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  1. Funny.. it reminds me of Ronald McDonald!
  2. Maybe they measured the right things! I mean, it’s not the power supply that eventually makes music, it’s the box it’s connected to. And if that box has it’s own way of dealing with dirty power, why would such LPS matter at all? I’d say measure the outcome of the sound.
  3. Hehe funny how there’s a thread in another forum of which I won’t tell it’s name, that has measured all kinds of external power supplies and concluded there’s no difference at all!
  4. What do you mean more suited to the tannoys? Do you miss anything? You say it has a sweet sound, no?
  5. The Vienna Acoustics sound marvellous but boy are they ugly!
  6. Heh nice topic I've just traded in my Marantz ND8006 because of its looks. I just don't like the fact that the sides are bent. I guess that also counts for Moon I generally don't like blue lights or very bright lights for that matter. So Advance Paris is also something I wouldn't bring home. Cyrus: totally agree with topic starter. PMC speakers: My gosh those ports on the bottom might sound wonderful but are they uglay! Tekton speakers... don't get me started...
  7. Ok so if it’s not a problem then why do you even ask why I should do it?
  8. That’s not the question @TheFlash, I have a powerstrip with which I turn everything off including a little lamp etc.
  9. Isn’t that harmful then? For example I learned that I should never just power off a Raspberry Pi. This is a different device of course but still... it must have some sort of memory management that could screw up right?
  10. Excuse me if I don’t understand correctly but I’m not from England. Do you do that by using the >= button then or by switching off the LPS altogether? Can you disable that?
  11. Can anyone tell me.. I don't see a power button on the Node 2i device. I have it installed on a powerstrip with a power switch. Is it a problem to switch the whole thing off via the power switch on the powerstrip? And say that I have a toslink from television connected to the Node 2i, will it automatically switch to that input if it receives a signal?
  12. Ceko

    Buchardt A500

    Lol, all I said was that he's always extremely happy with what he gets for review. If he would burn it to the ground, no-one would send their kit to him anymore. I'm extremely impressed by his videos though. His production level is quite high. Still.. he puts doorstops on his devices... there must be some loose screws somewhere in his head What does that have to do with anything? Anyways, this is the Buchardt thread, lets leave it that way. Having seen the Darko youtube now, I'm impressed with the speakers quite a bit. I wouldn't want to trade in my amplifier but still it's a nice piece of kit if you want to go with a lean setup!
  13. Great topic this. I was about to audition a lot of speakers and I created a list for myself with great songs I knew well. But there’s a great danger in this! That’s the fact that you’ll be listening to the songs over and over again, in a manner that’s different than you’re used to. I.e. not emotionally but scientifically. And that will create a void between you and the song you always used to love! So I’m quite thrilled with this list :-) What gear are you using for eq @Phobic?
  14. Ceko

    Buchardt A500

    I really don’t like the design of speakers that lean back a littlebit. Oh and Darko is always impressed with everything get gets sent...
  15. Wow there’s not a lot of Klipsch discussion going on here! I just wanted to say I auditioned for a CD player yesterday which was connected to the Heresy 4’s. I was immediately in love ..... we could work out a fabulous deal and I say bye bye to my Monitor Audios and hello to the Klippys! I’ll post a photo when they’re in :-)
  16. Ceko

    Klipsch Heresy 4

    I listened to a couple of Heresy 4’s at a dealer yesterday and I was blown away. I’m really tempted to buy them even though I find them a bit expensive compared to what you pay in America. But oh well. There’s just one thing I noticed that makes me doubt a little... Most music sounded incredibly good. Really, unlike I’ve ever heard before. But then I put on a record of Metallica (Ride the lightning remaster) and it all fell flat. That was so weird! Could that be the cause of the speakers? They were fed by a very high end tube amp, could that also be the culprit? I was listening to the remaster that’s on Tidal, streaming through a Lumin. It would perhaps mean a dealbreaker but man did the rest of the music sound goooood... maybe I’ll just have to buy two sets of speakers :-D Edit: OMG it’s actually the remaster that sounds incredibly dull!! Please Metallica, you’re the biggest band on earth, how can you let this shite enter the recordshops?
  17. Can anyone tell me what the startup time of this thing is? Say from totally powered off to connected and running Spotify.
  18. I like the looks of the Audiolab a lot! Call me ignorant though, but shouldn’t all cd transports sound the same? I find it hard to believe that player a reads the same set of bits better than player b. What is it exactly what courses that? Is that a special clocking component or something?
  19. @Klassik wow thanks for your brilliant contributions!
  20. Ceko

    Wammers Welcome

    I don’t see it linked anywhere on the site either but after fiddling around with the urls a bit, I came upon this member map: https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/membermap
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    Wammers Welcome

    I don't see the link either. But with a bit of hacking away I could still find it. Is it okay to post the link here? Or is it supposed to be hidden or something?
  22. Too bad it's all so hard to get together nowadays... I'd really like to join one of those bake-offs!
  23. I’m sure there aren’t many owners yet but judging by Youtube and Instagram, there’s some momentum going on around this beautiful brand from Sweden. At the moment they only have one component; the 404 integrated amp. There’s also a phono pre-stage in the pipeline and I’m sure there’s more to come. Maybe I’ll tell you a little bit on how I got mine. I have some speakers I really enjoy, the MA Silver 300’s. I had them hooked up on a Marantz Melody. It sounded very nice I can assure you, the speakers are very easy to drive. But I wanted something more serious as I was planning to hook up a phono stage. So I searched high and low for a new integrated amp, I had a budget of about 1500 euros. I may have auditioned like 10 different amplifiers. But I guess the difference in sound wasn’t all that spectacular, to my ears at least. Until one guy from Delft pointed out that I should listen to this weird looking thing some time. I’d never seen before, it had all these meters on it and had some bulbs on top. It was a tube amp! It was way above my budget but I decided it couldn't hurt... I was blown away, that’s the sound I was searching for! Smooth, holographic sound! I began saving money, but also worry a little. Because well, even though I loved that sound, it’s kind of tailormade for a certain type of music. It’s not exactly something you’d listen to electronic music or rock/metal with, which I also happen to like. Some time later I paid the dealer a visit and he was enthusiastically showing me this leaflet of a new amp that would appear later that year. I’d love it he told me. And judging by the looks alone, I agreed and waited until it came out. I had to save up some more money anyway, double the budget and then some more :-) So then came the time... I think I called my dealer every day, I must have made him crazy! Time to audition. Within the first minutes I knew this was it! It sounded even prettier than the tubes with more 3D sound and even heavy songs, complicated songs, electronic songs... it all sounds so freakin' nice! "Allright, stop this madness, I want it now!" I yelled. Unfortunately, the example he had in the shop, was his only one and he didn't want to part with it, so I was first in line. But good comes to those who wait, they say. Boy was that a testing of patience :-D But now I can enjoy this sweet piece of art everyday. It got me hooked to audio actually and I love it!
  24. Would a Project Amp Box be any good for this setup? I love some unity in a system and it’s a great combination with the phono box right?
  25. Probably a noob question, but what does it mean to "get it clocked"?