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  1. fortunately this is an open forum so I'll carry on providing facts and evidence so there's balance
  2. I have no issue with that (even ignoring the facts), however you're not all even testing the same bloody thing! Agree on the care point - if you want to test something compare it against the internal linn test track with the switch disconnected and turned off. if you can hear a difference then try to figure out what the issue is and fix it instead. Great example of the issue with what this test is trying to do and the issue with the conclusions
  3. You're only interested it proving yourself right regardless of what the facts actually say. I've even provided you a credible way for you prove your point which you won't do for obvious reasons. I've not insinuated that people can't hear a difference, I have explained why they might though - something you're unable to do. ignoring the facts, and treating symptoms instead of the actual underlaying issue is a waste of everyone's time - you're just fooling yourself
  4. I thought the conclusion was that no audible differences were demonstrated? Are you saying that this is wrong? . . https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/townsend-isolda-cable.7109/page-33
  5. Why wouldn't you? not caring about the facts or if isn't technically justifiable doesn't change things, you're trying to draw a conclusion about something which cannot be drawn. Different manufacturers, and different models in the same manufacturer, design and build their switches in different ways so that the "first" and "last" port take different paths in the circuitry. Cisco switch A may route port 1 next to the PSU circuit, while Cisco switch B may route port 1 as far away from the PSU as possible. Your not even asking what model switch people are using, your results are meaningless, and worse than statistically insignificant. You may as well roll a dice, ironically that would statistically give a better result. If you really want to make this useful at least do things properly The question has to be - can you consistently hear a difference using 1 port versus another (because there's no correlation between 1st versus last port) capture the make and model do blind tests increase your sample size I'd suggest you post something in the main forum to get input from more people. You can add my results to the list Switch TP-LINK TL-SG108 Tested blind I can hear no difference in any port and I can hear no difference compared to the internal Linn test track with the switch disconnected
  6. so now it's not even people creating accounts and stating how right you are on their very 1st post anymore, you're just writing it for them instead? you've still not answered Tony's questions from the 1st page.
  7. good 1st post, who do you work for? digital glare? rubbish. files from the NAS over Wifi?
  8. you'd be better fixing your dirty mains and network and spending the money on the hifi instead
  9. no blind testing!? after everything we've talked about you did the exact thing which everyone said wouldn't give a valid result. no explanation of the mechanics as to how this can make a difference when the ethernet standards, physics and psychoacoustics say otherwise. this is easily explained by bais. I look forward to your unfounded, unsubstantiated, and/or unnecessary criticism of my post which won't address any of the points that people have raised in the past 24 pages, and the other related threads.
  10. not quite what you might be looking for but there are solutions which use Airplay if you have a mac, or on Linn there is songcast. this will allow you to play BBC sounds on a PC/MAC through your streamer. I'd guess there might be other options out there as well - maybe chromecast based using a HDMI dongle, it would need some research https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Songcast
  11. I don't understand your point, sorry it's lost in translation. just taking a guess here, if you're referring to my crazy experiment to see if I could make my Akurate DS sound better, let me explain my thought process. There's sound science & rationale behind increasing shielding & doing things to prevent EMI within the streamer especially given Linns different approach to the Master clock being in the streamer - and before you suggest it, no that rationale does not transpose over to the Ethernet port, that's a different thing for the point which have been raised in the other thread Linn do additional shielding on the Klimax to shield the PSU & shield the boards from each other, in fact other than a higher quality clock, (and presumably higher quality components), it seems to be the only other major difference between the Akurate and Klimax. Replicating the approach aligns with what Linn do themselves Linn use thick Aluminum cases in the Klimax, a quick search shows that Aluminium is relatively cheap so I'm happy to give it a shot just for the hell of it A bit more research and I stumble and a less invasive option in Laird absorption - £30 a sheet, what the hell, why not - I'm at most ~£60 committed to this experiment, it's worth that for my personal entertainment alone bang all the bits together and flick on my usual test tracks - oh, I never heard that bit before, I've used these tracks for critical listening of SO configs for some time, I know them very well i.e. I always use them for listening, that helps mitigate a few (but not all) of the issues we've mentioned in this thread. Post my findings in a bit more measured way than what I actually think because better to be measured & cautious, a few others give similar things a try and confirm they too can hear blacker blacks, veil has been lifted etc So why is this different from our network switch example? From a bias perspective hearing something new is a good indicator to me that something is different - however when people use this as rationale you are putting your trust & faith in what they say, you need confidence that all the other bits of the jigsaw add up, experience, credibility, science etc etc However it still has all the same bias challenges that we're talking about in this thread - I've not tested it fully so if you copy me you have to weigh up the pros/cons and decide if you want to roll the dice on the madman's idea it stands up to scrutiny from a science perspective - in fact I don't remember anyone telling me that the idea contradicted any establish science at all It's cheap so less financially risky it's a marginal gain though, I'm happy with it for ~£60. I'd be a nut case if I'd spent £2500 doing it though. Would it stand up to blind AB testing? I think it would, in fact I'd really like to compare it against another box - I hope once covid has gone we'll be able to give it a try, that would be an interesting experiment whatever the answer is. Hearing something new in a track because your system has become more resolving is different than there being a non-specific improvement e.g. blacker blacks. A great example is the breaking glass in Dire Straits private investigations, some systems will struggle to bring that out well (hell I've heard systems where you can't even hear it!). You also need replicability & ideally doing it blind (though worth saying again that what we're talking about here isn't a true blind test but it's good enough for our purposes). so if you tell me you've blind tested a change and you can consistently hear a difference, and the science stacks up to some scrutiny, you've got my attention.
  12. you're touching on another important point here, we have personal preference. just because we can eliminate bias and perform scientific tests to prove that A is better than B, there's still nothing wrong with you preferring B and being happy to pay 10 times more than A for it. it's your money & your decision. just make that decision honestly and you'll be happier for it and will have a system which you personally like even more.ideally try to understand why you have a preference so that you can look for similar traits elsewhere - if that means you can use science/tests to your own evil means then that's fantastic!
  13. Thanks, I'll try and listen to this when I get chance. a few observations straight up when reading the preamble in the article though as it gives an interesting insight to how I go about things. hmm, ok, so we instantly know we're not going to get any hard facts, shame because the paragraphs before sounded credible. This all sound very plausible, my interest is peaked, I've not heard about optical transcoding noise issues before but I could see that could be an issue in principle - I might learn something. Yes very sensible oh. alarm bells, this is a frequently used phrase by snake oil sellers because it instantly removes the burden of proof and puts pressure on the reader to give a go and see if you can hear a difference - please see this thread for a bit more detail as to why this is a problem, in summary though we are easily fooled, if you listen for a difference you will hear 1 because the act of listening changes how we hear even if there is no difference. right ok, why is he linking to this? ah if I look back up the article he also wrote a rave review about another bit of their kit. Let's read the article again, hmm this now looks like an infomercial. I'm feeling far more wary about things, and I'm now on guard in case I'm about to be taken for a ride. let's google the article and see what we find. https://www.google.com/search?q=https%3A%2F%2Fdarko.audio%2F2018%2F11%2Fwhy-isnt-digital-audio-just-ones-and-zeroes%2F&oq=https%3A%2F%2Fdarko.audio%2F2018%2F11%2Fwhy-isnt-digital-audio-just-ones-and-zeroes%2F+&aqs=chrome..69i58j69i57.859j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 3rd result down is a WAM post which links to this article - ooo think I'll have a quick read of that, I know all the usual people who would comment on things I might gain a better sense of what's going on. I'd suggest everyone else has a read of it as well. split views in the thread in honesty, however there's a strong callout from some people that mr Darko runs a commercial site which benefits from plugging gear.... my spider senses are tingling for a reason it seems. ho hum, i'll still have a listen
  14. I think tune dem has its place however personally I think it's more a way for Linn to help their typical customer base evaluate things. This next point isn't directed at you Paul because I certainly appreciate that you have a lot of experience and a great ear. The average Linn customer is cash rich, and not that technical, a simplified Tune Dem method allows them to feel like they're more in control of their decision making process. It's a great marketing tool which backs up the Linn "just listen" brand, and leverages brand loyalty & the trust Linn owners have in their dealers (more so than lots of other brands imho). However for me it's really a way to casually compare things, it's too open to bias and it's not really something I feel comfortable using to make important decisions. you post hits the nail on the head for me, especially these 2 points. just on the bias point, it's being aware of it and managing it is the key thing, it's very hard to remove it, and there's lots of different types to think about. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-identify-cognitive-bias
  15. I think you got of lightly compared to Johannes I take your point about lockdown however I would have responded the same without Covid, it takes a lot to cause me to react and I believe I have been extremely patient until quite recently. I'm happy for people to point out if I haven't as I find it's always good to reflect on things and grow from the experience. Despite my frustration I have tried hard to be measured in my responses (most of the time!). Honestly I'm a better & more knowledgeable person for it, I've tried to encourage others from the Linn forum to interact more in the main forum, I think they'd get a hell of a lot out of it.
  16. It's not about proof, I've been at pains all along to point out how hard it is to prove things, that statement cuts both ways too. if the claims being made were against cheap upgrades and were phrased as "I tried out this and I think it made a difference, but I'm not sure why" there would be a very different reaction. However instead the benefits are against expensive bits of kit and are being strongly pushed as absolutes while dismissing science, ignoring valid questions, while at the same time using personal credibility to justify a "trust me I'm more experience & i know best approach", then there's the outright attempts to unfairly discredit people - if alarm bells aren't ringing I'm not sure what it would take.... I forget the right quote, but if this bit of kit delivers such great improvements there should be no reason to fear scrutiny. As I said before, we have a duty of care to those who read this forum, most won't post but will use it as 1 of their primary sources of information. I would hate to think that someone would buy a £2500 audiofile switch without fully appreciating the pros/cons of doing so, especially when we collectively have a great deal of knowledge which we can share to help them make the right personal decision. The point of principle that I'm fighting passionately about is that we should have fair objective open minded discussions - I like to think that despite everything I've still tried to remain fair & objective (even polite most of the time ) This is a hifi forum, we come here to talk about the thing we love, we're not always going to see eye to eye, that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a debate about it. The goal is not to shame people, the goal is to ensure that there is a balanced discussion which covers all opinions, there is ample opportunity for both sides to present the facts as they see them and address any issues raised. I've said many times that I'm open to other experiences and I do listen, I have even changed my opinion on things in the past as a result. However this should not descend into name calling when 1 side is unable to respond to valid concerns, I don't think that's acceptable. Generally in the Linn forum I think we tend to do things in a fairly grown up & polite way, when you compare what the mud slinging is like in the main forum this thread is a children's tea party!
  17. a big driver here is the cost of moving up the Linn food chain, Klimax is very expensive so trying to get small improvements elsewhere is a bit of a Linn cultural thing given strong brand loyalty.
  18. quite frankly Mike I tolerated a tirade of crap directed at me for 19 pages in this thread without reacting to it. I finally dare to say something and instantly I have to stop? you could have intervened and said something ages ago.... I think it's a fair observation
  19. I don't agree it's counterproductive, and it's a limitation which should be recognised not a way for anyone to shut down a conversation. would suggest we discuss these points in more detail in that thread rather than do it here.
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