an ECC83 (thin metal pins, glass bottom oo-err missus) you could probably mount it on a piece of polystyrene with a hole made for the LED, a channel for the LED wires going to the back, and the pins sticking into the polystyrene (the gap in the pins is around the channel for the LED wires). For o/p valves with a plastic base you might want to try removing the base otherwise the LED will not shine up the insides of the valve - or you could just wire up the heater so that the valve glows so long as you don't mind the current draw. I've got a few knackered valves eg a 5U4 from a Hammond organ that I think are works of art anyway so I'd just keep them on display, on the shelf ...
  8. I ain't sure I believe it. The only thing that IS sure, is that employers will be demanding you back in the office irrespective. If you can work remotely in a lockdown, why can't you work remotely when there isn't one?
  9. I sympathise with the anti-can attitude, but I once bought some cans of Badger Bitter (Hall & Woodehouse) in Sainsburys, and bought more afterwards, because it was the only time I'd found a beer that was drinkable out of a can. Since then I've liked other Badger brews out of a bottle (or from the handpump if I've been lucky enough to be in their area), but generally I stay way from cans.
  10. That's almost as good as killing a turkey then having 30 people round for its funeral
  11. There are 10 kinds of people in this world: them that understand binary and them that don't
  12. For them that don't get it, here's a little bit of code you can copy & paste into your text editor: #include <stdio.h> int main (int argc, char* argv[]) { unsigned char byte; unsigned char notbyte; unsigned char result; for (byte = 0; ; byte++) { notbyte = ~byte; result = byte | notbyte; printf("%2x %2x %2x\n",byte,notbyte,result); if (notbyte == 0) {break;} } } Then you can save it as tobe.c and gcc tobe.c -o tobe after which you can run tobe to see the results
  13. Smash-type martian tin men land their flying saucer in High Street. Traffic Warden shouts "'Ere! Are you with this flying saucer?". Tin men reply (in unison, in metallic-sounding monotone) "No, we're with the Woolwich"