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  1. I have not found any real difference in residual water drops between the ten minute and five minute drying cycle. I tend to do either an evening batch cleaning or an evening listening. After a five (or ten) minute drying cycle I have occasionally noticed one or two drops of water still on the record, but only on one side. I lay them out on the dining table behind the HG while I am cleaning the next batch and, by the time they are ready to be new-sleeved, they are dry. Although, I do not use any other anti-static treatment.
  2. I chose Walnut many years ago, not sure that Cherry was an option then - please post a photo; I'm sure that it looks fabulous!
  3. I'm hoping that I'm not pre-empting issues here, but I - for the time being - appear to have resolved the "static lift" issue that has been reported, and that I was still "suffering" in early days of HG cleaning. Following @Baba Yaga's experiences I have switched from ten minute to five minute drying. It appears to make next to no difference to the "dryness" of records but, since doing so, I have not had a single instance of "static lift".
  4. Very under-rated IMHO. Yes, their style of "pub-rock" is not to everyone's taste and, yes, it will never be considered as "high-art". But, as you say @Nestor Turton, they could certainly bang a tune out!
  5. Looks like you and I are in a "club" of at least two that dearly regret selling a Sound Organisation rack
  6. @Shric0 I take it you are talking here about the amplifiers? Thanks for the tip, that is not something that I had considered. I will make some investigations, however I do wonder - given the low cost of the amps in question - whether this would prove cost-effective. I shall check it out.
  7. 30cms from the front wall may be an issue here. However, they do look very elegant, and I must say I do like that rug....
  8. Following a recent acquisition of an Arcam power amp, I was advised by a fellow Wammer over on the 2-chan forum to leave it powered on 24/7 for best results. This was based on his/her past experience, so I have no reason to doubt the wisdom and will do so. However, it got me thinking as to the rest of the system. Lingo 4 - the dealer said "no issue, leave it on". Uphorik - it took me a while to locate the on/off switch, I generally switch it off. LP12 - I have read conflicting reports as to whether it's better to switch off and on or leave it running? What are your experiences? Does it make any difference?
  9. Strictly speaking, two speakers, two doggies. The speakers are the same, albeit with grills on/off. One of the dogs features in both pics. Finn is a faithful hound, but for the second picture is joined (on a very rare occasion) by his sister. (Technically speaking there should be four dogs, but two are in France at the moment - that's a whole-nother-story)!!!
  10. I had a very rare treat the other night with "full approval"
  11. Recent changes have now brought me a "Linn rack" and an "Arcam rack"... The "Arcam rack" was pressed into service late last year upon the arrival of the Uphorik, and represents what was available in the house at the time. The 8P Power amp stacked is a very recent addition. Now that the new bi-amped speakers are bedding in nicely... I may take a look at tidying up the racking but otherwise, that's it for the time being!
  12. Thanks for the tip, @Lurch, very helpful.
  13. I was not aware of this amp, but it looks to be well received. I shall certainly consider this when the time comes to look at amps again. I note also that it has a 20 year manufacturer warranty - that shows serious confidence in your product!
  14. I too have adopted the procedure of a final rinse stage with just distilled water following a cleaning session of 4-8 records in a distilled water / ethanol / Ifultol mixture as per @Dasher's recipe. I did consider an additional tank for this, but TBH don't find it an issue with just the one. Plus, I reckon that the quantities of chemicals remaining as residue in the filter are going to be so infinitesimally small as to be not worth worrying about. What I do to maximise efficiency of water usage here is to use an additional "new" record through the final rinse stage. Interestingly, when having a look at the option of an extra tank, I noticed that not only have the filter and roller kits sold out, but the actual machine itself is now sold out. So, congratulations to HumminGuru for a successful product launch and first sale run!
  15. Thank you @audio_PHIL_e. They are Norfolk Labradors, named Finn and Amber. They are twin brother and sister, just over 12 years old now, but still very capable of mischief when the mood takes them!
  16. Latest update... Very happy with initial listening of the PMC's. I think they're going to be a keeper. I've also picked up a very reasonably priced Arcam 8P power amp to accompany the 8R. So I'm going to try a few bi-amping / bi-wiring combos to see what works best, and hoping that this will see me through for quite a while.
  17. I'm no expert, however the Linn guidance is to mount the turntable on a stand that is light and rigid. So I'm not sure that filling with sand would help this, unless the increase in rigidity that it affords is sufficient to overcome the "loss" of lightness?
  18. Thanks for the tip on this, @Dasher. Since taking the filter out to give it a wash / rinse I figured that it was best taken out and unfolded at the end of the session to dry out. But I hadn't realised that it should be stood in the empty tank; I just left it out to dry.
  19. I've encountered my first HumminGuru "hiccup" this afternoon. I was cleaning a batch of records and one was not rotating. So I took it out, and to make sure that there was no fault I cleaned another couple; no problem. So I tried it again to make sure I hadn't just inserted it incorrectly, and, no rotation. I noted that the record was quite a thin, flimsy one, and seemed to have quite a "sharp" edge. It would rotate if I stood there and pressed lightly on the edge, but not on its own. So I can only conclude that it was either not heavy enough, or grippy enough on the edge (or a combination of both) to engage with the rollers. It cleaned up nicely though.
  20. Well, first "hurdle" overcome. I set them up in the lounge this afternoon, my partner came back from work, walked into the lounge and said "Ooh, I like those"!
  21. @Three shedsand many others have given the advice to look at cartridge and speakers first, and to keep us posted. So, I have recently got myself a Krystal (which was always the plan given the Uphorik), and now have a used pair of PMC Twenty 23's on the way. That wasn't necessarily my first plan, but I managed to pick them up at a price that means I can move them on at very little, if any, loss if they don't work out. Meantime, I'm very much looking forward to getting them in and having a good listen!!! Thanks again, all!
  22. Thank you Paul, it would be a pleasure to visit you and your wonderful city. My partner lived in Seattle for a number of years, and speaks very fondly of trips to Vancouver.
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