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  1. Well aware of this. Have tested with and without the sub in the room and it is not noticeable to either of us. The effect is probably swamped by the amount of Gin and the size of the highly reflective glasses that contain it. Thank you all for your answers and time
  2. Aha! That makes sense. I shall do that. Do you use a stereo pair to the sub? Plus, love the Naim Name
  3. Kit is KCT/D, Kisto, Sonos, Duetta Signature (I should put this in a sig) Sub is for Films only, never music, good grief 3 spare subs? Always looking for a cherry Sizmik to swap for my Maple
  4. Hi All Thanks to the forums answers to my last post it looks like I will be saving up for an ADSM. Having looked at the manual it does not have a sub out like my Kisto. I would still like to use my Sizmik for Terminator style films. Is this still possible? Or does the Sizmik go to fund the ADSM? thank you all
  5. Indeed i only had tri-Aktiv but they were (are - could not part with them so are in Garage) just amazing. Not the deepest, or the most detailed, but just so right to listen to. Amazing WAF as well I was so lucky to stumble on my Duettas. I can think of anything those would not have replaced.
  6. So in summary £4K gets me a better sound via Pre/dac £2k gets me a little bit better with the option of much better later thank you I was hoping for more, for less, but that is part of the problem of having nice enough kit to warrant being in this forum thank you all very much indeed. Very much appreciated.
  7. KCT/D Then I think (Klimax Twin with Dynamik) though I would think you would be able to guess that. If not, just say. I have listened to an MDSM and it really is not in the same league at all. Obviously it's a fine piece of kit and all that but I would be surprised if anyone here went from a two box Klimax setup to an MDSM. As I said, I have compared an ADSM/0 and it was not as good so from what you are saying an ADSM/1 might be better (for £1800) and an ADSM/3 would certainly be (but for £3k +). I can get an ADSM/1 and then save for an upgrade? Is that correct? That is helpful, thank you.
  8. Hi All I am your classic poor Linn bottom feeder who occassionally picks up something amazing and spends the next month weeping though musical excess and subsequent lack of food. System is: Sonos Connect (AppleTv, Sky) to Kisto (All via SpDif) to KDT to Apogee Duetta Signatures. I have tried a number of streamers including a Majik ds/3 (All input via Digital) and they all sound near identical via the KIsto. The Majik DS/3 was not as good feeding analogue. The Kisto is frankly amazing for it's age. I do also listen via Headphones and would miss that functionality so I keep looking at the Akurate DSM units. I listened to a ADSM/0 and it was not up to the Kisto but admittedly that was not in my setup for Speakers although it was with my HD600s. My question is, how much do I have to spend on an Akurate DSM to make it better than my Kisto? Since the Official Linn forum closed I have spent a good while through the various forums and have decided to ask here as you guys seem the sanest. Thank you for your time (hopefully patience) and reasonable levels of laughter.
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