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  1. Ceko


    no Chord? What happened?
  2. Ceko


    Cool! Another thread in which I can yell: "Chord Qutest"! :-D
  3. Thanks for the suggestion for the Klipsch speakers. I got a good deal on them I guess, for 210 euros so I ordered those. They don't need a lot of watts to drive indeed, so I'll try my little valve amp on them and see if I can get by with that!
  4. I’ll drop them on EBay :-D Just kidding... it’s for another room. I have a separate room where I work from.
  5. As I’m working from home a lot now, I’d like to see if I can set up a little stereo system for around 500 euros. All I need is an amplifier and a couple of speakers. I’ll be streaming Spotify to it via a DAC I already have. It may be vintage or new. If it’s vintage, please let it be stuff that has the best chance to have survived the tides of time or be maintainable. So if it’s faulty I may be able to let it be fixed. Is this possible at all? Or should I just go for some active speakers and be done with it?
  6. I think the only component I wouldn't part with is my Chord Qutest. I was longing for that thing for so long. I love the looks a lot and I can't imagine the sound possibly getting better than that unless you spend insane amounts of money.
  7. I'm not sure where I heard this awesome tip, but someone once said "buy only components that you'll love". In other words, better save a little bit more money and buy something for the long run instead of buying cheaper and having to live with that voice in your head telling you there's something better out there. So my question is... what is your most loved component right now? The thing you'll never part with? Is it the awesome pre-amp? The speaker cables? Your power socket? What is it?
  8. Maybe we’re straying too much from the main subject but.... The above article says: “If the DAC does not have a stable clock reference then noise will be introduced into the resulting analog signal.” Are there really dacs that don’t have a stable clock reference? I can hardly imagine.
  9. If you don’t hear the ringing.. leave it as is. If you do hear crickets in the background then buy yourself a Chord Qutest. Or am I confusing things myself right now?
  10. Just wondering... anyone on Instagram in here? Posing with your latest bling bling :-) Or your vinyl collection? Mine is @recordcollectr in case anyone wants to say hi. Maybe we can even invent our own secret WAM hashtag?
  11. @tuga shared it in another thread: https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/146092-holographic-sounding-speakers-caveats/?do=findComment&comment=2632625
  12. Thanks for all your input! I’ve decided that I’ll keep the Klipsch for sure (for now at least :-p), thanks for keeping me grounded :-) Keep the conversation going though, I find it quite interesting. What makes the Harbeths so distinctly different sound wise? I thought both speakers would have quite a laid back sound?
  13. Great to hear from you all. I never realized that Classical music had such a great big following on this forum. It’s really a whole different world than the rest isn’t it?
  14. Please don’t say such things!!!! :-D