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  1. I was sent a message from my neighbour yesterday telling me they're paying people here to do jab trials. I've not checked it out yet, but since I need one anyway before I can leave the country to visit my father (he had a cardiac arrest & stroke last year), maybe I can get paid for doing so!
  2. That's interesting. I'm right-handed for writing, but also do a lot of things left-handed like holding a fork; which seems inconsistent. I can also sew left-handed, which is useful for some operations like buttonholes. You'd think that something like tennis really would require a 'dominant hand', but seems you don't have a dominant hand.
  3. That thing they used to do with left-handers was a right-old disgrace. They tried to do it with my older brother at primary school, but my mother went in and complained and called them 'backward' and the headmaster 'half-baked'. Later on I learned that my piano teacher had had the same 'treatment' in the 1950s. I always wondered why he wrote so oddly, yet neatly, going over the letters again and again until sometimes it went through the paper! Apparently his supposed inability to pass English composition (judged on the visual appeal of the writing no doubt) cost him a year when he was hel
  4. Ahh, yes the Waterstones on Deansgate. I bought a copy of Rollo Myers little monograph on Erik Satie from there. Like you I sat in there reading most of the time and they never bothered you at all. I do vaguely recall one near Fcuk (French Connection of course!) on the post-bomb, poshed-up St Anne's Square area. Incidentally I was on Swan St. in a now defunct martial arts supplies shop when that bomb wrecked the Arndale. My girlfriend at the time was supposedly in there and my heart sank as I hurried towards there to see, with people telling me there'd been some sort of explosion. I ran into h
  5. I have to say that despite owning several so-called 'good pens', the sort with fancy milled and polished metal barrels, gold bands, fancy nibs, ink contraptions and the like, I still go to one pen of choice when I write stuff down. It is the humble BIC M10. Not the 'crystal' one with the hexagonal barrel, but this one: It's really an ace pen, with a smooth ink-flow. I always produce nice writing with this pen. The 'crystal' one feels a bit too thin for me and when I write a lot with it it digs into my finger. I probably grip it too tightly. The M10 is round and smooth and a bit cont
  6. Okay, the last post above was from 2007, and considering the changes in technology in a mere 14 years, that might as well be the 1990s. But I'm not dissuaded! I'm also neither a proper Luddite nor a digital illiterate, but I do like my mp3 player. It will croak eventually though. I need a dedicated player (not a 'smartphone', which I don't use anyway) because I like to listen to both podcasts and language-learning audio on the go, through head/earphones. I've generally gone for ones with either no display or very minimal display to preserve long battery life. The current one can run for a
  7. Do you remember Dillon's, the booksellers? I noticed earlier that the price sticker was still on a book I bought in around 1988-1990. "Dillon's £7.99" (the book is Frederick Rolfe's Hadrian the VII. Hilarious and recommended). This got me wondering whatever happened to Dillons because there was one I used to visit quite regularly, but can't remember exactly in which town/city it was located. And increasingly in the 90s it seemed like the only other mainstream chain bookshops around were WHSmith and mostly Waterstone's (apparently also owned by WHS at the time). So perusing Wikipedia
  8. I've never heard of that Votrix vermouth. I didn't know vermouth was even made in the UK (sheltered life). I like the idea of it tasting like cough syrup.
  9. 'For man or beast'. Keep out of reach of children indeed!
  10. I've never employed a cleaner for my house. I thought about it once when I had more income (and less time), but then didn't. I actually like cleaning.
  11. After the 2008 'crash' my missus was the company secretary at a company and she told me they'd laid-off the cleaners and divvied-up the work between the employees, sold as 'the only way to keep your jobs'. What happened was that the men basically refused to clean anything and the women ended up having the cleaning work foisted on them alongside their actual jobs. Until they rebelled and threatened take it up with the union. The worst thing was that the cleaners' work was so undervalued as 'easy to replace' that they actually thought it would be covered by having the employees whip round w
  12. My brother is a barber and he was still doing that as far as I know. The 'plank' has been upgraded with a bit of foam and leatherette, but it's still a plank. Apparently you can purchase these 'elevators' than sit on the chair arms, from the barber supplies place. In the village where I lived there was a barber who took part payment for years with a 'good brick'. He collected these bricks for years and then built a bungalow on a bit of land he owned. Then when he died some company annexed the land and demolished it. The bastards.
  13. Yes I've thought about things like this from my past. Now you can put yourself into the position of that houseboat fellow it seems outrageous and anti-social. I've never been much a vandal, but people I've been with have done things I thought were mindlessly destructive even then. One lad put a brick through an enormous antique mirror, I couldn't think why.
  14. Apologies for the length of this... Yesterday I watched Fahrenheit 451. It's some time since I saw it, could be 20 years, and it was not exactly as I remember it. Apart from the excellent photography. It seems an odd film for François Truffaut in some ways. I'd say that in this more than any of his other films you can see the traces of Hitchcockian style, and he also had Bernard Herrmann doing the score. It's fairly well-known that Truffaut didn't speak much English and it's therefore strange he (co) wrote the script in English, which is compact, but sometimes flat. It might also be
  15. The best bit is 'the Whisky Society'. I'm going to use this when I next turn down an unwanted invitation: 'Sorry...I can't really come on Sunday I'm playing chess at the Whisky Society. Another time maybe'.
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