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  1. STAY AWAY FROM THAT PLACE!!!!!! I cannot stress enough, DO NOT BUY from Scott Nangle Audio, that guy is very unprofessional. I went to see him personally and bought records from him, the place was a mess and he couldn't even find the records i was planning to buy. He just said "oh well, i can't find them, may be next time" I drove to see him from Glasgow, and that around half an hour to his place. I then bought a few mofi and AP records that were there and I can actually get them. Finally I decided to get Okki Nokki and he sweet talk me, so I got one, and after 2 weeks it started to leak, i returned and he said, I'll get you a new one from official dealer, since they supply me. Long story short, I waited from my RCM 4 months and never got it back, he even couldn't refund me properly, accused me of not being professional and not getting records instead of refund. If you want a smooth and safe purchase go somewhere else..
  2. I always fancied a Reed 3p or 2p whichever is better, and Kuzma 4Point
  3. Thank you, and yes it does have a motor controller, I will try and take some high quality pictures before i will box this table, with tonearm and controller. thank you