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  1. What’s the budget? I always loved Monitor Audio when I had Marantz.
  2. Reading this topic, I want to run my Qutest off a battery, just to try if there’s a difference. I’m wondering though, should I use the battery on its own? What if I charge the battery and run the qutest from it at the same time? Will that theoretically introduce RF again?
  3. How are you using your chromecast right now? That’s the only weakest link I can see right now. Especially if you’re using the internal DAC of that thing. With all respect I don’t think you’re going to make big jumps with upgrading the amp in your budget. Maybe you can hook up a tablet to a Topping DX3Pro or something? That’s a nice DAC that costs very little and you can happily listen to gapless playback on your tablet. Edit: and I agree with @pmcuk in the post above. Save up for a tube amp as a next step. I have a Line Magnetic 216 since a couple of weeks (the 211 is also very
  4. Just a side-question if I may.. what is the point of diminishing returns with phono stages? I mean, I find £500 a lot of money for such thing already and we’re talking £2000 already here. Is it compareable with integrateds amps (I believe that’s £3000 beyond which I find it very little in return SQ wise).
  5. Well thanks for clearing that up. A matter of “if it sounds too good to be true, it is”
  6. Well Jules I hope your dog will be better, you have a good heart for doing all this to make him (her?) better. There's a positive side to listening to the Mazda, I mean Pioneer for a while. Once your dog is recovered and you get the hifi-itis yourself again, you'll probably want a better amp again and there's this beautiful world outside where you can go auditioning again By the way, personally I'd keep the amp and the sonos and sell everything else...
  7. I’m mad about the band Tool. They’re all about crazy rythm changes and all that. It didn’t occur to me that that was actually the most important thing for them to stand out. So if you take that case, yeah I can believe rythm is more important than melody. But pop music these days... they all have the same rythm and pace, the same melodies.. I can’t say one is more important than the other...
  8. Spending more than say £100 on whatever cables is throwing money into the water so I voted cables. I’ve seen speaker cables that costed thousands... that’s just insane.
  9. Ceko

    Don't laugh.

    Yet you’re running your speakers in? :-p Anyway, glad they sound allright now, enjoy!
  10. Oh man.. it’s apparently based on a survey. Question: “Would you pay more for your subscription?” Answer of most users: “Yes please bring it on!”
  11. To quote Andrew Robinson: your ears are not en exact instrument. I think that says it all.
  12. I’m sorry to keep this thread alive but isn’t there a simple solution to end the debate for once and for all? Lets just record the output of different cables and compare graphs? I really, really can’t grasp why anyone in his right mind would spend more than say €60 on a mains cable.. Or why it’s even a debate.. there’s a transformer inside your device that literally transforms the current.
  13. Well I was trying to get a picture on here with my phone but it turns out the files are too large.. so I can’t post a picture.. anyway as I described, a hard wood floor (with empty basement), a couch with a tiny rug underneath and directly behind the couch is a kitchen with large laquered surfaces :-( I wish I had a large movable roomdevider or something to put behind me. Anyways, I’ve played a round with the speakers a littlebit today. Put them on an other spot, put a rug underneath and it appears to me that speaker placement is most important. If I place them in a certain way the m
  14. These kinds of posts really make me want to get together at a bake off some time. To hear the obvious effects that cables can have myself.
  15. Thanks for the replies. And thanks for the tips! I’ll play around with blankets before shelling out big time for a new carpet or rug. I can post some photos later on of my situation. I have a hardwood floor anyway.
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