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  1. It's a long time ago, and my memory of it isn't quite perfect, but I first heard Linn when i was a teenager. My friend's father had an LP12 into a Naim 'x-pack' (I can't remember how many exactly) into Isobariks. I'd never seen domestic speakers that big before. To be honest I didn't really appreciate the set up at the time, I knew it sounded good, but we did't spend long with it - more worried about his dad getting home!! But it started my hifi interest, and I bought some second hand gear from a small hifi dealer based in a large house in Worcester. It was when I lived in London and heard what I think was a Classik in Harrods - it was a busy afternoon and a large, open room, but I listened for a while and it just transported me, away from the hubbub, people, system and speakers, and just listened to what was playing. It was the first time I'd really experienced that. Well, a few systems (not many, I'm not a box swapper) and a couple of decades later, I finally got to own my first piece of Linn. I'm limited (!) to my used Selekt Katalyst into active speakers, but I do love it. I have to admit I love it just a little bit less having heard the new Organik KDSM, but that's the risk of trying things you can't afford. I'm happy with what I have, and I'm very happy to be part of the Linn family.
  2. I think it would be truthful to go into a dealer and tell them that you want to know what the 'best' sounds like, to know whether it is worth you aspiring to it, saving up for it, so one day you can buy it from them. Be honest and say you can't buy one now, but you'd like to know if your LP12 is 'good enough' for you. That may well be a challenge they like. I think you can do that with a clear conscience. While you listen you can also decide if you need both kidneys. Or your partner !! While you are there, try and listen to the new Klimax streamer. You never know what you might end up lusting after. Good luck! Edit: correcting spelling mistakes.
  3. /\ This! /\ In my brief time with it, this is exactly how I found it. I agree with everything you've said here. I listen to my Selekt now with a little tinge of longing and sadness! Thanks for the review, it gets your feelings across well.
  4. How exciting!! I have no personal interest in surround, but I am interest to see how it compares, that will no doubt open even more avenues for Linn. The more money they make, the more generous I hope they become in rolling down the upgrades to the hoi polloi!!
  5. Sorry, I'm relatively new here, and only really in this section of this sub-forum so I've not seen your previous guidance. I didn't mean for this thread, or my request to close it, would lead to any frustration or animosity at all. Just the opposite. Please accept my apologies for drawing you into this, albeit with good intentions, I have learnt from the experience.
  6. Thanks for ignoring me completely, ruining the thread and carrying on your spat. Nice behaviour. @rabski or @Tony_J - as disappointing as it is, please can I ask you to lock this thread now. It's run it's course.
  7. Please can I ask that you take your turntable and tone arm one-upmanship onto another thread? You can go and be as unpleasant to each other as you like there instead.
  8. Like you I don't own a turntable. So I'm especially disappointed this thread has turned into a discussion on them, and that it's started to feel a little unpleasant. "In a few days...." You are prolific in your updates on progress @Paulssurround, so I would be most interested to hear how your try-out and comparisons go. Please do let us know. Thanks
  9. Oops my mistake. Thanks @sunbeamgls I shall amend if I can. Edit: done. Thanks again. 2nd edit: To be honest, I don't really know the difference - I'm not an Exact user so these boxes always confuse mea little. I just thought it strange that it may not have come up before, unless I missed it of course.
  10. I know it seems like I might be a shill but I can promise you I'm legit, squire. I haven't frequented a dealer in years, and then I mention 2 in 2 posts. Have you seen this? It came up as a post on the facebook page for Linn fans. https://ripcaster.co.uk/Linn_Exaktbox_Organik_upgrade At £5400 that must make a few of you happy? It's a lot more 'reasonable'??
  11. Personally I can't see Selekt being the model below the Klimax. I know the KDSM is a no-compromise release, but it felt massively different in terms of quality and engineering. The Selekt feels positively cheap by comparison (and it hurts a little to say that). Perhaps Selekt might get a bit more of a milled chassis, and more isolation internally, maybe upgraded electronics, power supply etc, but I'd be surprised if something doesn't sit in the middle. £5k/£8k stepping up to £30k. It's not an obvious upgrade 'next step' is it? Linn would likely lose customers to other higher end streamers (which aren't high end cost wise compared to KDSM)
  12. And judging by the weight of the thing, I think it may well have a local substation inside it, or a small nuclear reactor. We might not need to worry about mains cable choice any more either!!
  13. I only know @Paulssurround from reading his interesting posts on this forum, but he seems to be someone who spends a lot of time 'eeking' out the very least dregs of quality from the system he has (and sharing them with us, thanks). Searching through small incremental steps. This is quite some recommendation I would suggest. I agree with you @PaulssurroundI have 'accepted' my Selekt again, but in my heart now I know what I really want!!
  14. My letter to the Hifi Dealers Ombudsman is in draft already, don't you worry! I'm not letting him get away with it. Friendly and helpful @Simon at Grammo may be, but the audacity of the man is hardly to be believed.
  15. My mistake @akamatsu but I still don't know what he means! Sorry, I was attempting to be playful!
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