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  1. I read quite a few reviews of a PS Audio product, and in one that was science based, it got slated, ut in the other 10+ reviews it was venerated. The one that I read, and took a bit of notice of, was the one written or Hi Fi Pig, why? because the item was connected to the power amp I have and love it to bits, and it kind of sold me so I parted with £1649, and get it in 3 days time
  2. Just want to say thank you to those who gave me advice on what to look at, I ordered a PS Audio GainCell preamp/DAC yesterday
  3. Just want to say thank you to those who gave me advice on what to look at, I ordered a PS Audio GainCell preamp/DAC yesterday
  4. Just want to say thank you to those who gave me advice on what to look at, I ordered a PS Audio GainCell preamp/DAC yesterday
  5. trouble is there are NO basic 5.2 amps out there for about the same budget
  6. Bin a £1650 amp? sure, lol. Will take it back to the dealers and expect a good p/x for either another or an Arcram one I like
  7. I will find out when the amp goes back, BUT as its been well looked after, and when I unplugged and re plugged everything I was very very careful, sooooooo it should be carried out under warranty, as the unit is just over a year old, and the warranty is for 3 years
  8. this is what I was thinking, and had a chat with the other half and a couple of hi fi friends, they all said just to get my pride and joy fixed, as it was just one of those things, and to get a good Dac, which I would not have been able to do, getting a new amp, and to be honest, I could not justify spending 2-2.5 grand on a new amp just for it to supply audio to centre and rears, as I have a power amp for front speakers
  9. Yes, that seems to be the case, this is why I went for the Anthem in the first place, as it was a no frills amp, and did what it said it would do, its just I have lost my faith in the product, hence looking for something that can do the same job. I do not use any of the usual streaming suspects apart from the PC music library/Audivarna
  10. thanks, but its a 7 channel +.1/2, I just want a 5.2/2, looks like I am stuck with Anthem, even the new one is 7.1/2
  11. As the title suggests, in November 2020, is there such a thing as a simple a/v amp that has no bells and whistles on. I purely use a decent 5 .1, I have NO interest in anything else at all. I have an Anthem MRX520, but it went all wrong the other day, put simply the volume has been reversed ( the up is now showing down, and vice versa) on both the remote and the volume pot on the amp. I have mailed Anthem tech, also my dealer. It was bought brand new in Feb 2019, and worked fine until I had to unplug everything and re plug it. I am looking for a new amp, as my faith in this one has been eroded Thanks people
  12. A good idea, and no doubt a very good product. but am 80% sure I am going for the AudiolabM DAC+, as I said, just waiting to hear when the dealer Analogue Seduction near Peterborough) has them back in, as have tried upteen places, inc Richer sounds, and the silver model is available but sold out of the black models
  13. now to decide on the DAC, Audiolab M DAC+ or RME. Finding a black one is difficult (orders from the t'other half", to match the rest of the gear)
  14. Power for a dac if it did not connect directly to a wall type plug, would be a half decent DC power supply unit, thats something I have not looked at yet,