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  1. @rabski Thanks. Those are considerations I hadn't thought of, although I do know never to run an amplifier without a load. I might just have learned something
  2. I'm curious, please could you say more about the pitfalls of this and how power supply design might be an influence?
  3. @hosstifaNice KEFs Those panels on the wall behind the speakers - are they intended for acoustic absorption? And does your turntable suffer from being immediately behind the LH speaker? Looks like you may have similar problems to me - only one seat in the room is good for the stereo. Whoever sits in the armchairs isn't going to do so well. I'm sure lots of people have similar problems. I once visited a mate for the purpose of hearing his system and after a few minutes I realised I'd automatically sat in "his" seat - it just seemed to be the obvious place from which to hear his system. I kind of solved the listening position problem by placing a 3-seat settee such that the middle seat was the stereo ideal, and those at either end are not too far off. As a side issue, I like your woodburner being the visual focus of attention, but if there's a telly involved you need a means of accommodating both. My lounge is a little different, see pic below taken just after moving in while still setting up. The kit is still in the same place but the junk isn't all over the floor! The fireplace (which will one day when I'm a bit more flush contain a wood burner) is to the left of that dark bit in the bottom LH corner of the pic, which was taken either from my current listening position or just in front of it.
  4. Or you could look inside to see where the RCA outputs are fed from? (Obvious caveats: beware of HT = keep fingers out, beware of warranty-busting tell-tales over the case screws).
  5. audio_PHIL_e


    Cool. I get HFN by subscription
  6. audio_PHIL_e


    Slight diversion here, but it would seem that I'm a bit of a Yamaha fan, but more in the field of musical instruments, not that I wish to imply any disrespect for their HiFi. I keep 2 Yamaha electronic keyboards, 2 Yamaha guitars, 1 Yamaha bass, I tune the stringed instruments with a Yamaha tuner, and record everything into a Yamaha workstation. It's all excellent kit. My dad used a Yamaha integrated amplifier in his HiFi, my mum has still got it. One channel of the tape playback input has gone AWOL but the rest of it still works fine.
  7. audio_PHIL_e


    Wow. Where will we be able to read your review? (Sorry, your profile says you're in the HiFi trade, but I don't know who you write for). With GT in the title, one could be forgiven for thinking it had a 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine
  8. "Happiness is a warm gun"
  9. [Not intended as trolling but rather a slightly silly attempt at mild humour] Someone once said "If you don't smoke, drink, take drugs, or eat meat you won't live any longer, it will just seem like it". I've sympathised in the past. I wonder if you could include exercise and fasting in a list of things to do that won't make you live longer but will just make it seem like it. [A slightly more serious comment] I don't smoke or take drugs, but neither do I fast or exercise. Respect to them that have the self-discipline, but I'd rather enjoy my music than go for a run or a session in the gym. If the diet/fast/exercise regime does buy you a longer life, I haven't worked out yet whether you get more hours with your HiFi or less because you're spending time on the exercise. And if you do get a longer life but your hearing fails due to old age, is it worth having a longer life?
  10. @uzzy others have said as much, but tbh I've not noticed it. However, I'll be on the lookout for it in plugs I wired previously, and will in future apply the more recent wisdom. Just as a matter of interest, have you a feel for how long it takes for a wire to come loose if you tinned it?
  11. CD-63 and CD-65 here. Marantz made the most civilised-sounding CD players
  12. X-LPS phono stage, between the Yamaha YP-450 turntable, and the rest of the sound system in my music room (thats how it was in my last house, I guess it will be the same here). IIRC the cartridge is a Stanton.
  13. audio_PHIL_e


    Got myself a YP-450 turntable in 1976 when a student. Reliable, performs well. Last had it working 3 years ago in my previous house, hopefully it won't be too long before it is getting used again.
  14. Just signed up with BT. They offered real quick broadband for the same price as the other lot were threatening to hike it to, for the slow and unreliable service that I've been getting. So for now, I'm happy. BTW if anyone else is interested I called the EE people and the chap told me about the BT deal as apparently he can sell either.
  15. I used to be with BT, was for many years, but am not ATM. Whoever offers the best deal gets my money, but tbh I've never been that impressed by BT's telephone support (usually a bloke who can barely speak English telling me I need to reinstall Windows - my machine runs Linux!)