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  1. I may be being naïve here, but I would have thought that having spent the best part of 50 years researching, developing and enhancing the LP12, this is something that the Linn engineering/R&D team would have considered, investigated and tested. Had they deemed that this configuration offered a Karousel-like improvement at a markedly reduced cost, surely they would have developed, marketed and sold it as such and, in doing so, generated considerable revenue?
  2. Hahaha, popping the mat back on occasionally - no big deal. But, dog hair.... don't get me started on the dog hair!!!!
  3. This occasionally happens to me. Hard to see it as a "problem", though. I just take the felt mat off the lifted album, making sure it stays the same way up, and put it back on the platter .
  4. If I recall correctly, the only bit(s) of my system that I auditioned extensively against competing products before purchasing were my speakers. That may not be strictly correct as, having been convinced (by multiple magazine articles and reviews) that the LP12 was the turntable to "have" I did have a listen against my incumbent Rega Planar 3 to confirm. Every subsequent purchase / upgrade has been on the basis of trusting either reviews or, intrinsically, the Linn hierarchy. And. most importantly, the size of my budget at any given time, plus (latterly) taking into account forum members' and dealers' viewpoints and then making up my own mind. Could I have done better? Maybe. However, close to 35 years of musical enjoyment later, I'm very much of the view of "enjoy what you have, you'll never miss what you've never had".
  5. I too noticed this, and I too (rightly or wrongly) made the same connection when ads started popping up. Clearly, hosting and managing a web forum does not come for free, and if no charge is made then income has to be generated from somewhere. However, even with this understanding I am sure that I'm not alone in finding intrusive web pop-up adverts one of the (albeit first world problems) most irritating day-to-day distractions. We on this forum are, however, a relatively small number. So even if the option were available for a small subscription charge to eliminate ads I'd doubt that we have sufficient scale of, say, Spotify or ITV, to make it a small enough charge and still cover costs. I'm afraid I've seen it before on other fora, where numbers dwindle (for whatever reason) and it then just quietly disappears. I do hope not, as I very much value the interaction that we have on here!
  6. Having had an LP12 of not too dissimilar vintage to yours up to a year ago, and having embarked upon a series of upgrades over the past year, I would unhesitatingly endorse @Dasher's approach.
  7. My suggestion from 1973.... Right Place, Wrong Time (song) - Wikipedia
  8. You're certainly allowed in. My sister was over on her American passport for my Mum's funeral a month ago, she had to self-isolate for five days (taking an early "test-to-release") but after that was free to move around.
  9. Ah, now there's an additional twist to the thread - First band/concert you saw live... For me, it was Elvis Costello and the Attractions. Intriguingly enough that was also my partner's first gig, same venue, same night. Although we didn't actually meet until some 40 years afterwards .
  10. My first records were probably the odd single by Slade, Sweet, Mud, T-Rex, etc. Fortunately, however, my best friend at school had an older brother with far more "sophisticated" musical taste that he introduced us to, so the first LP that I purchased for myself was: On a less musically credible note, I was also a football-mad schoolboy so also got: Funnily enough looking on Amazon for the image to paste here I see that the only copy there is going for £68. Maybe I should have hung onto it
  11. Not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, so please feel free to "shoot me down" if inappropriate... Browsing through stuff earlier I came across one of those "how the **** have I not got this on vinyl, I'm sure I had it moments", so popped onto Discogs to get myself a copy. Whilst doing so I've managed to waste an evening putting some of my vinyl collection into Discogs Collection. Not for any other reason than idle curiosity, however I have found it strangely addictive . Anyone else tried this?
  12. Funnily enough I had never really considered the Stones as one of my mainstays, Which is strange as I have loved everything they've done ever since "Oh, Carol", through "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Honky Tonk Woman", with "Gimme Shelter" up there as one of my all time favourite rock and roll tracks. And in recent years I've been loving their return to blues roots albums. Perhaps it's just one of those "under the radar" things. Which brings us back to Charlie Watts: always quietly in the background anchoring one of the world's most famous and successful rock and roll bands!
  13. Albeit a long and accomplished innings, but a sad day nonetheless. Goodbye to a rock'n'roll gentleman!
  14. Although on a bit of a home-drinking party-for two evening I don't mind a bit of a playlist session, on the whole I too very much enjoy the experience of listening to a whole album from beginning to end. It may be one of my OCDs but in some way I feel that to do anything else is to somewhat disrespect the artist who (presumably) has gone to a lot of thought and great pains to arrange the tracks on the album as such. And, then again, maybe it is as a result of, or a consequence of early listening years being vinyl and cassette? Either way, a previous partner of mine - whilst very much a music lover - would, whilst streaming, never listen to more than a minute or two of any track before flipping to another (random) track. It used to drive me mad (in a first world problem kind of way )!
  15. I just did a quick read on the difference between Karat and Carat - very interesting. And, in response to the original questioner I have further considered that there is nothing that should be construed as "obscene" in Linn's use of the K. If anything, it bestows an additional element of "Scottish-ness", e.g. Kirk = Church .
  16. I guess it may be considered an "obscenity" if one is an English language / grammar obsessive? E.g. one who froths over mis-use of apostrophes (I will admit to being one of those ), or who spends long winter evenings debating the use of the Oxford comma? But, on balance, I would see it as a neat marketing ploy over more than 4 decades, so hardly an obscenity.
  17. Very nice indeed! You're on a similar path to me. albeit slightly ahead. Within the past year I have had Lingo 4, Karousel, Kore and Trampolin, with similar listening results! And the latest addition - Uphorik - puts us on a similar glide-path. Enjoy!
  18. The turntable shelf is an aftermarket one that was obtained through the 1980's-90's magazine HiFi Review (of Malcolm Steward / Ian Rankin vintage) and was purported to be better than the "standard-issue" Sound Organisation MDF board. No idea whether that was the case or not, but it sounds good to me .
  19. Cheers Chris. I do keep a regular look out for those, and also for Target stands that would also be quite a good match. I have not seen anything decent or compatible come up for a very long time, unfortunately. The really "gutting" thing is I used to have two of the Sound Organisation tables, but sold one a number of years back during a downsizing house move when I didn't have room for two so consolidated equipment onto a single rack .
  20. Having realised that my latest plans for future development would necessitate a separate phono stage, I now have a Uphorik winging its way to me. So I need to accommodate it and have run out of shelf space. I'm reluctant to get rid of my Sound Organisation table that has served me well for so many years, so I'm looking for something that is visually compatible, will do a good job and won't break the bank. So, does anyone on here have any experience or tales of the Solidsteel S2-3, which looks like it could fit the bill?
  21. This is very interesting, and very pertinent to me regarding some thoughts I'm having re next steps. So, please forgive me if this is a "noddy" question, but I'm wondering whether the shortest path is of benefit to the Urika II, which is "only" outputting 1's and 0's but a moot point for Urika I, as the signals are coming out on fly leads to a pre-amp so there is not really much difference in terms of distance travelled?
  22. It's not "new" as such, however the one (or two) "new" albums I would like to get for my LP12 are Dodgy's Homegrown and Free, Peace, Sweet. I've had them on CD since release and would love vinyl versions. I do look regularly but I can only assume very few were pressed as the occasional ones that pop up are silly money (mind you, it can be quite amusing to see what results are put up from an internet search of "Dodgy Homegrown Vinyl"). Tend to get most purchases either via Discogs or Amazon, although with pandemic restrictions easing I shall try to frequent shops again. I used to live in Rye, East Sussex; Grammar School Records was a real treasure trove!
  23. Yes, when I had my Karousel fitted the dealer mentioned that there had been some sizing issues with the Karousel inner platter and some older outer platters. Fortunately it did not affect me.
  24. They already do. Spotify used to house all their own kit in co-lo datacentres (I went into one of their data halls on a couple of occasions - a most impressive array of "traditional" servers and storage). Then, from about 2016 onwards, they commenced a migration to Google Cloud Platform. That was around the same time as Netflix was migrating to AWS; it's 100% there now.
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