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  1. there is where I’m at, too. Or at least even consider it until/unless I’ve upgraded the other parts of my (basic) system which I regard as more of a weak point (e.g. 25 year old Castle speakers) and are potentially holding back overall SQ. however, happy to be persuaded otherwise!
  2. Thanks. I’ll have a read.
  3. dare I suggest a Raspberry Pi 4 running Moode or Volumio? Comparatively speaking it’s ‘cheap as chips’ and very capable. However, it really isn’t plug & play and if you’re not keen on tinkering, then probably not for you. but at least it’s a suggestion, even though it might get a big red cross put through it very quickly! For what it’s worth, I’m currently running a RPi4 with an Allo Digione Signature HAT, connected by co-ax into my DAC, then Rega amp, etc. Couldn’t be happier, although accept I’ve never heard something costing (say) £500 - 1000. Happy to provide more info if needed.
  4. thanks. so the fact that I have to output over Toslink and not HDMI still means that I should be able to improve on redbook (all other things being equal)
  5. a bit embarrassed to be asking this if I’m honest, but having read numerous articles about audio options on a Blu Ray disk, the ‘fog’ has descended and I can’t see the wood for the trees now and would welcome some help - expressed in as simple terms as possible if that’s OK! I want to buy the Blu Ray version of the Eagles Melbourne concert (2004/05). I only have a PS3 as a disc player and will connect by optical to my DAC and then stereo amp. I have no way of using an HDMI signal (unless to TV and then optical out to DAC). Is it linear PCM that I will default to? I am simply interested in how the tracks are likely to sound compared to my usual 16/44.1 FLAC files. Thanks in advance. PS apologies if this should have been in the AV section.
  6. I must apologise. I forgot that I was on a ‘Wanted’ thread and was going to suggest that if a remote was not a fundamental requirement, then perhaps a Raspberry Pi4 (with/without a HAT), might be suitable. Sorry for the incorrect post.
  7. Thanks. Where I am at the moment is thinking that it may be room related and although there is no chance on earth that I would be ever be allowed to fix or install any acoustic panels, the idea to temporarily put additional soft furnishings is really helpful. A couple of duvets draped over the armchairs, etc, might just help me to confirm one way or the other. If nothing else, it will stop me - at least temporality - from rushing out and buying any new kit.
  8. Thanks for the heads up but I’ve never found the Brio running to this sort of temperature, irrespective of what level I’m listening at.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Well over 95% of my listening is streamed FLAC files via my Raspberry Pi and DAC. the Pi’s SW has a built in PEQ and in conjunction with a USB mic and REW, I’m currently using the PEQ to dial out (principally) standing waves/bass thumps around 44Hz. Some of the PEQ settings give a little boost to higher frequencies - but nothing of any significance. I’m currently running the master volume (in SW) at -2dB. Loud hand clap - yes. Hadn’t done this before you suggestion, but there is a definite “ringing”; far more so than in the adjacent dining room where it’s almost not existent (smaller room, more furniture but same height and carpet, if that’s relevant).
  10. thank you for taking the time to pen such a detailed reply. Much appreciated. I must confess that I’ve read your comments several times - not that what you’ve said isn’t clear (far from it) - more a case of me struggling to understand how amplifiers actually work! I’ve already cross referenced your comments to something else I found on-line and, slowly, I think I’m starting to understand.
  11. thank you. I very much appreciate your helpful comments. Sorry that the above box is blank - I had intended to highlight the paragraph where you recommended speakers with a higher sensitivity than 89dB. the replies received so far just go to show - yet again - just how much I still have to learn!!!
  12. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’d be surprised if I’m trying to listen at levels beyond what the speakers can, in theory, cope with. My “cranking up the volume level” is probably someone else’s “normal” listening level. It’s just that sometimes it’s good to turn things up a bit. That said, I am very aware that the speakers are over 25 years and as nice as they are to look at (they fit really well with the room decor), I accept that they are most probably the weakest element of my system. I think the suggestion to try and get hold of a more powerful amp is really helpful and this is something I need to look into. Thank you.
  13. hi Martin Yes, I still have the USB mic. I thought it best to keep hold of it for the time being. I’d been planning to use it to re-take some of the measurements anyway and so your reply has prompted me to get on and do something. Thanks Stuart
  14. Thanks. “harder sound” and tiring to listen to - I can relate to both of these. I guess one way to prove/disprove might be to temporarily move the speakers into a totally different position in the room and then crank the volume? At the moment, they’re firing across a room which is 4.3m * 3.8m. Bass hump/standing wave problems at 44Hz, dialled out with PEQ. They are positioned about 2m apart along the long wall. Seating is centre, about 2.5 metres away from the centre line. Does it make any sort of sense to rotate through 90 degrees and have them firing down the room, which co-incidentally opens into a dining room?
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