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  1. Well, that could also mean that you would still hear Isobarik with a Naim chain.
  2. For me and most others, it is now definitely proven that the ports on the switch that you use have an effect on the sound. Everyone can try it out for themselves and decide. The good thing is that it causes no pain and costs nothing. Otherwise, I took this as a tip and dismissed the comments of some as real satire. It's a shame that we can't seem to work out standards together to help new forum members improve their sound. - It would have been easy to just post whether it sounds better or not. - It is also a pity that more people did not participate. - It is also very sad that one forum member and his followers' suggestions and experience can now no longer be credible to me and probably some others. - It also irritates me that for some everything has to be proven somehow. That is sad because it hinders the individual a lot. As far as I know, many great things in human history were first assumed and possibly proven later. P.S. @Phobic and @Metatron don't bother replying I don't read your comments anymore.
  3. The Keilidh sounds very good with the Sneaky in bi-amping mode. I don't know what the Sneaky costs used.
  4. Even if it is like that, it doesn't matter because an imagination also triggers something. I am very happy with the assumed gain in sound and that is what counts for me. But now leave it alone and don't water down this thread.
  5. You steal my time because I look here when something is written. And your comments are just pointless to me. Besides, you insinuate that people who have tried it can't hear. Just leave it and please don't make a fool of yourself.
  6. Which is also better because every contact worsens the sound with the internal plugs, you could then solder them.
  7. We don't have any PoE, so I make sure that such switches are not used. I can't say that about the others,
  8. No. 4 has tested it again for me and thinks 1&8 is better. He already had it that way because it is recommended in a Bonn N8 manual. I think No. 7 finds it better. But never mind, take it off. But the result is still clear.
  9. That could be good, but thanks for the test. Would it be too much to ask to test it without the Melco?
  10. One option would be to wait until 26.03, after which the second-hand market may become interesting.
  11. I could imagine that 384 kHz is coming. And that more will be done in the direction of shielding and EMI/EMF and RFI. It would be great to have a wireless transmission to the DSM/hub and the loudspeakers, all problems with cables, power supply units and scattering would be gone. My experiences with the Bonn N8 and which power supply is used with it show me that this is where the greatest potential for sound improvement currently lies.
  12. I received an Espek as a gift (for my sister). Now I would like to run it in bi-amping. This is how it looks, see attachment. Do I have to have a different circuit board or can I also operate it in bi-amping? If so, how do I do that?
  13. Yes. There is no reason to write something wrong as the whole thing does not cost any money. Why should I? I don't care whether it is technically justifiable or not. It is even recommended by almost everyone who is somewhat experienced. It's very simple: out of 9 people, 7 hear a positive difference and 2 hear no difference, so it's up to everyone to try it or not.
  14. A friend of mine has also tested it and it has clearly improved for him. Since the power connection on his Cisco was next to port 5, I asked him to change ports 1 and 5 again. That sounded much worse.
  15. By the way, the best bicycle frames came from England "Jack Taylor". They were famous for their "linening". See here: https://titimus.co.uk/jack-taylor And when the Queen came to visit, they painted the toilet for the first time. I had one of those, at that time with Campagnolo Super Rekord: http://www.klovesradeln.de/jack-taylor-cycles/
  16. Why should the ARad sound worse with "footers" - the difference to the Klimax is already big enough?
  17. I would like to send my favourite tracks on Tidal to a friend so that they can play them in Kazoo. Is that possible?
  18. I did it, after i connected I had always an eye patch on when I listened to it.
  19. At the moment, the ifi ipower X is on the switch, which is already better than the standard power supply. I wanted to test how the switch sounds with a battery today or tomorrow.
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