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  1. +1 It pains me to say it (being an owner of an Allo Digione Signature with no thoughts of selling), but I recently set up a Pi 4 with Moode for my step father and just to satisfy my curiosity, I thought I’d play the same couple of tracks (same FLAC files) on both my Pi 4 (co-ax into my Schiit Modius DAC), with the other Pi4 (USB into the same DAC). Now, I’m not going to say there was zero difference, but my goodness, it was a darn close call (in favour of the Allo Digione). I’d be hard pressed to say how it was better; it just was, but only marginally. Now it could be down to the fact that my Schiit DAC has the newer ‘unison USB’ connection (I did read up a about this but not sure I could explain it to anyone in a coherent way.
  2. Many thanks for all replies so far. The one thing I’ve picked up on to date is mention of the ‘unipivot’ arm. I’d seen this mentioned before, looked it up on line but I’m still not sure of the implications. Is this type of arm likely to be issue an issue for someone like me (novice/inexperienced, but keen to learn and willing to ‘have a go’)?
  3. Over the last week or so when as I’ve been looking at used and new, I’ve come across the name Edwards Audio but I can’t find much info in the hifi press about these TTs and the new website is pending completion. Do any fellow members have any first hand experience of these turntables, or perhaps know friends/family who do? I hope no-one minds me starting this new thread. If I’d added to my old thread, I think the specific question would be lost. Thanks
  4. Hi Jules and thanks. I know precisely zero about these decks. I had thought about contacting @Bazzer to see if he ever travels south. I’m in Gloucester but for health related reasons, long journeys are difficult to say the least. I think I’m right in saying that when I looked a couple of days ago, the TT had an older Ortofon cartridge but that is no longer the case and as good as the TT is for the money, I would like to start off with something where I don’t have to rush out and buy cartridge/stylus on day 1. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to post on this thread. It is appreciated. regards Stuart
  5. Hi Stewart Thanks for asking - I’m fine. Hope you are too. The stands are doing a sterling job under the 44s. I did think about getting them powder coated but costs have put me off. Thank you again for the offer of your Project TT. Although there’s little doubt that it would be a big step up from anything else I’m likely to end up with, I have to be honest and say that if I’m spending £400 plus - and bearing in mind my tiny LP collection - I’d probably go for something like the Project Debut Carbon Evo. I realise this is not in the same league as yours, but it’s probably all that I need. I very much appreciate the kind offer, though. Kind regards Stuart
  6. Hi Stewart Thanks for getting in touch. I’m not sure if you recall selling me your speaker stands a couple of months ago? We met up at Gloucester services. I’ve never come across this particular TT and in all honestly, it is almost certainly far more (quality wise) than I would ever need/make sensible use of. I will give it some serious thought but only having around 50 LPs and not likely to increase that figure significantly, I do need to be sensible with my choice. I’ve even thought about giving a new TT a miss completely and run 100% streamer but my LPs are important to me as I purchased them all in the late 70s through to the early 90s and I do like to play them occasionally. Thanks Stuart
  7. Although I’m very grateful for all the helpful replies, i guess that I was also hoping that someone would say ‘buy a Project Carbon Evo or Planar 2’! Anyway, things have move forward. After playing a few of his 12 inch singles on my TT earlier today (where did he get those from??), he bought it on the spot, so now I’m TT-less. Not in any hurry but the search for a new TT is now real rather than probable.
  8. Very many thanks for your wise words. Exactly how I’m feeling - I don’t want to get caught up in spiralling costs for a TT which is far more capable than I will ever need. I have never come across the Revolver before and will have a look at the ad. Thanks. Although I’ve been happy enough with the Project, I’m the first to admit that I have nothing to compare it to, so have no idea what I could be missing.
  9. My Project Debut Carbon TT is very shortly going off to my brother on extended loan. I’m fairly sure he’ll ask me to sell it to him. If he does, that will leave me TT-less. I had toyed with the idea of not replacing it and going all digital but even though my collection is only 50 or so LPs, I do enjoy spinning a disk from time to time. I consider myself almost a novice when it comes to TTs, even though I’ve owned one for 40-odd years. I understand how they work but that’s about it. I can do the basics - balance the tone arm, set tracking and anti skate and change a stylus. Although I have never re-aligned a cartridge, I understand the basics and would be OK with this. But when I read about others changing/replacing tone arms, using shims, upgrading wiring and the like, I am out of my depth. Ditto with any refurb. I have done my best to read opinions/reviews on the best way to go. Common sense says to replace the Project with similar from the same company or Rega. However, the P1 and P2 don’t have anti-skate which pushes me to the P3 which is over my budget. Given my potential lack of use, I would like to stay within absolute max of £500. Any suggestions gratefully received and providing I’m not running into a ton of trouble, 2nd hand is not ruled out. And in case anyone is wondering why get rid of a perfectly good TT, the reason is because it’s my brother and this could be the only way of him getting back into vinyl with a decent TT, which he is desperate to do. Thanks.
  10. Thank you for this really helpful response. I’ve now reached the point (with all the comments/help received on this thread) that I’m going to stop fretting and just enjoy the music.
  11. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
  12. Thank you once again. Much appreciated.
  13. Final question - hope you don’t mind. For the layman/not technically trained, Is there any way of actually testing whether any harm done/problems caused or is it a case of using it and if nothing untoward is obvious and SQ is as expected, then having to assume all is OK and learning not to do it again. Thank you for the help. It never ceases to amaze me to what extent a simple slip up (not just hifi related) can lead to so much worry - at least for me, anyway. I really should learn to worry about the really important things in life and not stuff like this!!
  14. Thanks. It’s something I’ve always known and normally I’d double check. Just slipped up this time. In simple terms, if things sound all right then presumably I can assume no harm done?
  15. Thank you. This is what I was hoping to hear. The hum only lasted for a max of 1 to 2 seconds. The irony was that I had connected everything up and it was working well and the decision to try the second set of cables was a complete waste of time anyway, as I couldn’t hear any difference in SQ. It was just something I thought I had to try. I thought I’d switched the speakers off!!!
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