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  1. akamatsu, if you're going through Gabriel's career and including the Genesis stuff, does this mean you're anti- Trick of the Tail and all Genesis that comes after? I guess what I'm asking is: what is your Genesis cut-off point?
  2. The Akurate System Hub is in my system now. I'm probably preaching to the choir here for most of you guys but to my ears this is not a subtle difference. More clarity, more detail, way better bass. This was well worth it, so thanks to those of you who recommended this move.
  3. Would anybody hesitate to put the sweet spot in a sectional couch where you're sitting in the bottom of the U-shape?
  4. Paul Michael Barkan - No Writing on the Signs! You can find this on Tidal. Very well written and diverse record, written by a shameless experimenter of a composer. One might say it's rock with a Steely Dan influence. Let me know if you give it a listen or two! Those who like a little complexity and novelty in their jazz-rock won't be disappointed, I reckon.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations gentlemen. That is a really good price for the collection, and though it's more for me in Canada, it's still probably worth it. As for getting foreign FLACs, do you think I'd be able to buy them, or are there trade related barriers anyone knows of that would prevent this?
  6. It's hard to get old Brazilian CDs like from Arrigo Barnabe, Egberto Gismonti, and those of other great artists. I'm thinking I should be able to buy FLACs somewhere, but maybe there's some kind of barrier other than the language barrier (I don't speak Portuguese, though I wish I did!) Can anybody help me? DMs are welcome too if you prefer.
  7. I think I'm experiencing differences in sound quality based on the chair or seat height. I'm listening to Majik 140s with the base plates on. I think sitting lower is better. Has this been discussed here before? What are your thoughts?
  8. Solanum is an analogue passthrough make a system where it's analogue all the way from source to speaker? Can that happen with a Linn system?
  9. Yes Dasher I should probably do that. One thing that intimidates me is the art of the turntable setup. Are the Planars and Regas easier to set up than the LP12?
  10. I agree they're experts. audio_PHIL_e how do you feel about "The Sleeper" from "Breathless"? I love that track, I think it's brilliant. I listened to some of Mirage and Moonmadness and got nothing from them. What should I try next, Stationary Traveller? Also, can you recommend five Wishbone Ash songs to me?
  11. It's great to get your advice guys. I'll probably start with the Akurate System Hub because my vinyl collection currently consists of 3 records.
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