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  1. All systems have their limits, but I'm not skilled enough to say whether FWD would have got you out of (or prevented you getting into) the situation you describe.
  2. too expensive for me. afaik it's the only option, too
  3. I think I'm more likely to survive if the back end goes through the hedge first. From my (admittedly) limited experience of skids I think that's a preference for RWD.
  4. ... except that there aren't that many of them about
  5. So why not just have full-time rwd? I've always disliked fwd, partially because it has a huge turning circle but mainly because if you lose traction with it you also lose your steering.
  6. I'm up for it, thank you. Diet: I'm diabetic Gear: If anyone wants to hear a Leak Stereo-20 I reckon I can bring mine. Other Stuff: I would like to crash on the floor overnight (can bring inflatable bed & duvets etc). Willing to contribute to takeaways or bring stuff for breakfast etc.
  7. I don't do "challenge". I don't mind a job that requires thinking effort, and from which I learn something. But I was once given a "challenge" by management that wanted me out of there, and like a wet-behind-the-ears fool I tried to rise to it. Natch, when everything went pear-shaped I had to look for something else to do. "Challenge" = a job that nobody else wants to do but the management has seen you coming, or it's one that they hope a wet-behind-the-ears fool will rise to and if it works they'll trouser the profits (the poor sap that takes it on will get nothing but grief from it).
  8. Am hoping to get another day job which *may* rule out weekdays, but would be interested in seeing your bike(s) and hearing your HiFi. Being diabetic I prefer sausage rolls to cake so whatever @StingRay doesn't eat I could help him out. If I get there I would like to crash on the floor overnight (can bring inflatable bed & duvets etc). Willing to contribute to takeaways or bring stuff for breakfast etc.
  9. I hate it when recruitment agents refer to jobs as "rôles". I am NOT a luvvie actor, I'm an engineer looking for a JOB!
  10. I couldn't believe the state of some LPs in a place I visited in the 1980s: left on the floor gathering dust after having had beer spilled on them, no sleeve, the outer cover having got too tattered to be of any use, by being used as a skinning-up tray ...
  11. Yes, I think you are right: the industry had to convince folk that CD was better in order to get them to abandon their investment in vinyl and one way to do it was to press LPs onto wafer-thin vinyl that flaps in the breeze and is covered with snap-crackle-pop. I think CD is better because it will last for up to an hour then just click off at the end. This makes for a much better relationship with your cat.
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