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  1. Here's a good one: Title "Our payment processor has detected incorrect or out of date information" <a BT account number> (or at least what looks like one) From "Reminder <20156176@mailbill.com>" To <an email address I had with BT 3 years ago but which has been little used since> " Please check your billing details Hi, Our payment processor has detected incorrect or out of date billing information which need's updating immediately. We usually suspend your Bt service(s) if you don't update your billing information within 2 days. Please log into your MyBt account by clicking the buttton below, and update your billing information to prevent suspension or termination of your service(s). " Yeah, right. They can go and do one.
  2. A most excellent album. Shame I can give you only one 'like' for it, it deserves SO MANY MORE
  3. whatever you can get for it. Try looking for the asking prices (and the final sale price) on (eg) ebay.
  4. AFAIK the clipping bit is when the o/p stage puts dc through the voice coil. That's what wrecks the voice coil. Maybe doesn't do the o/p stage any good either, it will at least run a lot hotter. Your ears will tell you if clipping is happening, and you will want to turn it down. If that happens but the spl is still not loud enough, it means the power stage is not producing enough for the speakers.
  5. Whatever you like best maximises the pleasure/£ ratio
  6. Summer was LAST week! Not any more ... tbh I've always said it's usually so cold grey wet and miserable in this God-forsaken country that I'm not going to complain if the wevver warms up for a little while. However I do confess that I found the heat last week a bit excessive and somewhat worrying. Not so now ...
  7. @Seibassman Welcome from another LP12/Dynavector/834P user.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58006978
  9. 834P or similar? Chromed nuts around the threads on the o/p RCA sockets? Tighten the one around the channel that drops out. It has probably come loose. That's what mine does (no idea why), so regularly that I keep a spanner nearby just to tighten it up with.
  10. I suppose that depends on your definition of sport.
  11. So campaigning in elections is a "sport"? Taking scholarship exams? Arguing a case in court? Hmmmm ...
  12. Laughter removed from this and the other post about redefining what a "sport" is. Yeah, I think you're right about what should go, and tbh I don't think I'd miss any of them.
  13. I think the horses care more about their next nosebag of oats than about the medals.
  14. Strikes me it is a test of the horse's ability, and a test of the human's ability to get the horse to do something he wouldn't naturally do. I'm not sure I'd call it "sport" though, any more than I'd call card games like bridge a sport. For me, "sport" implies strength, stamina and technical ability in a human, examples of which are running, swimming, jumping, team games like football ... and don't include cycling unless everyone rides the same design of bicycle (because allowing different bicycles introduces another variable), or motorsports (for the same reason).
  15. I started reading On the Sensations of Tone by Hermann Helmholtz ages ago. Still haven't finished. At first I thought it a bit laborious, thinking "yes, but this is just O level Physics", then remembering that when he wrote it, O level physics didn't exist and nobody was taking any of his concepts for granted: he was introducing them for the first time and having to justify them as he did so. I'll finish it after I've moved house. Honest.
  16. What do you call a pig with three eyes? A piiig.
  17. Probably not just the Silly Walk per se but the development of skills as a comic actor. Some of it comes naturally but the rest has to be learned.
  18. I'm sure dressage is highly skilled. So was John Cleese in the Monty Python sketch. I couldn't do either.
  19. Is it The Ministry of Silly Walks for horses?
  20. Yep, I wired the flat for sound that way when I lived there. It was quite a long time ago.
  21. I've nothing against Portuguese ladies but I've spent so long being single that now the only company I want is that of a cat. Except that cats aren't that bothered with cleaning kitchens ...
  22. How does the heating energy type alter the amount of grease in the air? The light gauze cover strikes me as a good idea.
  23. @DomT @t1no @Southeastern Thanks for suggestions ... all for new kit whereas I was after suggestions on how to keep the grease out of kit regardless of how old it is! The thing we got for my mum also suits my needs in terms of what media you can play on it
  24. We bought this for my mum when she got banged up in a "residential care home". She reckons she doesn't want it and has no room for it in her cell so I thought I'd give it a home in my "new" kitchen.
  25. They might if they make heavy use of high current-draw equipment. Similar with a guy who's always using power tools in his workshop, or parents that use a machine every day to wash the baby's clothes.
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