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  1. I have the same impression ! Also thinking to replace the NAS with a Mac Mini. LD
  2. Just read this, lately QNAP has frequently ransomware problems ! As some of use use Roon on their Linn system, this may be helpful. Vulnerability in Roon Server Release date: May 14, 2021 Security ID: QSA-21-17 Affected products: QNAP NAS running Roon Server Status: Investigating Summary The QNAP security team has detected an attack campaign in the wild related to a vulnerability in Roon Server. QNAP NAS running the following versions of Roon Server may be susceptible to attack: Roon Server 2021-02-01 and earlier We have already notifie
  3. Still loving my 30 Years old Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 9500. With a Sonos Port at the auxiliary input still (a bit) up to date...
  4. Here in Belgium: For the regio around Ghent: https://www.radiyole.be And for the city of Brussels: https://authenticbytagomago.com Both, very kind people knowing a lot about the brand ! LD
  5. I'm in the same situation, having the same problem. very annoying... I think it's a Qobuz problem. LD
  6. Did You download the right app? An executable file (.exe), as seen in your picture, is for the Windows platform. For MacOS You need a .dmg image file. Here, Konfig works without any problems with Big Sur. LD
  7. Amazing ! Would like to see something like this... ! LD
  8. That's true, but nevertheless we sometimes want some change in this times.... I'm using a Cisco Meraki MX65 and an MR42 access point. Works very well, both Wired and Wireless (Linn, Roon, Netflix,...). Everything is cloud managed with a lot of documentation and support (if necessary). Only disadvantage is that you need a yearly license (warranty for the equipment included). https://meraki.cisco.com I've read about someone who has more than ten Linn DSM's. Could only dream of that... LD
  9. Reading a magazine this morning, I found an article about Linn Gardens in Cove Scotland. Probably nothing to do with our Linn Music System. Hope to visit them (and the Linn factory) once, in post-COVID times... Very beautiful ! I didn't know Linn meant "Waterfall". Was the name Linn chosen for this reason or is there an other explanation ? LD
  10. I've been told the same by my dealer in Belgium yesterday. Also looking forward towards a new price list. LD
  11. So, better no DSP in Roon or MinimServer. This makes it a lot easier in use! Thanks.
  12. In this context, how would You rate the sound quality in MinimServer, anyone ?
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