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  1. If calibration labs use standard wire at that level then spending silly amounts is beyond me. Good quality of the spec required then yes. Beyond that a big No. I have worked in these labs with equipment costing millions and standard cables used. I wouldn't waste silly money but agree it's down to your own ears if you think you can hear a difference.
  2. The best CD player i had based on a standalone unit was a meridian 508.24
  3. Nothing lasts forever and technology changes. I had a Roksan Xerxes for 30 years and some Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors for 17 years. I have now gone completely digital down to improvements in digital audio plus the ease of use. I have however gone back to class A amplification as this is the purest form. Really happy with the results
  4. Wharfedale E20 1979 Wharfedale Delta 70 1985 Tannoy Mercury M2 1987 Proac Response 2 1992 B&W P6 1997 Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor 2003 Marten Duke 2 2020
  5. The amp is giving output so the output devices are in tact. I would still suspect something like a blown voltage regulator as both channels are affected. A small adjustment of the volume pot gives huge increase in gain. If the voltages are all wrong this would change the bias changing the gain characteristics and therefore the change in sound.
  6. From diagrams online it shows the power rails to be +44 and -44 volts. I suspect a power issue but i would have thought your previous repair visit would have picked up the issue. There are several companies that repair and upgrade the 8000A online. I used to love the one i had in the mid 80s. If you've already spent money on repairs i suppose it may not be cost effective. Good luck
  7. Both channels the same? If this is the case then the fault could be power supply related as this is common to both channels. If your friend has the same model might be worth checking the voltages. Bob
  8. wobbler123

    USB cable

    Joolz As far as i know and i am just going off experience as an electrical engineer for the past 35 years there is no information between the 0's and 1's. It is or it isn't. I can understand having a cable of good quality that is well shielded even if all the individual conductors are individually shielded but there will be a point where it doesn't make any difference especially on digital and this will not be very expensive. A 24 bit byte with minimal interference will sound the same no matter what. Different processes of decoding will be more noticeable as opposed to changing the wire link. Optical may differ but that is not my field. I do agree with some posts though that any cable has to be good enough to do a job down to the signal it has to carry, the power it has to transfer or the noise issues that may occur for purpose.
  9. wobbler123

    USB cable

    I can't understand why people spend lots of money on digital cables. It's not like analogue cables where a difference in capacitance might affect the sound ever so slightly. You are dealing with basically a stream of 1's or 0's and any cable isn't going to make the 1's any more 1 than the 1 it already is. I have tried several cable but can't tell the difference tbh. Digital audio is a different ball game. Personally i wouldn't waste my money on cables and spend money on better hardware. A better DAC with standard cables will always be better than a mediocre DAC with the best cables you can find. Just saying.........
  10. Trials on my IA4 atm. Marten Designs Heritage Duke 2. After listening to about 20 different pairs of speakers i have these on home demo. So far am am very impressed. I can hear a lot more of what the IA4 can do. This is a magical combination for a class A amplifier of the calibre of the Sugden.
  11. Parallel devices due to current. Also multi emitters
  12. Is certainly single ended. No split rail psu in there. Single output device hence the low output.
  13. Sugden A21 is single ended class A so should be more free of edge and grain than most solid state amps. I've recently gone all digital and i find the sugden sound to be ideal.
  14. Hi hifinutt. My room is 14.5 ft x 12.5 ft with my system on the long wall. The sonus fabers have a rear port so need lots of space around them. The direkts should fit in my room no problem. Even the mrs likes the look of them especially in white. I thought bottom ported speakers might give an easier placement.
  15. LeeM thanks i would love a listen at some point. Been listening to this amp for hours. Much better than my Musical Fidelity pre-power combo i had before.
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