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  1. Thanks for so many detailed and well informed responses! I should have clarified that my majik LP12 has the Karousel and the Jelco arm. I wasn’t really considering budget. I could in theory upgrade in one go, but that takes some of the fun away from tinkering with the different options and getting a sense of the uplift from each. Also I’ve found already that cost does not always equate to best/preferred sound quality or signature. The recommendation to stay with the Majik chassis came from a couple of well regarded U.K. dealers, but I think that may have been when considering less of an upgrade jump. My current thoughts are: 1. Radikal and Keel. I’m very open to buying used for PSUs and used this approach well when I had an almost fully Naim system. Will wait and see if Radikal 2 is such a step up first though… 2. Arm and cartridge. Makes sense to do this in combination. On purely atheistic terms the PU7ti in black wins hands down, the only problem could be demoing this alongside say an Ekos SE. Both are clearly awesome arms, but I’d want to let my ears decide. 3. Phono. Not even sure this will be needed. I run a McIntosh C1100 pre and it’s integrated tube phono stage is excellent. Easily better/preferred to any other separate phono stage I demo’d up to £3k. However that said I’ve love to compare with a Ulrika1 (which has the benefit of balanced outputs to the C1100) This is what I’m demoing now on the dealers Klimax spec LP12 and the noise floor is ridiculously low - the C1100 helps as it’s incredible in that regard - at times it sounds almost like a digital source it’s so quiet! Anyway lots of food for thought while I wait for the dealer to get some Radikal 2s to demo. The fluted plinths are also rather tempting!!
  2. I have a standard Majik w/Lingo4. It’s the first turntable I’ve had in decades and am really enjoying the vinyl revival, however my lovely dealer popped a Kilmax in for a home listen and I’m now thinking about a few upgrades. With the new Radikal that seems an obvious first step (initially just motor, but potentially Urika1 later) I’ve been advised to keep the Majik sub-chassis and not worry about Kore/Keel, but in terms of tonearm it becomes more challenging. The Ekos SE and Kandid sound great to my ears BUT aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (esp the Ekos) The audio origami PU7ti is £1k less than the Ekos and gets outstanding reviews. Would this be worth a demo and which cartridges would pair well? thanks
  3. Camed, like you I had a P3, albeit for a short period of time as it had to go back due to a terrible hum that couldn’t be resolved. I decided to just take the leap after getting the LP12 majik w/ cirkus on home demo as was blown away by the difference. After doing a bit of reading on here I decided to go a bit further and order it with the Lingo 4. Believe me the difference the Lingo 4 and the new Karousel bearing makes its massive. Yes it’s a £4K hit but you will be surprised and delighted by the musicality of this setup. I cant see myself even thinking of the next upgrade step right now - just loving playing as much music as possible. It is frankly light years away from the P3 in any decent system. You are in for a treat my friend so sleep easy! (I decided to register just to post this and set your mind at rest)
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