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  1. IsoAcoustics Gaia Series III Threaded Isolation Feet 2 boxes / 8 feet Surplus to requirements since upgrading speakers and getting seismic bars £290 posted or collect from Stockport I kept the boxes and all the additional bits so these will all be sent These really go well with my Totem Sttaf floorstanders also listed …….
  2. Hi, as the title says I’m after some Townshend Seismic Bars Size 1 with the type ‘C’ cells as my speakers each weigh 26kg. I’ve got my Totem Sttaf floor standing speakers for sale on here so willing to do a deal / swap if they’re of interest to anyone. No worries if not. ta Luke
  3. These are on a Sugden ANV-50. Not mine as it’s not ready yet so a demo one until it is.
  4. I can but this will only really be relevant to my other kit in the mix, my room, my ears etc. The main thing for me was being able to listen at lower levels but without missing anything in regards the details. I now get this in spades, the Totems I have are superb but really sing when played reasonably loud, imo in my room. The Pro-Ac’s are easier to drive and the bass is superb. It took a while to get them positioned perfectly as there did seem to be too much bass at times but since moving them further apart this has not been as much of an issue, again this could have be my room. Also, they’re nowhere near run in yet and do seem to be gradually improving the more hours I put on them. The ribbon tweeter is wonderful, the speakers seem to disappear. The synergy between the Pro-Ac’s and the rest of my kit is the best I’ve ever experienced / heard at home. I’ve never heard any PMC speakers so can’t comment on the differences between the the two.
  5. I got a pair of Pro-Ac Response D20 R, really impressed with them
  6. Superb speakers by Totem. I’m only selling these due to upgrading to some Pro-Ac speakers which cost much more than these. I’ve had these a number of years and they are lovely sounding speakers. I’ve tried numerous others in the past (Kef, Wilson Benesch, Spendor) but always preferred and stuck with these. I’ve had to spend a considerable amount more to better the Totems so it’s time to move them on, reluctantly. £499 Price doesn’t include delivery but happy to drive and meet within say 30miles of Stockport to drop them off. Happy to demo them at mine also. I have the boxes so they can be sent by courier at buyers own cost and arrangements. Happy to keep hold of these if they don’t sell.
  7. No I’m quite away from you otherwise I’d have taken you up on the offer. As suggested try Audio Affair. I’ve used them before when I bought my Cadenza black and again for the speakers.
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