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  1. AudioQuest also has them: https://www.audioquest.com/accessories/audio-enhancements/preamp-jumpers
  2. Thanks for your help and support, glad it's working again (in the Netherland that is)
  3. Unfortunately, here in the Netherlands Linn Jazz and Linn Radio are also not available. Strangely enough, they can be listened to via OnlineRadioBox on https://onlineradiobox.com/uk/linnjazz/?cs=uk.linnjazz&played=1&lang=en
  4. Last weekend I made the step from single-amping to bi-amping my Selekt DSM. What a difference in flexibility and detail rendering.. Recommended
  5. Moomintroll, Peter_P, d88, You have helped me tremendously. I finally succeeded in Peter's way via the TuneIn app. So I can finally listen to Naim HD radio !! Only http://www.classic-funk.com I still can't play this way. @d88, I think that if you create a (free) account at https://tunein.com (or do you already have one?) that you can also play most channels directly via the Majik
  6. With my Selekt DSM I can only receive the internet radio stations via TuneIn. Do any of you have an idea whether this can also be done in another way, for example directly to a url? I would like to listen (via the Selekt of course) to: http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8340/jazz-flac.flac http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8250/class-flac.flac https://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8362/flac.flac I wonder if there is a way..
  7. 1. What Linn products do you have and how long have you had them for?. SELEKT DSM with Integrated Power Amp (second amp is ordered), Majik 140 since May this year. 2. What made you choose Linn? Dealer demo in 2015 with Majik DSM Space Optimisation and Majik 140 powered by Majik 4100 and the innovative product development. 3. What do you like about your Linn system ? The ease with which music is played, more than sufficient power and the enormous detail reproduction. And of course the upgradeability. 4. Conversely, what do you not like or feel your Linn item could be approved on. Ability to save/store music directly with DSM on SD card or SS drive (Also to be played when there is no network connection). 5. If you could speak directly to Gilad Tiefenbrun, what new product would you like to see, or existing product improve ? I am interested in an affordable headphone amplifier (as Selekt cartridge maybe). Linn Records library available on Qobuz, as promised last year
  8. https://www.audioxperience.com Nuenen - the Netherlands Great store and super good at tuning your system
  9. Hi Baba Yaga, This "Kazoo Server needs to be ‚on‘ for iTunes." was the trick All I had to do was provide the correct path in Kazoo Server setup. So simple, but if you don't know, you just keep looking. Thank you all for helping me to find a solution.
  10. Thanks for your response, yes all the same network (wired). DSM sees the USB drive so I don't think a reboot is really necessary. There is a connection
  11. Over the years I've put my CD collection in iTunes, so it's just ALAC files on the Mac (.m4a). And music purchased through iTunes.
  12. Thank you very much for your replies -Nopiano I do indeed have the Kazoo server on my mac, but I can't see or listen to music that way either. Thank you for looking up Kazoo server. -MickC you're right, but that doesn't work either. protected Apple files could be, they are ALAC files -Elad Repooc also when I select Kazoo I can't play anything. free and open source UPnP media servers, do you have a tip which one I can use best? I also have music on a usb drive (from the previous streamer) that is immediately recognized by the DSM via my Mac. Qobus is my main source. But would be nice to be able to play iTunes too
  13. Very recently I bought a Selekt DSM and so I'm a Linn and streamer rookie. Through Linn's apps, my Selekt DSM can see that my computer is connected to the same network, but I can't see the files (and therefore can't play them) Does anyone here have an idea how I could get it working? Perhaps a simple setting in the computer or the DSM? Or maybe I missed a post where this was already explained Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Ruben
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