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  1. For a long time I’ve wanted to make vinyl rips from my LP12 but, not having a Akurate System Hub, I will need to buy a decent A/D converter. Decent is the problem though because I want to get as much of that beautiful sound from my turntable as I can, but people on other forums typically recommend quite basic A/Ds. Is there any converters out there worth recommending?
  2. That is so sad. He was such a big talent in the industry and had so much more to give. I was lucky enough to visit him many years ago to collect some reel to reel test tapes which he recorded for me. I was restoring an old Revox G36 and he had done amazing things with these machines but, as much as I tried, he wouldn’t give any of his secrets away about them! This man was an absolute genius, quite eccentric and hifi was just one part of his work. He was very connected with the big recording studios around the world. RIP Tim.
  3. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Karousel thread. If you are able to get this upgrade done at the same time, you won’t regret it. It’s probably the biggest bang for your buck you can get for you LP12. You won’t be able to stop listening
  4. I can sympathise with anyone who has a young child or grandchild, especially boys who shows an interest in your hifi! When our boy was little I fitted a luggage strap around the LP12. This stopped me having nightmares about him copying dad when I’m not in the room fortunately, I never had a problem with him and the strap didn’t damage the lid at all.
  5. I've been disappointed many times by remastered vinyl albums. A friend of mine has gone the digital route and bought himself a La Voce D-A converter and uses Tidal streaming. I'm a little envious as he doesn't have to worry about crackles, poor pressings, dodgy remasters or misplaced holes! There is normally many different 24 bit recordings available of the same album to choose from. This is all good but I would miss the tweaking and secondhand bargains! I also feel that the older flimsier vinyl is just as good as 180 gram. I have come to the conclusion that if the original recording was analogue then a remaster 180g copy probably won't improve it as it will probably be digitalised. Buying an old copy from a secondhand record shop or eBay can be pot luck but that's part of the fun. It always surprises me how good a forty or fifty year old record can sound and with a decent cartridge, it can sound almost new. Just listening to an original vinyl of Abba Super Trouper whilst typing this and it sounds amazing
  6. That makes total sense about how much the Karousel is contributing towards the dynamics. I forgot to say how much better the noise floor is now. I thought it couldn’t get any quieter!
  7. I am now the proud owner of an LP12 with a newly fitted Karousel, Kore and T-Cable. Wow, what a difference! It's difficult to determine how each component has affected the sound, but I can give it my best guess. The main difference now in my system is loads of new dynamics and detail in the bass and midrange. I am assuming that the ridgidness in the Kore is mainly reponsible for this. Secondly, there is so much space around the instruments and a beautiful richness as well. I am sure that the Karousel is reponsible for this. There are new instruments appearing in some of my recordings that I swear weren't there before! This was quite a costly upgrade to me but I'm glad I got it done, it was well worth it. Alex at Stone Audio did a great job in carrying out the work on my deck. My only problem now is keeping the volume at a slightly lower level because, as it is so full of energy and airiness, it is louder than you think!
  8. Well, my time has come. My 30 year old, pre Cirkus LP12 goes in for a Karousel and a Kore tomorrow. After hearing everyone else’s great experiences, it is now my turn. All I can say is that I can’t wait to get it back! I’ll report back later in the week
  9. Thanks David, Ideally I would like to have a Lingo 4 fitted at the same time as my Karousel, but I really think my LP12 deserves a better sub-chassis to go with the Karousel and I don't want to stretch to buying all three in one go. At least, if I buy a Kore, I won't need to upgrade that again for a very long time. I am hoping to order a Lingo 4 next year, it gives me something else to look forward to
  10. Thanks Harbie. I think I’m going to order a new Kore to go with my Karousel. Apart from the Lingo 1, it is a standard 1990 LP12, although I was fortunate enough to have fitted a Ekos 1 on it in the early days. It seems like I still have to wait a few weeks yet but once it’s all done I’m going to hear a massive change .
  11. one way or another I will make sure it doesn’t stay in my LP12! I will either see if my dealer has a Cirkus sub-chassis or if I’m really lucky, a used Kore, you never know, he may have traded one in for a Keel. At a push, I may go for a new Kore, I’ll see.
  12. Thanks so much to you all for your advice. This is exactly what I needed I think, for now, I will speak to my local dealer and see if he has a used Cirkus sub-chassis, if not, I will try and track one down. I don't like the thought of spacers being used. I will also recap my Lingo 1. As I'm an electronic engineer, this is a job I can do myself. it's been in the back of my mind to do it! Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, I'm a newbie on here and just been reading with great interest all of your posts on the Karousel. I have ordered one for my aging LP12 two weeks ago and can't wait for it even more now! I bought my LP12 in 1990 with an EKOS and a Valhalla power supply. I'm expecting a big improvements as I still have the original bearing (pre Cirkus). I bought a used Lingo 1 last year for it, so it's slowly getting up to date!! As it has the original sub-chassis, is it worth spending a little more to upgrade this at the same time? Or the arm board? Would this make a much of a difference? I haven't got loads of money to spend on it at the moment but if changing the sub-chassis or arm board makes a massive difference then I will do it. I have to say that I think it sounds fantastic as it is so this is going to be good
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