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  1. I don't mind paying three figures if the amp is 'as new' as a result and the seller has indicated he would split the cost with me.
  2. [Also posted on PFM] Hi Wammers, I recently acquired through eBay an otherwise excellent condition Rotel RA-1062 which, upon arrival, appears to have undergone some kind of shock in transit and the left channel is now emitting what sounds like static noise over the signal. The seller has offered a return and refund but I am first trying to explore the viability and likely cost of a repair. I have tried Rotel's distributor, B&W, who passed me onto a third party (Sontec) who have effectively washed their hands of it and are suggesting they could not even secure parts (which seems slightly ridiculous). Who is the best independent repairer for this kind of stuff? I would really be keen to find somebody who would be prepared to give it a thorough look over and recap etc. I am based in Oxford but am happy to ship the amp. Much obliged!
  3. Hi, how old are they? Are they pre- or post-fazor, do you know?
  4. Can you get a good photo of the real panel? Sorry to be fussy!
  5. When did you buy them / do you have the original receipt? Are you the first owner?
  6. I have my Allegri+ right here in front of me and cannae see a headphone socket
  7. So many posts and no mention of its being an absolutely glorious DVD-Audio player as well!
  8. The CD player will have a digital attenuator for volume control - these have there own design constraints which means they are usually not as accurate as a very good dedicated pre.
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