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  1. Lol we’re not talking about streamers when you look in my kit list do we?
  2. It was more like a fact if you ask me. Your opinion however, is that a big shiny brandlogo on front makes it more desirable?
  3. I just checked. The diameter is more like 5mm and the screw wire (don’t know what it’s called) seems to have a bit more space between. So it’s probably a USA standard. :-(
  4. Does anyone know what screws go into the bottom of Klipsch Heresy IV speakers? I’d like to give them some new feet but I’d like to know if they would fit. I believe the screws of the feet are M6 type. I’m not sure if that’s an international recognized size?
  5. Well the point is that I’m thinking of buying a new audio cable just to see if it makes any difference to me. I have one filter already but only kettle cable. My thought was to buy one cable for between filter to integrated. It seemed rather obvious to me because that way the filtered current wouldn’t get any more noise. But this thread started to make me hesitate as it all seems rather illogical to me. And if the only argument is to see and hear for myself what happens.. then I probably won’t.
  6. So between filter and your components you have 4 cables picking up noise again? My take is that it doesn’t matter one bit what cable goes into the purifier, as the purifier filters it anyway. It’s what’s between the purifier and your hifi components that matters.
  7. I really don’t understand this. If you have a filtering system, it’s the output what matters right?
  8. I was wondering. If you have this power conditioner, the cable to the wall socket doen’t even matter am I right? So why are they supplying it with one of their expensive cables?
  9. I really don’t know but I have a Qutest and if it can sound differently with different power supplies I’m mighty interested at how that’s possible. I’m just not willing to shell down 1000’s of euros. Too bad I can’t visit these bake-offs :-( So it’s not only clean power but also something else I understand? Something that handles transients better? Just a question out of interest.
  10. Have you ever tried the Qutest powered with a battery? Shouldn’t that deliver the cleanest power and thus the best soundquality you can get?
  11. How about an iPad as a streamer? Does that play Roon? I use it for my steaming services and I must say I’m very happy with the big touchscreen and the sq! Doesn’t even cost as much as a Node.
  12. - Bowers and Wilkins 686: I was told these small (IMO beautiful) speakers would match my all-in-one Marantz Melody very nicely. Well aestetically it was a pleasure but I’ve never heard such crappy speakers. They were so aweful in fact, that I was ashamed to give the person who wanted to buy them from me an audition. He was over the moon though…. I was happy to let them go and although higher priced B&W’s are surely way better, I’ll never consider them as a future purchase.
  13. Those Wilko stuff looks very good. Hope to find something like that stone in the correct size, or maybe someone who can cut it. As for the wooden bases of the Klipsch, I plan on removing them. They’re just regular philips screws holding them on their place I believe.
  14. Experimentation is also fun so it’s not a bad thing at all :-) But as these spikes and isolation feet can have excessive prices, I’d like to fool around a littlebit with stuff from around the house so to say. Edit: and thanks for all suggestions by the way. People just starting out with hifi (or under de influence of snake oil salesmen) can’t think of anything other than spikes! Your recommendations reinforce my believe that spikes aren’t always the answer.
  15. Just a post to see if I understand correctly and maybe get some of your invaluable input :-) I’ve made some diy speakerstands to put my Klipsch Heresy’s on. For those who don’t know the Klipsch: they have these el cheapo “wooden” frames underneath that tilt the speaker a littlebit backward. And on that frame there are four iron nails I’ll call them. Now, as I understand things, the nails are somewhat like spikes right? So they are better coupled to the floor? But as I have a wooden floor with nothing underneath that resonates the bass and so I need to decouple right? I don’t really want to break the bank and I’m enjoying the diy part of things.. sooo what can I use for that? Frlt? Cork? Rubber feet? Would I have to couple the speaker to the stands and then decouple the stands from the floor? Or can I just decouple the speakers from the stands and be done? Or am I incorrect and do I need spikes everywhere anyway, as some folks on insta seem to think...
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