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  1. Will give it a go later, The only problem I can see (non tech person here, so maybe wrong), as one of the RCA connections on the sub is also marked LFE, I have a connection going to the Anthem a/v for the a/v duties, unless I am missing something (see the attached for pic of the back of the sub) 1-0.pdf
  2. I use the XLR's to connect to the S300 power amp
  3. is the only thing that says what is on the Pre, as I cannot get to the back of it
  4. Ths what I was looking at last week, but with it being so new, there are no reviews that I can find
  5. I have been told this by a few people inc one who does a/v installations, he asked if mine was a dual mono, as it could be problematic. I have now, a RCA lead (dedicated sub one) from the sub out (there are 2) to the sub, and that seems to work fine for the DVD and TV, but all my music is stored on the PC, and that is connected to the separate PS dac/pre, so cannot seem to have that connected the way it should be, by way of the high level red and white wires(black is NOT to be used I was told by PS) on one end and the Neutrik at the other
  6. My BK was fine when I first got it 18 months ago (bought blind as recommended by an organist friend) It has been returned twice, first for a new speaker, as it was very faulty, and a second time for a rumbling from the amp on the sub, but it could not be replicated, a new dedicated sub lead mostly sorted it out tho last week. I have. It will NOT connect to my Class D (PS) amp, as suggested by BK and REL, as it makes weird oscillating electrical noises, when connected via the "High Level Neutrik"). Therefore I have lost faith in it, and am giving it away to my partners son. So on that basis, I am looking for a replacement in the next couple of months
  7. I am liking REL more, 2 weeks ago I would have said "go away", but now having seen a couple of PS Audio videos about them, and having some PS gear myself, am getting more influenced by them. And having a larger budget than I had at the start of this £1600-2000 as opposed to £600 18 months ago)
  8. The trouble I find is that there seems to be 2 camps, the audiophiles and the home theatre people and they seen to suggest what is good for each group, and not very often decent subs that can do a good job of both genres. All the main manufacturers have great write ups on their own products, which is to be expected, but to actually get to get a demo these "Covid" days, is impossible, and the so called" try before you buy", is OK if you are not disabled, and can hump heavy objects around, wire them up and all that, but I can't
  9. I have a lot (500) organ CD's plus 200 of my own organ recordings that I recorded over the years. And got my 1st and only sub from BK (XXLS 400) 18 months ago, but it seems to have a fault (been returned twice now) but thats another story. I am now looking to upgrade it, the only "must have" is that it goes to 20Hz or less. Makes that have been recommended are, obviously REL, SVS and MJ Acoustics (they are just 42 miles from here, but do not demo). Any comments would be appreciated, as just ringing up a dealer and going for a demo are not available at this time.
  10. A new dac/pre is not happening, I have only had it for a couple of weeks or so
  11. A dealer who I was talking to the other week. He sells Amphions
  12. I am starting to look into amplifiers of the Monobloc variety. I have a PS S300 stereo power amp, but looking to upgrade to something like the PS M700 (would like to keep it in the family, but not set in concrete) I have a PS Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre, with decent XLR leads. What would be your suggestions please? The speakers are Amphion Argon 3LS, and have been told they like A/B (PS is Class D) Budget, less than £3K
  13. I read quite a few reviews of a PS Audio product, and in one that was science based, it got slated, ut in the other 10+ reviews it was venerated. The one that I read, and took a bit of notice of, was the one written or Hi Fi Pig, why? because the item was connected to the power amp I have and love it to bits, and it kind of sold me so I parted with £1649, and get it in 3 days time
  14. Just want to say thank you to those who gave me advice on what to look at, I ordered a PS Audio GainCell preamp/DAC yesterday
  15. Just want to say thank you to those who gave me advice on what to look at, I ordered a PS Audio GainCell preamp/DAC yesterday