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  1. thank you. good advice. I will post the SPL graphs tomorrow but agree 100% that I somehow need to find out whether I can rely on the measurements being accurate. I’m concerned they may not be in which case my way forward would seem to be a USB mic which I am actively looking for. UMIK-1 seems to have a great deal going for it but none for sale 2nd hand that I can see. I think I need to bite the bullet, buy new and then sell on as I don’t plan on keep repeating this exercise. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply. the 30-40cm area is related to the mic position? Also 1/6 is too much smoothing?
  3. @tuga Thank you for all of your helpful comments. Having spent another 3/4 hours with this today, I am very rapidly approaching the point where I have to say enough is enough and concentrate on others things which are not getting done in the house. Sad as that is, it’s becoming reality. Today is a case in point. Based on MartinC’s helpful suggestions, I have taken (not 3) but 5 separate measurements within about 2 minutes of each other. The mic was tripod mounted. I then applied 1/6 smoothing (is this too much???), then produced EQ filters. The first 4 readings were close to each other, the 5th was out with it’s suggested filters even though the graph shape looked the same. When I averaged those 4 readings, I ended up with; 116 Hz +4.3 dB gain 3.2Q 160 Hz -8.5 dB gain 2.0Q 187 Hz +6.9 dB gain 3.0Q 320 Hz -9.1 dB gain 2.5Q 434 Hz -4.8 dB gain 5.0Q and if I’m honest, I can see a correlation between the -plus and minus gains and the peaks and troughs on the graph. Earlier readings taken this morning were wildly different from the above but I have no idea why. So although I think I’m at a point where I’ll try the above figures in my PEQ, I have very little confidence in the consistency of any figures I’m able to produce. I remain convinced that part of the problem is the fact that I am using an old analogue mic plugged straight into the laptop (no mic amp). Thnk you again for your kind offer to produce EQ filters. Until today, I thought that my issues involved standing waves around the 45Hz level. The above figures now throw that into severe doubt, if they are correct. Kind regards Stuart
  4. Thanks Martin 1 I think I now understand a bit more about “75dB” and feel reasonably confident that I know how to set my amp’s volume to achieve this sort of figure. I’ll do what you say with three measurements over the weekend. 2 Thanks for the info about dB. So there is no way of ‘converting’ SPLs to dBFS - and more importantly, I should just move on and ignore what is a non-issue? Basically it is what it is and I should stop over thinking? Final point - and this is still something I can’t get clear in my head - I am still unable to increase the input level of my analogue mic to a point where REW doesn’t report it as “level is low”. The help screen says I should be between -12 and -24 dB? but I am way off (about -40 dB). I simply don’t understand the implications (on the results) of having a mic which is inputting at too low a level. Incidentally, I am actively investigating the purchase of a USB mic now. Thank you. Stuart
  5. Martin Thank you so much for all your help. Stuart
  6. Current setup (revised from day 1); Analogue mic into mic jack on laptop. Cable connected from headphone out on laptop to amp; RCA in (DAC now taken out of the loop). Test tone being heard through speakers OK. Volume level on amp adjusted so that when test tone plays through speakers, the SPL meter on my IPAD shows around 75DB. Despite this, when hitting “check levels” under “Measurement” tab, REW reports “level is low -43Db”, which I took to mean that the mic was not recording the 75DB signal from the speakers at a sufficiently high enough input level. Stuart
  7. Thanks Keith. if I jump straight to the “Measure” screen and hit “check levels”, then REW reports “level is low” (in Blue) and I simply can’t find a way of increasing the input level to a point where REW reports it as being OK (which I think it shows in green with a minus Db figure). Stuart
  8. @MartinC @Camverton this must be the most pronounced case of 3 steps forward, 2 steps back that I’ve ever encountered anywhere at any any time in my life. What I think I have learned taking inspiration from the above posts; 1 I now have a basic SPL meter on my IPad and now have a vague idea of “what does 75DB sound like”. If I now understand this correctly, I’ll be able to set the volume on my analogue amp so that the average sound (pressure?) level coming out of the speakers is around 75Db. If I’m honest, it so happens that this is the sort of volume level that I normally listen to music at. 2 my analogue mic is not producing a high enough input signal to achieve results which could even remotely be regarded as accurate by even the most optimistic of users. REW says that analogue mics should be recording at -12 to -24 Db, -18 Db a good average - yet I am miles away from this figure. What I have yet to learn/discover or simply get my head round; 3 whether I have any prospect whatsoever of reaching the stage where my analogue mic is sufficient for what I want to do - namely remove a couple of bass humps sub 100Hz. I had assumed that because my laptop had a mic in Jack that somewhere inside would be a (hardware) mic pre amp. Now I am not so sure. I accept it makes no sense for me to proceed down the route of a mic pre amp (to buy one), when a USB mic can be had for around £100 4 as an aside, but connected issue - even before starting out on this journey, I knew I have never been able to grasp the “Whole Db Thing”. I have always been confused by the seemingly interchangeability (not sure if this is the right word) between plus and minus decibel figures. This has been truly exacerbated today by the SPL meter on my IPad. The graph, plotted frequency on the X axis and Db on the Y axis, shows sound level as a minus figure on the axis and a higher volume level is represented by a decrease in the negative value. I.E -40Db is louder than -60Db. I still cannot get my head round why these figures are minus. Against this, the figure for overall SPL - showing as DB-A - is a positive figure. If anyone knows of an idiots guide/video to help me sort out this confusion, then I would be delighted to hear. Of course, this is not specific to REW. 5 Under preferences in REW there is an instruction for loop back and measuring the sound card. Is this only relevant for an analogue mic? Sorry if obvious, but I just can’t get my head around this. If a USB mic circumvents this requirement - an even better reason for buying one. Thanks. Once again, I quite understand if you don’t have the time to reply to what seems like a never ending saga.
  9. @MartinC @Camverton thank you both for your detailed replies. I really do appreciate your help. I’ll have a look in greater depth in the morning.
  10. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (about £50) connected via USB into a Schiit DAC and from there to my amp. My FLAC files are stored and play from a USB stick, also plugged into the Pi. I want for nothing more (at least, at the moment). I am sure there must be better sounding streamers for (lots) more money but I am simply not interested in finding out because for me, my Pi setup provides all I need. Perhaps one day I will stumble across something else and see what I’ve been missing all these years. Then again.................... Oh, and I’m currently running Moode SW.
  11. Hi Malcolm Thank you for taking the time to reply. No, I am certainly not finding this easy and this comes from someone who has a modicum of IT knowledge. Your first comment is spot on. Choices all over the place and every one seems to impact on the final results. All I want to do is to remove a couple of bass humps below 100Hz which shake the whole house, even at "normal" volume levels. If I could just pick up on some of your comments and if you have time to reply that would be great; 1) I am reading your comments about smoothing as a recommendation to employ some smoothing rather than having none. Is this fair? 2) Can you point me in the direction of the setting that adjusts the adherence to the target curve. 3) I am still struggling with the concept of target curve/level. Should I ever set this manually, or let the SW calculate it for me by clicking "set target level" under "Target settings" tab? 4) Am I correct in now concluding that the volume level which I set my amplifier to (to take measurements) is/should be irrelevenat to the final outcome/EQ filters? 5) would purchasing a calibrated mic make the whole process easier - i.e does loading a preconfigured calibration file take away any of the other "complexities" or would it mean that (say) the preferences screens can be ignored? Thank you Stuart
  12. Thanks. Due to my inexperience, I hadn't realised that something as simple as a door opening could make a significant difference.
  13. Point taken. Although I wasn't aware it had moved, I accept that it could have moved/slipped very slightly between taking the two measurements.