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  1. You have to consider the drive unit dispersion and affect of crossovers. As the frequency increases the driver stops acting as a piston and the sound comes more from the center, leading to a narrow dispersion pattern. The off axis response is less and the room can therefore have more affect. For a two way speaker the crossover will almost certainly be within the vocal band where your ear is most sensitive. Frequencies just before the crossover point from the bass unit will have a narrow dispersion, frequencies just above the crossover point from the tweeter will have a wide dispersion. This will affect what you hear, depending on. The reflection in the room. Three or more way designs usually can reduce this. The Linn 3k and 4k arrays are designed so that the mid 3" dome covers the vocal band without a crossover in the way, giving a more uniform dispersion. There are also issues with multiple driver units covering the same frequency range if the distance between them is greater than 1/2 wavelength they are operating in, the there will be beam forming and cancelations in the dispersion. It gets quite complex..... but these are some of the rational for Linn's 3K and 4K array designs.
  2. The details above on the monitors is correct, 328A and 318A were internal aktive monitors with the 3K array and 8" servo bass. They were released, but only minimal sales unfortunately. No other version of the komri, atleast in my time there.
  3. I don't know production numbers, but Komris were being built often initially as I walked through the factory, but reduced over the years to be a rare thing. I'd estimate a few hundred pairs were sold. The feedback was that for a lot of people Komri was too big, hence the Artikulate and 350 having 8 inch bass drivers. Also the 3K array design allowed the it to be used across the Akurate range as well for larger volumes. The 328A was a studio monitor version of the Komri, designed to sit on stands or built into the studio for near field listening, but didn't sell.
  4. No, aviation R&D now. Its a very different industry but very interesting and challenging. I still do audio projects on the side when I get time.
  5. Thanks, some useful info I didn't have, hope to get some time to try these and the fire stick at the weekend
  6. With this could I have a Dot for control, announcements etc and music through the Fire TV? This could be the best way forward, I'll look into the Alexa commands. I'm happy with using an app for serious listening so 24/192 less relevant, but do want something that plays radio and the kids mucosa via voice.
  7. Yes I agree, it's a great way of playing music when multitasking with cooking etc. I've now got a Majik DSM/3 and spend yesterday getting it sorted. A lot of problems with HDMI compatability, BluRay player not outputting PCM when configured to so no sound. Overall, very pleased with it. I have had to keep the Sonos in the system for Alexa music playback as both wired and Bluetooth put all the audio over that link, not just the music, so unworkable unfortunately. I wish Linn would make the DSM an Alexa speaker in the same way Sonos do.....
  8. Thank you very much, very kind. Yes I think another ipad is a simple solution. If I find time I'll possibly write an Alexa skill for it, doesn't look too hard using a home automation hub as a gateway.
  9. Does the Majik DSM/4 automatically come out of standby if Bluetooth paired with Alexa? That would be very helpful. Downside is no aktive cards support so I couldn't use it with the Kabers without another amp or changing the speakers. Komris with solos is very special, it was the reference setup when I was at Linn, but out of my price range to buy unfortunately.
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. As far as I can tell Roon doesn't have a voice command interface. An alexa, non app based solution is what I'm really after though as the children don't have phones yet and they listen in this room a lot. I'll do a trial of the app though as it might be better than different solutions in different rooms for them. I may develop something with the LPEC interface if not. The main system consists of prototype speakers that I designed whilst working for Linn many years ago. The Komri was my greatest achievement, Ninkas, Katans and Akurates followed to name some. I'm proud that 20 years on they Komri hasn't been beaten and the 3K arrays are still in production! I'd love to hear Exakt Komris. I think all the people I knew at Linn have moved on so looking here for info on the newer products I'm not familiar with.
  11. Hello all, Having moved to a house with a large open plan kitchen/family room, I'm looking to upgrade the 2nd Hi Fi system for better sound quality, but don't want to loose the easy of use of the current setup, otherwise the family won't be happy! It needs to be a Linn system and I have a much higher spec'd Linn system for my serious listening, this setup needs to be low cost and easy to use. Currently I have an old Sonos connect with a Bluetooth receiver connected to the line in for connection from the TV. The Sonos is connected directly to an old LK style Majik and a AV5125 amps driving Kabers aktively. Most of the time the family control it via an Alex Dot streaming radio and using from Amazon Prime's limited choice with the Sonos. We have Qubuz and an ipad which I use, but my wife and young children usually use voice commands for convenience. If I get an Majik dsm/3 it would be a significant improvement on the old Majik which isn't great I'm sure. I can sort Aktive cards easily enough. It would also allow HDMI ARC for the TV and allow a BluRay player with the HDMI switching and Space optimisation. The Majik DSM is acceptable cost wise, I wouldn't be looking to spend much more for this setup. My question is, how do the Linn integrate with Alexa with UK skills now? Would it allow standby, volume, source and pin recall? If so then we could use this with the Dot connected directly to the DSM line in or via Bluetooth receiver for easy streaming. Obviously, serious listening would use the Linn app and Qubuz, but we need something voice controlled for the the family for things like the radio and I'd like it through the Linn system rather than the Dot for obvious reasons... Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
  12. Speaking of tweaks, would it be possible to replace any of the power supply in the Komris with Dynamik power supplies Sorry, I’d left Linn by the time the dynamic supply was introduced. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t compatible because the AV5125 has the same supply if I remember correctly and that was upgradable. It’s a long time ago now unfortunately.
  13. Yep that's them. They were grown up Akurates and Linns first integrated aktive speakers. They were the need for the development of the chakra amplifiers.
  14. Hi Peter, I put my name as Komri as that was my first production speaker. I have a mix of prototype speakers, some with non production tweaks . I have been really enjoying Dolby Atmos movies so have a mix of electronics, commercial non Linn, Linn and DIY. I left Linn to do a PhD in room acoustics, I see Linns approach of modelling very interesting, quite similar to my research in some ways. I've used it in combination with measurements in the past but my new room doesn't need it. I've never actually hear Exakt, I'd like to some day. I'd say drive unit interaction is the most critical, that's where most of the compromises have to be made. Air tight seals and minimising vibrations is also important on crude prototypes. Regards Simon
  15. The speaker designer between Ron and Phil Budd was Simon Roper, me!! I designed most of the Komri, Katan, Ninka, Akurate, 328, 318, along with Philip Hobbs. The 3k array and bass servo were my work. I haven’t posted here before, occasionally just read occasionally, but couldn’t resist this one to fill in the gap. I have fond memories of working with Philip and Bill Miller on these products.
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