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  1. it was a good investment, it really adds gravitas to my organ recording library, and when its turned up for a laugh, Thunderstruck by AC/DC makes the room shudder. As I have it plumbed into the PS power amp, everything benefits now, Although when its switched off late at night, its presence, or lack of, is noticed. My music library going thru Audirvana has a bit of everything, genre wise
  2. I bought the Rel S/812, a few weeks ago, its 2 sole purposes were to give movies/Netflix/Amazon more oomph (a personal taste) but primarily to add depth to the many pipe organ recordings I have, both CD and SACD (and my own Zoom H4Pro concert recordings I have made over the years), because unless silly money is spent on speakers (my opinion) subs are the only way to get down low enough to reproduce 16Hz pedal notes reasonably well
  3. I got back into hi fi 2 years ago, and thought I would invest in a good CD player to play my existing 500 discs (50/50 organ and others). I have a health condition called Ataxia, which is progressive and diagnosed in 2014. and has got a lot worse this past 3 years( I can hardly bend over, kneel or walk now) So I made the decision then to Rip all my discs to a SSD on the new Intel NUC and make back ups (X2) Go forward 2 years, and I know buy new and pre owned CD's, Rip with DbPoweramp, and play thru Audirvana. I listen to more music every day, and hear some discs I have not played for many years (as its just a couple clicks away). So for me I will buy CD's as long as they are around. I have 674 "ripped" CD's now, and another 6 coming next week. I will prob sell my collection nextt year, when I am sure of the copies on the PC, NAS and portable drive are as safe as they can be
  4. As an organ fanatic, I sponsored a recording last year, its very good quality, and recorded with multi thousand £ mics, and mastered on Vivid hi end speakers (Giya spirits)
  5. I should get some maybe, they have my surname
  6. I know a lot of people get specialist PC's (expensive a few years ago, cheap was £1200) just to record music on. so I would have thought just a near bare bones PC with hardly anything on, apart from a couple of SSD's and basic OS would suffice for playback of ripped CD's etc
  7. where is the actual info situated? Under a bit of plastic on the underside of the disc? If there any stubborn marks , then jus glass cleaner removes it, or as has been said a baby wipe. But I just have 571 CD's and none have any scratches, and walk away from any 2nd hand ones that have
  8. I saw a pair of SA-01 Mono Power amplifiers in a pic of a friends set up, and liked the industrial look of them. He said they were brilliant, better than Nord equivalents. I have currently a PS S300, and was looking at their M700 monos for this Christmas ( need a new sub 1st)
  9. I had my first modern (2019) speakers with the Amphion Argon 1's. I have had TDL, MS (10i classics)and Heybrook (HB1) in prior years. My dealer chose the Argon 0, as a starter speaker, but due to family circumstances I found myself in a slightly better financial position, so went with the Argon 1's. I was getting an itchy feeling after a few months, so when a dealer had a pair of quite new Argon 3LS speakers (in walnut), I bought them, without hearing them, as the Amphion name was enough. The next step is to do something with the white with red gill Argon 5C
  10. Will give it a go later, The only problem I can see (non tech person here, so maybe wrong), as one of the RCA connections on the sub is also marked LFE, I have a connection going to the Anthem a/v for the a/v duties, unless I am missing something (see the attached for pic of the back of the sub)http://www.bkelec.com/hifi/sub_woofers/XXLS400 1-0.pdf
  11. I use the XLR's to connect to the S300 power amp
  12. https://www.psaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Stellar-Gain-Cell-DAC-Owners-Manual-V3-Rev-A.pdf is the only thing that says what is on the Pre, as I cannot get to the back of it
  13. Ths what I was looking at last week, but with it being so new, there are no reviews that I can find
  14. I have been told this by a few people inc one who does a/v installations, he asked if mine was a dual mono, as it could be problematic. I have now, a RCA lead (dedicated sub one) from the sub out (there are 2) to the sub, and that seems to work fine for the DVD and TV, but all my music is stored on the PC, and that is connected to the separate PS dac/pre, so cannot seem to have that connected the way it should be, by way of the high level red and white wires(black is NOT to be used I was told by PS) on one end and the Neutrik at the other
  15. My BK was fine when I first got it 18 months ago (bought blind as recommended by an organist friend) It has been returned twice, first for a new speaker, as it was very faulty, and a second time for a rumbling from the amp on the sub, but it could not be replicated, a new dedicated sub lead mostly sorted it out tho last week. I have. It will NOT connect to my Class D (PS) amp, as suggested by BK and REL, as it makes weird oscillating electrical noises, when connected via the "High Level Neutrik"). Therefore I have lost faith in it, and am giving it away to my partners son. So on that basis, I am looking for a replacement in the next couple of months
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