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  1. They were my first speakers 2 years ago, and I upgraded to the 3LS model
  2. I have looked into them, they are based a couple of miles from where I lived, up in Coxhoe, Durham. my only reservations are that as the speaker cables act as part of the system, and having just bought new TQ ones (£216), if I used mine, and something happened (god forbid) any warranty would be null and void
  3. They do in my system at least, as started with QED XT40 then a mate loaned me his TQ Blue then I got 4 weeks ago a set of Tellurium Q Black MkII ... WOWSER
  4. Thats a good piece of gear, BUT I have a good solid PS Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre that I have had for just a few months. The only streaming I do is from my 700 + FLAC files on a SSD pc, and do not use the usual streaming suspects
  5. A friend is a great admirer of Bel Canto, and Wyred for Sound, he has said try the Wyred for sound ones
  6. I am open to other classes of amp, my only thing would not be to have tubes, as not able to stop the heat build up/heat dissipation
  7. I have a newish PS Audio S300 power amp, I like the sound, but as is my want, I fancy trying to improve the sound. I like class D, and am very happy keeping it class D, as it suits my needs for keeping cool etc. Any thoughts on KJR mono amps? I was thinking of the PS M700's, but with the recent prices being £3K a pair, they are just a tad to much. I have always bought new, for personal reasons, BUT as I have Amphion speakers (3LS) that I purchased 2nd hand, am willing to go down the pre loved route now. I like all kinds of musical genres, from Melody Gardot to classical organ (16Htz bass with the odd 10CC/AC/DC
  8. As I am not techy person, and my mobility is knacked a tad, I just have the usual connection of HDMI to the amp (Sony output), so not connecting with the PS dac I have. Its not a biggie really, as I have all my redbook and SACDs ripped into Flac files, and they play as PCM thru Audirvana on the PC via the dac. I was just wondering trying out the DSD layer of the SACD's I have, as stereo . I know a friend on HI Fi UK on FB used his oppo, and ripped the DSD layer on 4 SACD's that I sent him, and they replay as DSD thru the PC,
  9. This last few weeks I have been looking at the SACD medium. I bought my MK 1 Sony, just purely so it could play SACD's, as well as the normal Blu Ray DVD's. The machine handles the multi channel fine, but I was wondering, is there a way to have the Sony connected to the Anthem MRX 520A/V 5.1 and to the Dac at the same time, so for all intents and purposes, it WILL play multi channel SACD's and without have to disconnect the HDMI connection, play a stereo SACD thru the Dac? The player has 2 HDMI outputs, one is taped off, and is for Audio only
  10. I like Paul, he is a bit "cooky and out there" at times, but love him or hate him, he has bought to the market some great products over the years, and earned the respect in the industry
  11. it was a good investment, it really adds gravitas to my organ recording library, and when its turned up for a laugh, Thunderstruck by AC/DC makes the room shudder. As I have it plumbed into the PS power amp, everything benefits now, Although when its switched off late at night, its presence, or lack of, is noticed. My music library going thru Audirvana has a bit of everything, genre wise
  12. I bought the Rel S/812, a few weeks ago, its 2 sole purposes were to give movies/Netflix/Amazon more oomph (a personal taste) but primarily to add depth to the many pipe organ recordings I have, both CD and SACD (and my own Zoom H4Pro concert recordings I have made over the years), because unless silly money is spent on speakers (my opinion) subs are the only way to get down low enough to reproduce 16Hz pedal notes reasonably well
  13. I got back into hi fi 2 years ago, and thought I would invest in a good CD player to play my existing 500 discs (50/50 organ and others). I have a health condition called Ataxia, which is progressive and diagnosed in 2014. and has got a lot worse this past 3 years( I can hardly bend over, kneel or walk now) So I made the decision then to Rip all my discs to a SSD on the new Intel NUC and make back ups (X2) Go forward 2 years, and I know buy new and pre owned CD's, Rip with DbPoweramp, and play thru Audirvana. I listen to more music every day, and hear some discs I have not played for many years (as its just a couple clicks away). So for me I will buy CD's as long as they are around. I have 674 "ripped" CD's now, and another 6 coming next week. I will prob sell my collection nextt year, when I am sure of the copies on the PC, NAS and portable drive are as safe as they can be
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