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  1. Hi gidders possibly interested in your collection, if you could let me know a price thankyou ian
  2. I should have 3 mc cartridges on the z, :- Benz micro mc3 - vandenhul modified :- ortofon jubilee and I’ve just thoroughly treated myself today and bought this 😊
  3. Hi lunch thank-you for the offer but It really does needs to be 50x45 as the tt itself is 55cm x 55cm and has more weight towards the front all the best ian
  4. Hi all on the lookout for a decent turntable wall shelf/mount for a heavy tt With a usable shelf size of at least 50cm wide x 45cm deep as a bear minimum thankyou ian
  5. If you paid PayPal fees then you're covered by the PayPal guarantee which seems to always go in favour of the buyer so you should be ok. You just need some proof of the misselling to add to the case. Unfortunately unlike eBay, PayPal won't cover return postage, you need to send tracked to guarantee the refund. Thank you Lawrence, yes in normal circumstances I would be doing this, having spoken to the seller first, but bigman80 has made an incredibly kind gesture, to take it in px for a bb3
  6. Oww 😤 😭 Craig sold it as being a mk3 to me
  7. 👍 will bring it along with me to the BO Payed a total of £479 to Craig as he advertised it for £450 (+p&p) and I added the extra to cover the PayPal fees
  8. Looks like it is but Craig sold it to me as being a bb3
  9. Craig called it an unofficial mk3 yes he’s left the valves as they were, tfk nearest the face plate Will add photos when it arrives but for the meantime here’s the photos from Craig
  10. So I’ve now joined the bigbottle club, having bought the unofficial mk3 from “Craig” looking forward to adding it into the system after it arrives next week
  11. Spotted these on eBay and was watching and working out if I could shoehorn them into my small room
  12. Hi jules i’m the second owner of the z having bought it in the latter part of last year, it’s a one-off three armed z, the previous owner had it specially commissioned by Simon yorke many moons ago the three arms on it are 2x - Simon yorke designs, one of which is the prototype for the other and a - sme 309 I currently have two cartridges on the tt which I’m borrowing from my dad “ward” a Benz micro mc3 - vandenhul modified and a Ortofon jubilee but I’m on the lookout for a nice mc cartridge to come up for sale ian
  13. Great stuff looking forward to the 4/7/21 so far the equipment I’ll bringing along with me my belt driven tt - (Simon Yorke Designs Zarathustra - S44 special) My preamp - B.A.T. Vk5i (as jack NSM asked) so that’s the tt set complete for bo#2
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