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  1. The main thing that will matter going forward will be the support of eARC. ARC today sends the audio back down the HDMI cable, but is only capable of sending the older compressed audio formats. eARC changes this and allows the sending of all the modern uncompressed audio formats back down the HDMI cable. So, if you support eARC on both ends it probably doesn't matter where you put the kit or how you run cables as you can always route full uncompressed audio back to a processor.
  2. You need to consider that for someone looking at 24k for a Akudorik system is not the target market. There are lot's of people out there who would regard that as 'too cheap' a system for them. When you are looking to spend 100-200k on a system, then a 4/5k streamer is simply not a good enough product for you. Put it like this, you are in the market for a new Ferrari or Lamborghini, will you look at a high spec Ford Focus ? even though it has all the bells and whistles ? Nope. So, Linn need a product in this price / product category. There are also a lot of people out there who would
  3. Interesting, as I run Naim 250.2DR's with my Linn front end and like the Linn / Naim combination.
  4. I think there is an Akurate/Kontrol on eBay at present. If you are not using the video switching of the Kisto, then the A/K may be an option. Roy
  5. One other options to consider is to put a non-Linn amp on the front end of these. I'm using my 242's with a Naim NAP 250DR amp and the 242s really like that amp, it can drop a lot of current in to them and they really sing with it. With the DR technology from Naim, it is surprisingly quiet but with some good punch at the lower end when you turn it up. Roy.
  6. Interesting point. Rest of system comprises: Akurate DS/0 with Dynamik ( so 2007 model ) I know there is a £1800 DS upgrade option available there, plus Exotik+DA with Dynamic being used both as pre-amp and as processor for the rest of the surround sound aspect of my system. Roy.
  7. Hi there, I have a pair of Linn Akurate 242s that I am very happy with. They came with the original 2 part stands/feet on them and I can see on a number of dealers sites that there seems to be a later version that is a single piece that is also available as an upgrade ? They all seem to have them for the same price of £860 and also seem to not be mail order at all ? ie. I'd need to buy from my local dealer ? Anyone have any experience of these new stands and also if I'd be able to get them for anything less than the £860 from anywhere ? Thanks, Roy.
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