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  1. For sale due to upgrade, good all-round condition some shiny marks on casing due to stacking but facia's all fine 2 late number power amps and kolektor tested last year with paperwork to back up. £550 Plus postage at cost (with insurance). would really prefer collection adhering to social distancing. UK, Dorset, BH189AP area.
  2. Thanks Dasher yes stereo source so no centre info should have sussed that !!
  3. Thanks for the reply Dasher, I have the stereo section sorted followed Audiophile Musing activating Katans blog which works great for the Ninka's as well. Its just the centre I'm struggling with,'ve just rechecked my wiring and I have it as you recommended, I have no output from the centre channel = possibly a fault with channel 1 maybe or I have some other setting incorrect I have centre large speaker enabled on the Exotik and I don't know where to look next I'm glad I have it wired as you said though. Thanks again for your instructions Lee.
  4. Hi guys Just got these and added activ cards to run Ninka's active, all works great and I'm happy with the upgrade from LK85's. Can I use channel 1 to run a centre speaker passively and how would I wire this in from the Exotic to the AV5125, I am getting confused on inputs and outputs on both pre and power amps.Any help gratefully received. Regards Lee.
  5. Thanks Guys I've just yesterday bought a Sneaky off of a fellow Wammer, thought it would be a good starting point for my streaming. Looking forward to getting into it .
  6. Think Iain's is a good price but as a first streamer just after xmas its a bit out of my price range, in fact looking at emporium's ones I might have to save a bit more !!
  7. I am running tri acktiv NInka speakers with LK amps and have been advised how good SO works. Think the hunt for a sneaky dsm is going to be on in the new year !!
  8. Hi Nopiano Do you think a DSM would be the way to go rather than a DS ? A Sneaky DSM sounds like a good starting point if I can find one. would probably use and iPad to control anyway.
  9. Hi Thanks for all the replies what phone are you using ? I use iPhone with lightning connector and I'm finding it hard to locate a 2 rca to lightning cable otherwise I would try that first . I am running Amazon UHD through my 2019 iMac headphone socket but feel there must be better SQ using a dedicated streamer and was advised to try and get a streamer with SO capabilities that would also work with the rest of my set up DSM not just the streamer DS.Is that correct way round ?
  10. Hi Zee 9 I fear I'm on the wrong side of the pond being in the UK ? yes I think a cheaper end of the Linn line up would suit me better to see how it compares against my LP12, dip a toe in so to speak instead of a whole foot. Regards Lee.
  11. Hi guys Looking for a way into streaming, have been advised by fellow Wammer this is a good starting point. I'm a complete newbie to streaming and this would be my first streamer so any advice welcome. Merry Xmas Lee.
  12. Is that the DF or FF model ? Thinking it’s the forward facing if it’s more for music ?
  13. Yeah I picked up some chopping boards too from the Range, very good value as a speaker plinth Think I'll try them out this weekend before SWMBO snaffles them for the kitchen I have also been looking at subs some BK a Linn Sizmik and REL seem to be the best candidates at the moment . Lee.
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