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  1. Jail 4CEOs2, I see a MDSM 3 in my future- Exakt probably not
  2. Jail 4CEOs2, I see a MDSM 3 in my future- Exakt probably not
  3. Hi Folks, Hope everything is well. What would be a good amp upgrade? I currently have an Audio Refinement Integrated Complete with a Linn Majik DS (original 2008 model) as a source, would it make sense to upgrade to a Linn Majik DSM 3?
  4. David, I think I’ll go with a used LP12 from my dealer. There’s no way I can afford the Karousel bearing or a brand new LP12, so that’s why I suggested the used LP12. I also really don’t want a Rega
  5. Jail4Ceos2, I would be fine with getting an LP12 from the 1980s with an Ittok LVII or LVIII. Ideally an Ekos arm. I live in Boston and do have a certified Linn dealer near me called Goodwin’s High End. I think I’m gonna look for a 1980s model with an Ittok arm and add a lingo power supply later. I do have a lot of records by the way. Would my HK receiver be satisfactory for a phono stage?
  6. And does anyone have tips for buying an LP12? I live in Boston MA and have a local Linn dealer near me
  7. Is there a big sound quality difference between the MDSM/3 and MDSM/4?
  8. Does that seem like a good idea? Saving up for an MDSM/4 and buying an LP12 in the meantime?
  9. Given the MDSM/4 is a significant improvement, I think I’ll wait a few years and save up for it. Also given the fact that I’m a freshman in college I think I’ll have to spend more time on my studies. But thank you so much to everyone for your help! In the meantime, I think I’ll buy an LP12
  10. Silkie, thank you so much for your help! I think I'll go for an MDSM/3 or save up for an MDSM/4. I am a college student though so it may take some time
  11. I really don't know if I should go for the KRDS/1 or the MDSM/3. I can't afford the MDSM/4. However, I am leaning more towards the MDSM/3 for its simplicity. But I also like the KRDS/1 for the Klimax level sound. I don't know which one would sound better, which one would sound better? Which one should I go for? Or, I might just save up for the MDSM/4. How would the MDSM/4 compare to the KRDS/1?
  12. Well I think I’ll go for a Renew KDS/1 then! But how would it compare to a Majik DSM/3?
  13. Sometimes I feel if I made the wrong choice in my purchase and should’ve gone for a DSM/3, I think I’ll buy either a DSM/3 or a Klimax Renew DS
  14. Anyone know if that Klimax DS is a good choice for me? I’m running a vintage HK550 VXI with Spendor S8 speakers
  15. How does the Klimax Renew compare to the Akurate DS/0 and Akurate DS/1, as well as the Majik DSM/3 and Majik DSM/4? I currently have a 2009 Majik DS and I don't know what to upgrade to. Help!
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