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  1. @petecallaghan thanks for being brave and bringing up Lejonklou. I haven't heard them yet but I think they're respected on this forum because they've been named often and several regulars use the Tundras. Is pete the only one who is going to bring up another company? Fire away guys! For those of you who like Linn, do you think they produce the best speakers also? Or is it only the source that Linn has mastered? @MartinC You're right of course. Depending on how this goes I might post it in the wild outside the Linn owners' forum. What is your opinion on what's best, or how Linn measures up?
  2. @Gussy The point of this thread is to teach a potentially brainwashed SciLinntologist (me), about some other brands that I probably haven't heard yet, that have superior sound quality, or sound quality per dollar, to Linn. @Moomintroll I'd say "best" should be judged by sound quality, or sound quality per dollar spent. It's about the music yes @sunbeamgls. I'm not concerned with the ease of using Kazoo and Konfig for instance. Also, I'm concerned with whether Linn is the best now, not whether it really had the best turntable back in the 80s. @oldius If Linn isn't the best now, who is? What should I consider spending my money on instead of Linn? Linn is unequivocally claiming to have the world's best streamer now. Thanks!
  3. I think Linn is the best but then again I haven't heard many systems. If we have have to split this into sources, amps, and speakers, I'm ok with that.
  4. Thanks for your wisdom guys. I should have been more specific about the internet at my friend's place. He has internet, but we won't have a wired connection to his system. So downloading some software onto his laptop is no problem. It looks like @HansBertil 's or @Nestor Turton 's method will be the easiest because I won't need a router.
  5. If anyone is able and willing to hear the NGKSH with Majik 140s, I'd very be interested in your impressions!
  6. @Chris 1970 So if I understand correctly, the test was not blind, just a previously unheard song was used?
  7. A friend of mine wants me to bring over my Majik DSM/2 to his place to plug into his system and play some music. Internet won't be possible, but if I bring some FLACs over, what's an easy way to stream from his laptop?
  8. The difference between the barber and the musician is the barber is selling a more tangible service, with fewer middlemen. Musicians in different eras were compensated differently, and I don't think all musicians have the right to expect to earn a living from music. I hope that they can, but the reality is that there are far more people who would like to earn a living being a musician than those that can, and many of those who are very good at it can't make a living at it either. Then they have to grind it out the same unspiritual way as the rest of us. I don't mean that I think the economic situation is justified. But music will survive even if there's less money to be made from it. Maybe it will even be better for music. L'art pour l'art.
  9. This reminds me from a line in the movie "This is 40" where Paul Rudd's character is complaining that if Steely Dan started in the 21st century, they would have gotten nowhere because the record companies would never have backed them. Streaming is bad for those who otherwise could have made a living selling albums, but good for those who make good music but never would have been picked up by the record label, because it gives them another route to get their music to a wider audience. I'm thinking of Mac DeMarco (albums "2" and "Salad Days"). I believe that musicians will find a way to play and record even if no money is involved. I don't think that's right, just that music is so fundamental that some (with the means) will try to play and record quality music without financial reward. It would be nice to see another band as great as Steely Dan come up these days... but we know that ain't gonna happen...
  10. I came back to the Wam a few weeks ago to notice all our nicknames are gone. I was the SciLinntologist. We also had some Space Explorers and Sourcerers I remember. Maybe I missed it... What was the reason given for removing our nicknames?
  11. What do you think of Kudos Titan 606s? Hypothetically, if I was offered a deal...
  12. I can't go full Zee but I might try out a few. Unfortunately, the secondhand market in Canada does not seem to be very good, and the huge distances increase the risk factor a bit I think. I'm on CanuckAudioMart.com and Ebay, if anybody knows other good sites I should be checking, please let me know.
  13. @SnapperMike @Jail4CEOs2 @zee9 I take your warnings about fatiguing listening seriously, and I haven't quite figured out how much detail my ideal sound would have. Lately I've been wanting more body and warmth from the sound. I have to listen to some speakers.
  14. @GertK I've already got an exaktbox so I guess I wouldn't go for 530s unless there are passive 530s. I haven't heard 530s yet but I've read that they're very satisfying. Ottawa is a hifi desert so the opportunities to hear any systems are rare. @sunbeamgls Could I get away with driving PMC twenty.26's from an Akurate Exaktbox-I?
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