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  1. I have found one pair of Quad12L and tried to contact the seller.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for your suggestions and help. I would go firstly with a pairs of Mission 751 that I found for a 100. I would start from the cheapest solution (i.e. 751) and see if it suffice for me. I've read that pairing the 751 with the Audiolab might result in a too much bright set up. In this room I think that hopefully should not be a problem as it's filled with carpets and curtains. I think it's well worth to try it out. In case I won't be happy with that I can always look for something else Unfortunately I have space issues and I can just keep the speakers in those shelves. Budget max around 600. I would probably look more into vintage sets of speaker as the new ones are a bit too expensive for me, most of the times. But I will keep my hear and eyes open. Do you happen to know why some people say that the tone of the Audiolab shouldn't be touched, what's the foundation of that? thanks!
  3. Hi all, I finally decided to start a thread myself as regardless the fact I've read posts around the web everybody seems to have a different opinion. So here I am. I recently pursued an Audiolab 8000A (black versione made in England). My living room is approx. 5m x 3,75m there are curtains and the floor is almost completely covered by two carpets. There are shelfs and an Ikea Kallax. one big canvas painting on one wall too. In front of the couch there is also pretty big glass window (2,5m x 1,63m). I have mounted two shelfs on the wall on the sides of the window and they hold the speakers (currently I have two AudioResearch 4xR). I feel like they miss details in the medium high range, and that there is a lack of definition. I play CDs, Vinyl records and tapes (I use a Nakamichi BX-2). My cds/tapes/records collection vary from organic music such as disco, funk, boogie ,jazz to also house and techno and electronic music. So I would like to have a good rounded sound but without the need to put up the volume too much. I recently received complains from above neighbours as the walls are thin I would like to know what bookshelf speakers would you suggest in such circumstances? I've read that the Audiolab 8000A matches well with: - Mission 751( apparently there is an issue with the material that surround the tweeters). - Dynaudio Focus 140 found one pair for sale second hand. Do you have some suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance for helping out and for your experience! All the best,
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