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  1. Those Wilko stuff looks very good. Hope to find something like that stone in the correct size, or maybe someone who can cut it. As for the wooden bases of the Klipsch, I plan on removing them. They’re just regular philips screws holding them on their place I believe.
  2. Experimentation is also fun so it’s not a bad thing at all :-) But as these spikes and isolation feet can have excessive prices, I’d like to fool around a littlebit with stuff from around the house so to say. Edit: and thanks for all suggestions by the way. People just starting out with hifi (or under de influence of snake oil salesmen) can’t think of anything other than spikes! Your recommendations reinforce my believe that spikes aren’t always the answer.
  3. Just a post to see if I understand correctly and maybe get some of your invaluable input :-) I’ve made some diy speakerstands to put my Klipsch Heresy’s on. For those who don’t know the Klipsch: they have these el cheapo “wooden” frames underneath that tilt the speaker a littlebit backward. And on that frame there are four iron nails I’ll call them. Now, as I understand things, the nails are somewhat like spikes right? So they are better coupled to the floor? But as I have a wooden floor with nothing underneath that resonates the bass and so I need to decouple right? I don’t rea
  4. Nice rack Danny! Erm anyway... so the shelves have a resonance rating? How does that work? Do shelves tend to resonate because of the soundwaves in the room or because of all the devices in them?
  5. Does anyone know how the cables get so bendy? Won’t they break if you bend them too much or often?
  6. I’m quite amazed as well! I’d really like to try something like that out! One thing that bothers me about the video though. This OCD guy hears a glare, due to the fact that the Puritan isn’t broken in yet or so he beliefs. The noise meter says 0 noise. Sooo how much noise will there be after break in? -100? By the way isn’t the two weeks break in time exactly the time you’ve got to make up your mind and send stuff back that you ordered online?
  7. To quote Andrew Robinson.. why is it always an improvement, never a degradation?
  8. I understand you were kidding but @CnoEvil only used two exclamation marks soooo :-D
  9. Ceko

    Ethernet via mains

    This is exactly the brand I bought. They rendered my turntabe unusable.
  10. I wouldn’t mind having an Edge in my home Anyway... couple of years later and I have a different set indeed, even more expensive than the Primare the guy was talking about. If the salesman just gave me what I asked for, I would have probably gone back for more at their shop. Now I’ve got everything somewhere else.
  11. Once upon a time I wanted a new amp for my speakers. I was thinking maybe a Cambridge Audio CXA60 or something. What’s that, £600 maybe? The guy told me I’d better go for something of Cyrus or even better: Primare! Talking about a whole other ballpark. I never went to that shop again, although they have quite a good reputation apparently because they’re still around...
  12. Sometimes I find it hard to read this forum. Are you guys serious about burning in? Power cables?
  13. Has someone mentioned Napster yet?
  14. Ceko

    Ethernet via mains

    On my solid state I don’t really notice it until I get close to the speakers. My little tv device needs a wired connection to work so I had this huge ethernet cable running through the house. With these home plug devices I thought I had a good solution but man does the noise suck! I’m so bummed!
  15. Ceko

    Ethernet via mains

    Nice to know! I’ll try that tonight!
  16. Anyone using these ethernet extenders that you plug into the mains? They’re wonderful! Each time I listen to my valve amp now, I can enjoy random rythms and sounds I never heard before... That was all sarcastic of course. Don’t buy them, they’re crap. I threw away the box or else I’d have returned it already.
  17. The Luxman does have valves right? That’s why I also mentioned it.
  18. I don’t know what your budget is but what about a Luxman SQ38FD? Looks beautiful if you ask me! Or a Leben? Especially the Lebens have a nice small form factor. If you’re looking for that true valve amp look I can’t recommend Line Magnetic highly enough. Edit: save yourself some money and check out Klipsch RP600M!
  19. Are you sure the song was buffered? Did you expect to hear a difference?
  20. What’s the budget? I always loved Monitor Audio when I had Marantz.
  21. Reading this topic, I want to run my Qutest off a battery, just to try if there’s a difference. I’m wondering though, should I use the battery on its own? What if I charge the battery and run the qutest from it at the same time? Will that theoretically introduce RF again?
  22. How are you using your chromecast right now? That’s the only weakest link I can see right now. Especially if you’re using the internal DAC of that thing. With all respect I don’t think you’re going to make big jumps with upgrading the amp in your budget. Maybe you can hook up a tablet to a Topping DX3Pro or something? That’s a nice DAC that costs very little and you can happily listen to gapless playback on your tablet. Edit: and I agree with @pmcuk in the post above. Save up for a tube amp as a next step. I have a Line Magnetic 216 since a couple of weeks (the 211 is also very
  23. Just a side-question if I may.. what is the point of diminishing returns with phono stages? I mean, I find £500 a lot of money for such thing already and we’re talking £2000 already here. Is it compareable with integrateds amps (I believe that’s £3000 beyond which I find it very little in return SQ wise).
  24. Well thanks for clearing that up. A matter of “if it sounds too good to be true, it is”
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