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  1. This is all way too complicated! I use the Zerostat with the record on the turntable, in motion, until the mat does not lift when you pick the record up. If the Zerostat clicks, you are doing it too quickly - that's all.
  2. Playing a record always generates some static - it's virtually impossible for it not to. I find that using a Zerostat immediately after playing each side removes the problem - four slow squeezes is usually about right. If the mat lifts you need to do it some more. If you put your records away without neutralising the static build-up first they will attract dust, hair etc. and you then end up needing to clean them. But: no static left = no dust problem. Zerostats do wear out - unfortunately they are ridiculously expensive for what they are, but that's capitalism...
  3. OK - a final update. I'm sure nobody wants to hear this, but I'm going to say it anyway. My concerns are not wrong at all - I'm right. Let me explain... I've just spent several hours doing a pretty rigorous Tune-Dem, and conclusions are clear - the Sneaky DS sounds far better than the Klimax DSr in my system, and I don't believe there are any technical faults present. The issue is not the volume or quantity of the signal - I have all the control of that I need. The issue is the quality of the Klimax signal, which simply overpowers the Klouts (I presume) - and certainly this listener. I don't have the technical vocabulary to describe this effect, but I can hear it very clearly. In hindsight, I don't think this is all that surprising. At the time the Kairn and Klout were designed the idea of high-quality digital streaming was pie in the sky - science fiction, basically. These amps were designed to extract as much as possible from constrained (by modern standards) input signals, and to project as much quality as possible, with minimum restraint. They are still very good at this, hence they can make an excellent show of the slightly limited Sneaky. Technically, however, they are obsolete, and really for good reason - the Klimax demonstrates this pretty ruthlessly. My conclusion is that any upgrading I do has to take this into account if I'm going to continue using digital sources. I'm sure I can upgrade the LP12 with considerable success here, but I may be going up a blind alley, and I need to consider upgrading the core of my system before I go much further. Probably this means adopting fully current technology. I'm sharing this here as I suspect anyone else persevering with 1980s/90s technology will probably come up against similar limitations before long.
  4. Thanks David - I concur that this should not be the case, but my ears are certainly thanking me for the change. I've tried the KDS both with and without the internal volume control, but I haven't tried bypassing the Kairn. Not really sure it would resolve very much as the Kairn seems to be working fine with all other sources. Your hypothesis that the KDS is faulty may well be correct, but I have nothing else available to compare it with. Ian
  5. I thought I'd bring an update to this story so far. It turns out I'd made a small mistake - possibly a bit stupid, but maybe a bit interesting as well. When I added the Klimax Renew to my system I was shocked at the sheer punch of the signal it produced - it blew both me and my amps/speakers away quite conclusively, and caused considerable listening fatigue. To control this I had to turn the volume way down, and late one night I even turned the treble gain on the Aktiv cards right down to zero. Then promptly forgot I'd done so. This really didn't help the LP12, but the change was not so great that it shouted at me - just niggled a bit so I felt something was not quite right about it. I've now taken the Klimax out of the system with a sense of real relief, and I doubt it will be returning. It was just far too much. I've replaced it with a Sneaky Music DS, almost as an act of desperation. What has surprised me, though, is how extraordinarily good this sounds by comparison, which is obviously not at all what the marketing hierarchy would suggest. It's a huge upgrade! With the Aktiv cards back to the correct setting the LP12 is sounding really good, too, and I've been enjoying a lot of listening over the Christmas period. (I hope you all are too, BTW.) I will still be thinking about upgrading later, but as I'm locked down in Tier 4 on the Plague Island it won't be for a while anyway (congratulations on your "promotion" to Tier 3, David ). The Government is talking about relaxation at Easter, but more medical sources suggest it may not be until June, so I'm going to get very familiar with the current setup. Fortunately, not really a problem now, but the nature of such upgrades may be different from those I previously envisaged. What is really interesting here is the huge contrast between the Klimax and Sneaky. I can only assume that my older system was designed by Linn to get as much as possible out of weaker old sources, but that the more modern systems offer the possibility of significantly more effective control. Could this be part of the difference between older Linn gear and the modern products? Right now, I really like my little Sneaky, and it's delightful performance tends to suggest that my old equipment is very good at getting the best out of sources which are otherwise criticised as sounding "thin". Could this be representative of a more general principle? Happy holidays, everyone.
  6. Thank you David - for advice and your kind offer. By the time Covid restrictions end I will probably be desperate for some sea air! Your point about the Adikt is interesting as it's certainly a cartridge I've been very pleased with so far. The limited lifespan and high price of MC cartridges does worry me, so this and the phono stage may well make for a convenient later step in the chain. I would in many ways prefer to bite the bullet if I can and aim for a target specification rather than incremental upgrades, hence my original question. This is partly because it's actually probably cheaper in the long run, but also because I'm not getting any younger (I'm semi-retired) and I'd rather just enjoy the thing than tinker! Ian
  7. Well, yes. Point taken (it is of course the whole point...). I don't think your experience particularly surprises me - there is a strong possibility I may end up in a similar situation. I was just slightly hoping to keep some kind of control of the process....
  8. Very many thanks all of you for your advice - especially Dasher, Akamatsu and ThomasOK. This is all very useful. Whilst I know the theory of the upgrade hierarchy, I really don't know the effects, so your comments are all appreciated. I will combine them, and some other advice I have received, and work out a plan. Ultimately, it looks pretty much as if the sky is the limit, so what's probably needed in the first place is really some financial engineering! I can do that. Hopefully, come February, I may be able to make some good upgrades, and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks all - now for some thinking...
  9. I'm planning to probably upgrade my LP12 in the new year, and I'd really appreciate some suggestions from those here with more experience than I have. My current item is a 1997 25th Anniversary model I bought new - Lingo 1, Trampolin, Cirkus, Akito and Adikt (and the tacky little medallion round the back...). It has served me very well, but the recent addition of a Klimax DS Renew (2007 variant) is now showing up it's shortcomings. I haven't listened properly to any other turntable in all those years, so have little experience with which to judge where to even start. The rest of the system is a Kairn, 3x Klouts and a pair of Aktiv Ninkas. I like all this a lot, and am in no hurry to change - this sound suits me fine. The obvious move would be to upgrade the LP12 to a full Klimax specification to match the DS, but I really don't want to spend limited money on upgrades which will not give good returns with the remainder of my system. Many of the specific components in the full Klimax LP12 post-date my KlimaxDS (I am obviously unKatalysed), and many post-date the rest of the system by quite a long way. Obviously I am inExakt as well - but I don't really have a problem with that. Much as I love my Klouts, I remember from comparison many years ago that they do not respond as quickly as more recent amplifiers - especially Klimax's. So - can anyone suggest what sort of LP12 specification might give me the best price/performance ratio in this system? Would a full Klimax really be overkill, or would my mostly obsolete system respond to it well? It's a lot of money...
  10. I have no experience with Armageddon (Lingo 1 here), but would second all comments recommending a Trampolin base. After that I'd start saving for an Adikt cartridge - which I found to be huge upgrade from a K9.
  11. At the risk of lecturing to those with more experience... I find a Milty Zerostat to be extremely effective against static. Use it after playing each side of a record. If the mat lifts you haven't used it enough. Use it s l o w l y - if it clicks you are squeezing too fast, and it won't have any effect. Four squeezes usually works for me.
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