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  1. 100% agree. I guess Covid lockdowns haven't helped here - maybe once things get "back to normal" shows and open days will resurface and that's the way to go?
  2. First of all, the reason for a new thread is to avoid the potential of hi-jacking others (per pro recent "discussions"), so forgive me if this comes across as irrelevant ramblings, but... Recent threads, particularly relating to NGKDSM and SME turntables got me thinking - I'd love to have a listen to these components / systems, but how to do that with a clear conscience? To be more clear: * I have pretty much no interest in streaming (other than firing up "Tiger Feet" on Alexa at the end of a drunken party for two Friday night) * Even if I did, I consider it very unlikely in the sh
  3. Even though it's a school night I couldn't wait, so had a "sneak peek". I hadn't realised initially that this was a live album. Now I'm not normally a big fan of live albums, with the honourable exceptions of 10,000 Maniacs - MTV Unplugged and Faithless - Passing the Baton. Based on this evening's "sneak peek" I now have three honourable exceptions. Just astounding!!!
  4. My 4xLP vinyl arrived yesterday - very much looking forward to giving it a spin
  5. Not quite sure which part of this "tale" you consider fanciful, however I shall refer to the original poster's view of the Klimax Organik DSM: Last track – ‘Another day of Sun’ from the La La Land soundtrack - really joyful. I think the way this track sounded helped to sum up my opinion on this extremely capable box of magic. The percussion instruments were swirling around beautifully, everything was sparkling - you know that feeling when it’s late spring, the clouds open and everyone has to take shelter from the downpour. Then, when it clears quickly, the sun emerges and instantly you ca
  6. Thanks @Moomintrollfor bringing this to our attention. I've also noticed quite a few people on LP12 facebook groups posting this up recently. I do have some early Fleetwood Mac in my collection, but this has many recommendations, has an "all-star" cast and is available for a very reasonable price for 4xLPs. I think that this could very well be winging its way to me soon.
  7. So as a result of a) it being a couple of weeks until the new buyers move in next door and b) it being my birthday tomorrow so I can do what I want, we had a bit of a loud party for two session this evening. After a bit of a dance around to various tracks I settled down for a listen at louder volume than usual to Wish You Were Here. As I sat back, closed my eyes and listened at no point did I see images of platter weight rotation variations, vertical tracking alignment cartridge settings or percentage improvement arm settings. What I saw was Syd Barrett sneaking into the back of the studi
  8. Finishing off this evening... An unexpected but very welcome late addition to the Faithless stable. No Maxi Jazz or Harry Collier on here but, nonetheless some excellent guest vocals on a lovely, late evening chilled out Rollo / Sister Bliss collaboration.
  9. Took delivery of this earlier today... Whilst they weren't ever really one of my all time classics, this was only ~GBP20 for still sealed, 2005 180g double vinyl. It's one of my favourite "sing along in the car" CDs so looking forward to having a "proper" listen this weekend
  10. I do like my fluted walnut plinth, however... that looks really classy!
  11. Just a quick heads-up for those of us in the UK and may not be aware, earlier this evening an episode of an ITV4 series called "Made in Britain" featured a 15-20 minute slot on the manufacturing of the LP12. Available on ITV hub catch up for anyone who's interested.
  12. Could this be part of a Linn gradual march to eliminate analogue components from the range and concentrate solely on Exakt? A browse through the Linn website/price list shows the Exakt end of the see-saw heavily weighted against quite a diminishing range of analogue options. A while back I was thinking about amplification upgrades and looked at what the Linn route was. Now, this (I freely admit) may be down to my lack of knowledge/understanding, but I was unable to see an obvious Linn route here in the absence of a Klimax/Akurate Kontrol in the current line-up? BTW I'm not denigratin
  13. Thanks Nick. Whilst it's not something that I look for in listening/evaluating my own set-up it is without doubt interesting and valuable knowledge.
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