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  1. Moved my old B&W stands upstairs today. Getting excited to get the new special 40's.Will do a comparison review when i get them. Then will get them positioned in the basement with the Arcam amp.
  2. When i get my New special 40's, i am going to connect them to my upstairs system next to the contour 20i speakers and do a comparison before i move them to the basement system.
  3. I moved the speakers 6" forward toward where i sit, and the overall result improved even more this afternoon. I sat on the couch on the sweet spot, and slowly moved my head and body forward, there was a point where the sound got great then shitty. I moved myself back and found that great spot. took a guess and moved the speakers forward. So my triangle is pretty much even now. 8 foot center to center between the tweeters, and 8'6" back to my ears.Toed in slightly. The tweeters are 31" from the side walls and 42 " from the rear wall, basically 1/5 the room distance.
  4. This is my main listening system upstairs.
  5. Thank you. It is a labor of love. At 58 years old it gives me good hand to eye coordination, and has brought out my artistic side. lol
  6. Yes the reviews and you tube videos, are very convincing. Although they will sound totally different in my environment. I will do my best to get the speaker placement as good as i can with the train layout in the way, lolol. Lesser of 2 evils, i love both, great audio and my HO scale train layout.
  7. I ordered the special 40's in the black vine finish, along with that Parasound zdac v2.
  8. I will be talking with my Audio dealer this afternoon, and will see which speakers i end up? Will post on here later today.
  9. Oh I will say this. My new Contour 20 i speakers are a perfect match with my Sugden gear and Aqua La Voce Ladder dac. That setup is solid, That is my main listening room upstairs. I am not going to disrupt that system.
  10. Ok well I am thinking around $4000.00 max I am also buying a Parasound zdac V2 DAC to add to this gear.
  11. This took the better part of a month to do, with all the weathering and detailing.
  12. I have been 2 years in the making to where it is so far. It is a labor of love, winters are so long so i enjoy being in the basement with coffee and nice music to listen to while i work on the layout.
  13. Yeah me and my first world problems. HAHAHAHAHA.
  14. Maybe those with this amp can explain to me the way the specs are written? 200 Watt - 8 Ohm - 20 - 20000 Hz - THD 0.2% - 2 channels (main) 400 Watt - 4 Ohm - at 1 kHz - 1 channels (main) So does this amp prefer a 4 ohm or an 8 ohm load? And they say the first 50 watts are class A then i guess it goes to class AB.