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  1. `Got one myself, very good bit of kit, especially with the new 2.0 operating software. Is it a 1Tb SSD fitted? By the list price you quote then it ought to be. GLWTS.
  2. I think you have a valid point regarding full message inbox, have been waiting a week for replies too. Maybe Fourlegs is on holiday or very very busy.
  3. There is a limit to how many albums/tracks you can have in a playlist, more to do with available space within the OS. I have spent most of the last week compiling playlists to export CD quality tracks to my laptop and through a program up sample to 24/192 then importing from an external 2Tb HD, obviously the resulting tracks take up much more space on the 4Tb SSD. First time I tried building a playlist it refused any more than 500 tracks, so since then if compiling a playlist I try to make it more manageable by having a smaller number, usually around 250 tracks average. If doing this, I suggest you get a USB extension cable to plug in the unit as that makes disconnecting and reconnecting thumbdrives/external HD's much easier without having to reach behind the unit and weaken the USB connection.
  4. If owning a Zenith, it depends why you wish to pay for and use Roon. When it is acknowledged that the new Innuos 2.0 software sounds so much better. Each to their own, but I want to hear the better sound quality.
  5. Interesting, I see that you use Roon on both. Understand that to try to give an even handed comparison between the 2 units. What Innuos software version are you using on the Zenith mk3? Suggest you upgrade to the new Innuos 2.0 software which will give improved sound on that item. Surely when comparing 2 items, is it not better to have each unit performing to the best it can rather than limiting the output?
  6. Depends on how much you are willing to pay for one. As these units are being replaced by a newer upgraded item towards the end of this year then that is when you may have more chance of finding one. That said, some dealers ( David Brooks MCRU being one example ) have been offering discounts that are in stock/pipeline. The Mk 2 item, when it is released, will be much better but as always that will come at a cost. Good luck finding what you are after.
  7. sgee

    ATC Actives

    Strangely you may well find that the active 50's are more, why because the 100's do require quite a big room as they are a fair bit larger than the 50's too. For example my room is approx 16ft x 12ft and the 50's fit in well, however if I tried to fit the larger 100's then they would dominate the room and still not likely to be able to be placed in their ideal location.
  8. sgee

    ATC Actives

    As mentioned in my earlier post, any worthwhile upgrade is likely to depend on the condition of the cabinets. If they are in very good nick then to bring SL amp pack actives up to current spec will be around £1.5k. Only the would-be purchaser can then decide if it is going to be done.
  9. I bet that version of LA Woman album sounds mighty fine too.
  10. sgee

    ATC Actives

    I bought a pair of late 90's active 50's last year, as said previously definitely judge condition of cabinets as being the main criteria/guide for price. I had been already been in contact with ATC regarding upgrade/servicing/overhaul etc., so had all that info/price being committing. Had the drivers upgraded/serviced to current spec and most of the amplifier components replaced too. Allow around £1.5k for the above work at ATC if required, however be prepared to wait they might be very busy so check timescale before confirming work/returning units. If you need any more info then send me a PM.
  11. Eric Clapton? Try Jeff Beck Emotion and Commotion, this will really show your actives at their best. Also Eva Cassidy Nightbird is good to listen too.
  12. Very likely that this firmware version will be the last, as the DirectStream Dac is being replaced by the Mk 2 before the end of this year.
  13. Having had my active 50's completely overhauled/serviced to current spec last year, cost less than £2k. So, as said earlier, something to factor in if purchasing older units. Hope this info helps anyone thinking of going that route, however check with people at ATC first as may take 8 - 10 weeks for the work to be carried out.
  14. Still got a Systemdek DST ( the one with grey Nextel finish and red power switch front left ), bought new many moons ago. Couple of years back fitted an Origin Live modded Rega arm that has Litz cable and with Rega Elys cartiridge. Took it to a dealer friend to help set it up and it did not disgrace itself at all and he reckoned it was certainly better than a P6 he had and we used during comparison listening testing. Now have a RP10 so DST not used for a few months.
  15. Also another located in Sevenoaks too. Last firmware for these units will be in a few days, as there is a Mk 2 version coming before the end of the year. Check PS Audio website for more details on their forums.
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