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  1. yeah something like that. I think it might even be a Lindy one. pretty basic, I can't even remember what filtering is has. suspect pretty crappy...
  2. using the linn account I have version 4 as the highest. if you look at the descriptions I think linn account version 4 is the same as Konfig version 6.0. maybe there's a bug in the Klimax Konfig?
  3. /start serious mode lofts kill hifi gear /end serious mode
  4. isn't the answer though to just shield the power cable? stop the pixies getting in or out!
  5. strange. I've got an Akurate hub, I can pick version 6.0. I'd always assumed that these filters were specific to the speakers. do you have the Katalyst version?
  6. Here's something that will bring you hours of joy
  7. I've just done a very nice upgrade! we were talking before about speaker isolation, I've just had these very cheap isolation platforms arrive. I picked them in part because they raise the height of my speakers by 7cm, I'm a tall guy and I knew that the speakers sounded a lot better if I slouch down in my chair. boy what a difference it's made! I've had to improvise some temporary weight distribution as without it things are a bit unstable. I'm going to order a couple of wooden/granite/marble chopping boards to raise the height another 3cms. I don't think I need it to be honest as the vertical off axis performance sounds pretty good as it is, but hey it's pretty cheap to do and will look better than my current "solution". so very impressed with the result!
  8. thanks. I think I need to do something to get a weeks ban from here so I can read everything!
  9. bentley rhythm ace - bentley rhythm ace I'm really enjoying half term so far!
  10. looking for something cheaper to be honest, it's more an experiment at this stage than anything, I quite possibly won't keep it in the system. would rather not swap out the IEC connect in the power amps, not even certain I could if I wanted to I don't know if I need it I would like to test if it makes any difference - it's cheaper than buying a test device to see how dirty my mains is.... my cheap strip does have filtering. I think it's current limiting because the speaker is quieter when I plug it into the strip - I have combo speaker and power amps.
  11. thanks for everyone's advice. in the end I gave up on sexy, I just went for the Belden that Martin suggested at the start coupled with MK plugs and these schurter IEC's
  12. Thanks Johannes, interesting to read. I've just had a look at the Friwo power supplies, I'm guessing you're using these because they are low emitters of EMI/RFI and noise back into the power line? what devices exactly do you have using these? when you say network, do you mean all devices which connect into the Ethernet network?
  13. Thanks I'll add this to my reading pile
  14. I don't understand the point about counter balance the transmission from the speaker cable, do you just mean the power cable will pick up some RFI from the speaker cable acting as a transmitter?
  15. les rythmes digitales - darkdancer
  16. I don't disagree. I'm thinking here about addressing the negligible levels though, marginal gains all add up. From Wikipedia So I'll disconnect the pest control box and touch lamp that's in the same power strip as the DSM, and I'll turn off my car batter charger. Then I'm going to buy a stack of ferrite cores and stick them onto a few devices in the house. Add in some shielded power cables and a cheap filter and bob's your auntie.
  17. david holmes - bow down to the exit sign
  18. I think that's 1 potential solution, I was more thinking about eliminating the source though
  19. @Paulssurround mentioned in another thread that Brian has a lot of knowledge about RFI from his radio hobby, I thought it might be an interesting topic to talk about in it's own separate thread. would be great if anyone could share any wisdom or tips for identifying and removing the sources of RFI.
  20. A question for the scientific mob. I'd like to have a go at putting some filtering on my power amps and pre/digital source. I've already got a cheap power strip with basic filtering however it's current limiting. Can anyone recommend something which isn't that's not stupid expensive please. I'm going to give a try and see if there's any significant difference, if there's not it will get filled in the round filling cabinet in the corner of the room.
  21. the white noise we've talked about can just be the sound of the power amp if you have a power amp that allows you to change the gain, the gain setting might not be correct, you might be able to make the white noise less by altering the gain down, i.e. make the power amp less powerful. obviously checking the gain's enough for your normal listening volume. As I said it's a bad example, I'm not talking about RF noise here, I'm talking about RFI having an audible impact on jitter at the DAC. no idea if that's plausible that a ground loop could cause that though.
  22. That's certainly how I look at it. I wonder if there are any examples though where a low volume distortion might be symptomatic of a problem somewhere else, I'm struggling to think of any examples though! I'll make something up! Can a ground loop cause RFI in the DAC which then buggers the clocking up enough to cause an audible problem? not sure if this could happen in theory or not, or if the noise of the ground loop would be low enough while the clocking issue would be still audible. Might be a bad example, but hopefully it illustrates the point.
  23. I've tested in the past and it does make a small difference. I'm in the middle of looking into power & simple filtering so have plans to sort things out in the not to distant future. For now I'll live with it.