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  1. Yes zee9 is correct. Following the visit from my Linn dealer a replacement woofer is on order from Linn today. Approx seven days waiting time.
  2. I am waiting for a visit from my local Linn dealer. Yes the issue started last week after the last upgrade down load for my Organik DSM3. I will tell you how things turn out next week.
  3. My speakers are from 2014. Do the Akubarick passive speakers have a known fault on the unit below the 3K array? It sounds like a blown speaker, that is it sounds like buzzing at low frequency. Could this be why Linn stopped production of the passive Akubarick. I set the volume at max 20 when playing the radio and 34 when play the LP12. No rock music!
  4. Well for me this is a very very basic review in whathifi. The review mentions "analogue inputs could sound better" but fails to mention any vinyl or LP12 played into the Organik.
  5. I have the new Klimax Organik DSM and the Linn Uphorik for my LP12, I mean man the Uphorik is not a problem! I would like to upgrade to the Radikal /Urika II at some point but the Uphorik as a single box phono stage is just fab fab fab into the Organik!!!
  6. Yes, all lights out except for Linn de-cal on the front glass, that's me to with my Organik Silver DSM ( Music only version ) none of your HDMI here!!
  7. My post is about musical performance between the LP12 and a CD transport into my Organik DSM.
  8. Here's a question - would a Klimax LP12 played into the Klimax Organik DSM with a Twin amp and passive Acubarik speakers out perform a high end CD transport player ? discuss.
  9. My LP12 into a Linn Uphorik then into my Klimax DSM as never sounded great from day one having been checked out by the dealer. So the Organik with analogue inputs is for me. If the remote fails you can always turn the volume up with the knob, I like it!
  10. I just don't like the design of the new Organik! I much prefer my old deleted Klimax DSM? No news from Linn about keeping of old style in production? In the end its about the reproduction of music. Pity with this Organik it has no class.
  11. Linn now have a new website. Very pleased to see Klimax DSM and Solo in full production!!!
  12. Linn have no plans to stop production of the Klimax DSM or Klimax Twin and Solo power amps. The rumour of the Solo class D power amp is false!
  13. On Linn FaceBook page a member reports that a new Klimax Class D Solo power amp is on the way. Just the other day I was told by my dealer that no new Solo was on the cards?
  14. New rumour from one facebook member on Linn facebook page - the rumour is of a new Klimax Solo Class D power amp and half the size of the current model.
  15. Oh for the simple days, the basic LP12, the Naim 35.5NAC, a pair of 135 NAPs and a pair of passive Linn Isobarik speakers.'' I wish that I could turn back the clock'' - Johnny Hates Jazz
  16. Well I have just made an order for two Klimax Solo Power amps. The official word from Linn last week is that the Klimax Solo amps are not going out of production. Send them an email like I did.
  17. Well may be the plan is to put a upgraded Klimax DSM into a SDSM style cab?
  18. Naim Hifi have done this with the ' The Statement' equipment just too much for me. Even if I lived in shed all I would ever want would be the very best hifi that I could afford. My passion is music. Back in the early days of the first LP12 this turntable fired my interest into playing a musical instrument ( classical guitar and passing Royal School of Music Examinations ) A new Linn 40k DMS would just be too much for me. Amen
  19. Kelly200269. Will you please Stop! Its only my point of view. I can have an opinion thank you.
  20. Well I paid £15,800 for the DSM, a slight difference in money terms. A Karousel is just £750.00! Please lets all stop now and just wait for the big day.
  21. Look, five months ago I purchased brand new my Klimax DSM plus upgrades for my LP12 and two weeks ago I made an order for a pair of Klimax Solo power amps. Colin at Linn tells me Linn have no plans to end Klimax Solo production, we shall all see very soon . I So how would you feel if Linn may be delete, or ask you to spend 2k on a Klimax DSM upgrade! I am a little p.....off ! But all these problems remain unseen until the 26/3/21! I only write what I think its not a crime.
  22. Yes Mr Kandid is correct. I use my Left hand ( Thumb and index finger - that's the finger next to your thumb ) to ease the arm out of the armrest and at the same time I use my Right hand to hold the head shell arm and then engage the pick up arm device so that arm is now in the uplift position above the record surface. Hope this helps .
  23. How do you know about this Organik DSM? How did you all know about the name of this new DSM? May be I will stay with Linn. Keep my Klimax Twin amp and put the money for the Solo amps on the Organik trading in my Klimax DSM.
  24. Well, having just spent money on a brand new Klimax DSM and about to embark on a brand new pair of Solo power amps, if my DSM is deleted from Linn production I will delete Linn hifi from my life!!
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