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  1. The soreness in my arm is still there, but somewhat reduced. No other apparent symptoms.
  2. I've got an old-style CRT telly with a SCART i/p. I don't use it for live TV broadcast. I also have a Samsung DVD player and a JVC VHS cassette machine. Both have audio o/p on RCA phono plugs, so each of these goes to separate line inputs on an Arcam Alpha amplifier, the speaker level signal goes to a pair of KEF Concord IV speakers each side of the telly. The SCART o/p from each source goes to a SCART switch box, the o/p of which goes to the telly i/p. I've been happy with this for several years as it works and there is no way I can get done by the TV licensing people. One day, the telly is going to fail in such a manner as means it can't be fixed. I'll be forced to get one of these flat screen things. I believe that you can get a SCART-to-HDMI adapter from Amazon, so that might let me get a new-ish flat screen monitor. Would that really be the best/cheapest way to upgrade the video side without upsetting the audio?
  3. All the best with finding the right solution (I didn't mean that literally)
  4. Had mine yesterday, was all right, but one thing they don't tell you is: it makes you forget where you left the car! I was OK until I woke up this morning (there's a song in there somewhere) with a sore arm. Rubbed some Savlon onto it, which helped for a short while. I'll be quite happy to wait 12 weeks before they do the same thing again ...
  5. I can beat even that. My slide rule is 50 years old, likewise my book of log tables. Neither even requires a battery.
  6. I thought as much, but thanks for corroboration
  7. I know what you mean. I didn't get out of short trousers until Cream split.
  8. I don't think he's a hamster. Maybe a beaver or a coypu ...
  9. A question about acoustic insulation. If you were to put hangings or curtains on the walls to stop internal reflections, how much would that contribute to preventing sound from leaking out through the walls?
  10. I was lucky I hadn't lost it, and it was re-fittable so my bill was a bit cheaper than that. Although over the years I've spent more having the same one put back in again. Hope you think the Distiller's Choice is worth it.
  11. Last time a crown dropped out I promised my dentist I wouldn't eat pork crackling ever again.
  12. I'd be interested to know what you think.
  13. Them that make valve amps using PTP wiring or turret strip are probably OK. It's the people who use ICs with a short obsolescence, surface-mount PCBs etc who ought to be bricking it.
  14. Similar is true of printers. They are sold new at a loss, and the manufacturer gets it back in new ink cartridges
  15. FWIW I've just discovered "Distillers Choice" in Morrisons. Priced cheaply at £14 per 0,7l bottle, you might be forgiven for thinking it would be a bit rough. IT ISN'T! In fact it tastes a lot better than the price would suggest it should. I bought another one recently and subject to quality being maintained it will be my regular whisky until the usual Christmas special offers make it possible for me to indulge in the more expensive single malts
  17. I say: If you value it, take or fetch it yourself. I've heard way too many stories about so-called couriers who 'lose' or damage the goods they are meant to be transporting and would have suffered the loss of my Radford amplifier if I had not been persistent in chasing the couriers who were supposed to have delivered it but they "put it on the wrong van" so I drove to the depot to intercept said van when it returned. Fortunately the driver still had my big box on board as its delivery address was not on his route. I stuck it in the back of my car and went home with it before they could decide to route it elsewhere. NEVER EVER TRUST COURIERS.
  18. Insist on Cash On Collection, with demo. I've learned to my cost that it's the only way to get what you pay for with Ebay purchases and similar
  19. I thought the best cassette machines were made by Teac.
  20. I get the point of the question, but if I like different whiskies for different reasons (eg Talisker, Highland Park, Laphroaig) I don't think it would be wrong to decide that this time I'll get just one of them.