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  1. wowsers. not seen one of those before. is there enough space between the cage and the handles for your fingers when lifting it?
  2. FWIW - GET A RADFORD! STA-25 is excellent but I think your Snells might be a tad inefficient for it. If you don't intend to change the Snells, I think you should try the STA-100 or a pair of Will's new monoblocks. If you could live with Tannoys instead of the Snells, get the STA-25, you won't regret it.
  3. I've got a CJ preamp that looks similar to this, last time I tried using it the sound was awesome BUT the volpot is scratchy as hell and afaik there isn't a hole to squirt switch cleaner into the pot. Further, I don't know how to take it apart so I was wondering if anyone knows someone who could replace the pot for me.
  4. Julius Caesar was on a fighting campaign in the north of France. A messenger arrives on an exhausted-looking horse to tell him he's wanted in the Senate back in Rome. So he gets a slave to saddle his horse, and rides at breakneck speed all the way down through France, across the Alps, down through Italy and into Rome. He sneaks into the Senate where a bloke in a toga is delivering a speech, and sits down at the back, near the door, next to another guy who's also wearing a toga. He stays silent for 10 min, then nudges the guy next to him "'Ere, what's he on about?". "I don't know" says the othe
  5. Several times, with Ebay purchases badly packed, damaged in transit never tested before sale, clearly couldn't have been working when offered for sale These days I insist on cash on collection - solves the transit problem, and if the seller offers a demo then you know you're buying a working product.
  6. I'd put a grand piano, a harpsichord, and a B3 Hammond with Leslies in it.
  7. I have received a HUGE wodge of paperwork from Mrs Solicitor about my new place. Must read it sometime. I'm guessing that moving date could be in the 1st 2 weeks of July.
  8. Depending on the language, any non-zero value is.
  9. Probably less worried about what I might catch (although should I actually trust this 'ere vaccine?) but even so there's what I might pass on (even if totally asymptomatic).
  10. Fanx Pete. what you say is correct, but when I said slow I meant the time it takes from clicking on their site to getting your messages displayed in a list, and from there to having the items in the list clickable to open. It's been like going back to a 300 baud modem.
  11. ... and it's been SLOOOOOW for about a week. What are they doing to it? It used to work, so clearly they couldn't leave it alone.
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