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  1. You're very correct my dear fellow, although I am a vegetarian and not conversant with these meat eating shenanigans. That's my excuse.
  2. Just out of interest (and it's surely cropped-up here before by now) I was reading further up about grills-on, grills off for the speakers. What do you prefer? I like them always with the grills on. The cloth on especially old speakers, that stuff they also used for wooden radios, pleased me. The thin gossamer fabric they stretch over the grill frames on many speakers nowadays is not as good. Aesthetically I mean. I'm sure someone if of the opinion it has sound output benefits. I dislike seeing the drivers. It looks cheap and just puts them at risk of accidental damage.
  3. If Taverner was lying down seductively in a floral dress with a rose between his teeth, I'd pick up the album out of sheer curiosity for what's going on if nothing else.
  4. Are you joking? In a thread titled 'aesthetics' where you then draw up a list of items to specifically highlight function over form?
  5. They're both decent aesthetically. That will be a matter of taste. But you said you didn't care and only wanted utility, specifically not caring about the look. Those are two different things.
  6. Maybe, but good tools also give pleasure in the act (sounds rude). You could drive a very efficient car which looks ugly as sin, but why not a very efficient car which is also beautiful?
  7. It's also the most confused idea of a currency yet. Its basic idea is derived from the gold standard idea, to rebirth the concept that it somehow 'grounds' the currency in contrast to the alleged 'menace' of fiat currencies. Note well that the majority of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarian cranks who believe in the obsolete religion of money supply control and the view that massive currency issue limitation is achieved not by balancing it against resource availability, but scarcity of 'magic metal'; or in their case the intangible version. On the other hand, a sensible assessment would ask why the hell any currency-issuing entity would want to put itself in a situation where it runs out of its own currency? Of course the Bitcoiners and their friends think it prevents the resurrection of their oft-named nemeses: 'Weimar Germany' and 'Zimbabwe', apparently the poster boys for demonstrating the fiat currency threat of hyperinflation (in a situation where governments have issued more currency in the last 10 years than in entire preceding 50 years and still fight deflation!!). Plus they are also anti-government everything and would prefer, as TheFlash indicated, to have private little black markets for their activities, largely because they don't understand the functions of tax and think it is mainly for penalising rich people or anyone really. Bitcoin is a toy anyway, witness how many measure its worth by referring to how much they could, in principle, convert into dollars/pounds etc as a measure of their amazing Bitcoin wealth. It is, therefore, a value measured in fiat currencies, which they all ultimately know sustains the actual financial side of the economy.
  8. You can't eat caviar everyday mate. Turn your amp off.
  9. Very expensive cars they are. So expensive the Dutch government has had to give large subsidies to rich people so they can buy them. Why have buses when all these people can ride in silent comfort?
  10. Richard Branson was good at pressing records. He's still a tw*t.
  11. Yes, too many cars. If your old one is on its way out get a bus pass. Stop lining Elon Musk's pockets.
  12. Does mean that I have to sell my private jet, or just switch off the engine when I touch down in the Bahamas in it for a weekend cocktail?
  13. I have the exact same thing. It's absolutely outrageous isn't it? There are a group of legal eagle ex-pats who are perusing the case in the sense that it represents illegal disenfranchisement.
  14. My coffee 'machine' only requires human plunger power. However the microwave-combi conked out 4 months ago, which I have still not replaced. To be honest I think 4 minutes cooking in a microwave is a lot better than 24 minutes on the gas hob. So right now I'm a disgusting fossil fuel waster, just to rustle up a cup of cocoa. It's atrocious.
  15. Obviously triggered by critique of your behaviour. A lot of words for someone who doesn't have to justify himself. There's always an excuse. You don't have to leave speakers on or any equipment really.
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