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  1. Hi I’d like to sell my Line Magnetic 216. I bought it as an amp for my second system but it turned out to be overkill. I bought it second hand but it’s as new with box and all other stuff that came with it. I live in The Netherlands. Will ship but the thing is darn heavy… I’d rather have it picked up. New price is 1650 I believe, I’m asking 1200 euros.
  2. I was thinking to get one of those but what held me back were two things: the fact that if you don’t like it or it brakes, you can’t easily return it. And second the unwieldy operation. I believe the thing has a dedicated button to invert the phase (as if you use that everyday..) but to change a filter you have to do all sorts of tricks.
  3. I find the Powernode quite interesting. Does anyone have experience with it? Especially the wifi connection, is that stable? It’ll be situated in a closed room without a router. (RPI picking up good signal though) I remember with the Node 2i I once had that I had to switch off the 5G function on my router to make it happen.
  4. Of course I’m sad losing my marbles But I did some non scientific A/B between that and my el cheapo Topping… not a lot of difference if I were to be objective. Selling the Chord would definitely hurt but it would also make for a good finance! The other comments mention the power cables of the Kefs. That I could live without. Other option then: buy an all in one and keep the Klipsches? PS I’m not talking Heresies. My second system has Klipsch RM51 speakers. Lovely sound in that particular room. Don’t know if the Kefs would be more versatile, i.e. listenable in a bigger room?
  5. I have two rooms with quite a lot of audiocomponents. I’m thinking of slimming one down to bare minimum: Trading in a Line Magnetic 216IA tube amp and proably my Chord Qutest (if I can part with it…) and some basic Klipsch speakers for: Just the KEF LS50 wireless II! What do you think? I’m getting kind of excited by the fact it’ll be less clutter in the room.
  6. Wow this thread is so long I’ve gotten curious myself! Too bad there’s no way to audition before buying. Or are there Dutch wammers willing to do a small bake-off with me?
  7. Good to see that you say it’s subjective.
  8. Wow I never realised that output inpedance of a power source would matter. I’ll be investigating.
  9. No you’re totally right, but I wasn’t thinking of office supplies for my audio equipment :-)
  10. I want to power my Chord Qutest DAC with a power bank. I don’t record in which thread it was but someone told me that powerbanks can differ in power delivery. So one powerbank can give plenty of clean, fresh power and the other can’t. I personally thought that was impossible but can anyone give me some info on that? Is the power delivery not constant?
  11. Lol yeah I was like… it’s a joke right?
  12. I’m looking for a nice looking powerstrip for switching both my RPI and Chord Qutest on and off. I was thinking of a Nuprime or a Silent Angel first, but I think that’s a bit too much. So.. just a nice looking, preferably aluminum power switch. Ideally with two 5V USB outputs :-)
  13. I would ask your friend what he’s missing exactly in his current setup. You say he wants to improve upon the quality of the streaming, what exactly does he mean by that? It sounds like a pretty solid setup already, maybe the 2 grand is just burning a hole in his pocket. Upgraditis it’s called, right?
  14. Eh lol yes of course. But I meant happy in the “I’ve just spent 1000s on mains cables” kinda way :-)
  15. Two of my favourite DACs had ESS implementations: The Marantz ND8006 and the LM 24CD. Very smooth, pleasurable sound with depth.
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