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  1. If it was a weird question you can just delete this thread. No need to make fun of it...
  2. Hi I've just got these amazing new speakers, the Klipsch Heresy IV. While certain songs sound simply amazing, 3D holographic, the speakers just disappear. Sometimes the music seems to miss something. It just sounds thin I guess? Don't get me wrong, the Heresy's have amazing bass in some electronic songs but when I play Bjork's Big Time Sensuality for example... it's just not "there"... can this have to do with speaker placement? Amp/speaker matching? Maybe I need more bass? Other speaker cables perhaps? I'm not sure. But I'm just a tiny bit, well, not exactly disappointed but I think I wanted more of a holy grail or something.
  3. Here they are! Super happy with them.
  4. Can anyone tell me if there’s a difference in sound quality between hooking this node 2i up to a DAC via Coax or toslink?
  5. I’m intrigued by this. So you shouldn’t run the power cable alongside the signal cables is that correct?
  6. Ceko


    Question for the people with Aries: can you connect a tv to it with toslink and then via USB out to an other dac? Im actually looking for such thing (not at Auralic prices though...) but the thing is... I thought it couldn’t be done! This gives me hope again!
  7. These are both two DAC's I'd be happy to have.. The RME for its EQ abilities and the Qutest for its inputs and looks. I was almost going to buy the RME last week during an offer but I chickened out at the checkout. The days after, I read on a forum about knobs getting wobbly over time and stuff so I'm actually glad I didn't shell out the dough... for the price though (half of that of the Qutest) it's a great deal having all those features. But I'd still go for the black brick myself.
  8. Wow that is one awesome graphic of your setup. Respect my man!
  9. That’s interesting @MF 1000, so you have a tube pre and a mix of power amps? Did you chain them or something? How did you get to do that? Did you miss anything from pure tube or pure ss?
  10. I have a solid state integrated amp. It can do service as a pre-amp too, or a power amp as well I think. So I was wondering, if I combine the power amp part of my integrated with a tube pre-amp, what would that sound like? Or the pre-amp part of my amp to a tube power amp. Does anyone actually have that kind of setup? Are those the kind of things you’d experiment with during bake-offs? Of course it’s far too expensive to just go out and buy stuff like that.
  11. thanks for bringing that up @Lurch but I’ll be searching in The Netherlands only. Very nice player by the way.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, it’s a great looking player, actually exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll try to hunt one down, is there anything I must be careful with buying second hand?
  13. If my amp won’t shut down, there’s no stylus that gets worn down.
  14. Yes I asked this in another forum I believe and until now it seems impossible or something.
  15. Well the thing is that I keep forgetting to turn the thing off! I’ve become quite lazy apparently. It would give me some peace of mind I guess if the needle would return itself. But on the other hand, if it’s true that the auto return motor affects sound quality then I’m not going to grief.
  16. I don’t. My CD player has a DAC of its own. Also a very good one by the way and coincidentally also only USB
  17. I have this Pro-ject Debut record player. Really nice to look at but boy do I miss the auto return feature of yesteryears... I was told they stopped making that because the mechanics would interfere with the sound. Is that a load of BS or is that true? I’d really like to have one...
  18. Yes. It’s built into my amplifier.
  19. Man these Boenicke speakers sure are pretty! Regrefully they didn't pass the WAF test :-( Can you believe that??
  20. If a Node 3 came out with usb out I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I have two components with an absolutely top DAC. But that’s only USB.
  21. Darn that’s a nice price! But also darn as I only just ordered one!!! I got a deal with my new speakers that are in order now. So I told the salesman to hold it until all items are in....
  22. Just to mess with your brain a little bit: You’ve bought an all in one, of course it’s not as involving as the Nord with separate phono and headphone amps :-p No just kidding man, enjoy your Marantz, congrats on a beautiful device.
  23. No matter how good they might sound... I will not buy anything that looks like the sentinels from the matrix!
  24. True, but I'll use it as a headphone amp mainly. The Moonriver sounds pretty awesome itself but it doesn't have a headphone stage It can't hurt to connect the Heresy's sometime though!
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