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  1. Yes, when I had my Karousel fitted the dealer mentioned that there had been some sizing issues with the Karousel inner platter and some older outer platters. Fortunately it did not affect me.
  2. They already do. Spotify used to house all their own kit in co-lo datacentres (I went into one of their data halls on a couple of occasions - a most impressive array of "traditional" servers and storage). Then, from about 2016 onwards, they commenced a migration to Google Cloud Platform. That was around the same time as Netflix was migrating to AWS; it's 100% there now.
  3. The piano black finish is a very nice addition to the range and I can see that being quite popular. The coloured plinth options, whilst not for me, I can see as a great way of extending a great turntable option into a designer or quirky lifestyle choice that - who knows - maybe a great way of extending the appeal and hooking otherwise "non-believers" to the virtues of record playing and collecting, so more power to their elbow for that. The monogrammed initials thing, though, I think is just cringeworthy (with the caveat that that's just me - others' mileage may vary).
  4. With plenty of space and soft furnishings to happily accommodate $750,000's worth of HiFi
  5. Interesting questions.... 1. LP12, purchased in 1987, recently upgraded to close to Akurate spec (could have been sooner other than despite a decent income, some poor life-choices ). 2. I had a Rega Planar 3, and everything that I read and heard at the time pointed to LP12 as the "ultimate". 3. On a "quiet" evening it makes my toes tap, on a slightly less "quiet" evening it gets us up dancing. 4. Nothing, for me - I'm very happy with what I have. 5. My next upgrade thoughts turn to amplification. If I'm not ready for Exakt, Linn have a fine range of phono stages and power amplifiers, but to fill the "gap" in the middle I have to turn to eBay for a Kontrol pre-amp. Are there any plans to fill this "gap"?
  6. That's true. However, even if we consider that the royalties paid are miniscule, a Stéphane Grappelli track (as a random example) takes up the same disk space, processor power, network and security infrastructure cost to maintain and stream as does a Dr. Dre track (as another random example). If over the course of a three-five year business cycle the Dr. Dre track is earning more than the infrastructure costs and the Stéphane Grappelli track is earning less than the infrastructure costs I think we can all agree which of the tracks will be archived to long-term "cold" storage.
  7. From my own experience I would recommend Karousel and Kore if you are able to stretch to both. Pound for pound (or dollar for dollar) this pair have been my best upgrades to date!
  8. There are three others that are commonly held up as examples of this. Woolworths had the product lines, infrastructure and customer base. Had they had the vision, they could have taken a giant leap on the new guy, Amazon and out-Amazoned Amazon. Eastman Kodak - invented digital "film" technology and sat on it and suppressed it in the fear that it would erode sales of their traditional film. Blockbuster - with their giant film catalogue, had they not tried to protect their traditional media-rental business and embraced new delivery methods, they could have been Netflix.
  9. Oh, and, BTW, I have watched "The Blues Brothers" well over 100 times I would estimate. And I still never fail to see something new any time I watch it
  10. I would thoroughly recommend reading the books. They are laugh-out-loud from beginning to end. And pretty much any political situation that you see now is covered somewhere in there!
  11. Come on guys, we're Linn aficionados. We have passion and we have soul - surely it has to be Campagnolo .
  12. Actually, I've just had another look. Love Her Madly is not on there. That's a travesty!!!
  13. I think it's a list and ordering that that, give or take a few, many would have come up with. For me, I would have put both Alabama Song (The Whisky Bar) and Roadhouse Blues further up towards the top rankings; probably LA Woman and The Changeling too.
  14. Ah yes, cats were my first thought but I didn't even consider teenagers
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