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  1. Indeed. I hope new owner will enjoy it as much as i did. please move to sold section. thx
  2. For Sale Okki Nokki V2 Record Cleaning Machine, in black colour, I'm original owner, bought directly from okki nokki distributor in UK. It comes with acrylic cover and all original parts, clamp suction tube. Suction tube was sanded at the base, it does not affect functionality of the machine, and can be easily replaced. The reason I sanded base is because using my own solution of isopropyl alcohol distilled water and iltofol expanded plastic. and the tube become stiff and wouldn't pop back up. Now its working fine. This machine is full working order, and I never had any issues with it. i don't have original box, but it will be very well packed before shipping. Looking in region of £300, nothing less than that. Location : Glasgow, Scotland. I'd rather sell it on collection, with demonstration at my work place.
  3. STAY AWAY FROM THAT PLACE!!!!!! I cannot stress enough, DO NOT BUY from Scott Nangle Audio, that guy is very unprofessional. I went to see him personally and bought records from him, the place was a mess and he couldn't even find the records i was planning to buy. He just said "oh well, i can't find them, may be next time" I drove to see him from Glasgow, and that around half an hour to his place. I then bought a few mofi and AP records that were there and I can actually get them. Finally I decided to get Okki Nokki and he sweet talk me, so I got one, and after 2 weeks it started to leak, i returned and he said, I'll get you a new one from official dealer, since they supply me. Long story short, I waited from my RCM 4 months and never got it back, he even couldn't refund me properly, accused me of not being professional and not getting records instead of refund. If you want a smooth and safe purchase go somewhere else..
  4. I always fancied a Reed 3p or 2p whichever is better, and Kuzma 4Point
  5. Thank you, and yes it does have a motor controller, I will try and take some high quality pictures before i will box this table, with tonearm and controller. thank you