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  1. I use Qobuz via Roon but I have a Chromecast Audio attached to my streamer / DAC via optical so that my family (and myself sometimes) can cast to it from Spotify. My friends send me links via Spotify so it’s easier to listen to them onSpotify than look them up on Qobuz Btw. Qobuz looks AMAZING on Roon ios (iphone) It's re skinned and also has additional functions like 'recent' and the ability to generate a radio station from your recent listens. I am so impressed.
  2. Donald Fagin's book Hipster (something...?) Not bad, asked for it or Xmas.
  3. Skeleton walks into a bar And orders a pint of beer and a mop
  4. It has 4 extra bands of 'room' eq possible in speaker mode. I actually miss the extra bands on headphone mode. But musn't grumble.
  5. Actually your comment made me pause for thought. I always use eq (for speakers and headphones) as I have some hearing loss and know what I am missing. I use a handful of reference tracks and tweak them to how I expect them to sound. I am always looking for: large sub bass size on kick drums, lack of low mid boom and plenty of upper mid / high frequency "tinsel" / sparkle. I have three bands of parametric dsp to play with in my DAC. For the leather pads I had one eq band set to get the treble uplift I need then and other two to reveal sub bass 'thunk' (boosting in the 40-60 hz range and using the last eq band to cut “Boom” in the 100-200 range above. My eq work on the leather ear pads got me close. but I have just redone the eq for the seude ear pads and am much happier. The kick drums on my benchmark tracks now all have that “pillow hit to the chest” heft I expect but the frequencies above now have a better, “dry” & boom free accuracy. (less flab) So thanks. (leather ear pads - now back in the box) EQ settings attached below for your interest.
  6. These are supplied with alternate ear-cups. the shiny leather ones keep the sub bass in - the suede ones let it escape too much.
  7. I’ve been there but ages ago a friend of mine worked there (Andy) Another chum is part of the management of the club / bar / restaurant of the same name in Kings Cross it’s nice and has a very fancy hifi system in it worth over 100K allegedly! I have been Mezzing around with some Meze Empyrean’s lately. They are very revealing.
  8. Whoops! Sold! Handed down to younger brother (lucky him)
  9. Very good condition. Non smoking house. No internal speakers on monitor, and no dead/ burned pixels AOC C32G1 - 32 Inch FHD Curved Gaming Monitor, 144 Hz, 1ms, VA, AMD FreeSync Premium, Flicker Free (1920 x 1080 @ 144 Hz, 250cd/m², HDMI 1.4 x 2, Display Port 1.2 x 1, VGA) AOC C32G1 32 inch Gaming monitor, minimal bezel design,144Hz, Free Sync, VA Panel, 1Ms response time DP, HDMI. Mainly aimed at demanding players, playing fast paced games at high settings.Wall mountable (VESA compatible) and tilt feature for the best viwing angle Features & details * Freesync - Delivers smooth gameplay eliminating input lag, screen tear and stuttering * 144Hz refresh rate - translates high frame rates into a level of smoothness and responsiveness you need * Curved screen - Immerse yourself into virtual worlds with aoc’s curved gaming displays * Minimal bezel - Enables seamless multi monitor Set ups, Response time (GtG) 4 ms, Response Time (MPRT) 1 ms * HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, VGA google search for images please North London pick up will consider London delivery paypal only for social distancing @ collection. reasonable offers only - via PM.
  10. My speakers are on the floor angled upwards (on desktop stands) The areas they are in aren't exactly the same either. I look forwards to trying room corection one day as they will surely need different bass settings.
  11. Ahh no I did miss that. Thanks. So in summary, for the usefulness of the SHD feature set, you tolerate Volumio's user interface shortcomings?
  12. Is anyone here using the MiniDSP streamer function? (It's Volumio right?) If so how is that going? How is the remote (phone tablet) control of Qobuz or Tidal? (I don't have any files) Thanks
  13. This is terrific Intel. Much appreciated! Thanks
  14. Is gree it's worth trying. I can't find much online about the streamer capabilities. Would I just look up Volumio?
  15. Hmmm I wonder if feeding one of these direct to self powered speakers (with digital inputs) would be good? Bypassing the need for a dac. On the way to the speakers you could also try re-clockIng the signal (to see if there is an audible benefit) Think I wonder about is if there would be signal quality issues with DIGITAL volume control prior to the speakers? How would a speakers AES digital input cope with say 1/8th level? When I get some digital input speakers I think I will try it one of these out. It would mean using Volumio as a streamer - has anyone experience controlling that remotely via an apple device? Thanks
  16. I am due some HEDD type 20 mk 2’s in the new year. I think their dsp is all about time aligning the drivers. I am going to start a thread on DSP based speakers.
  17. Dyslexic as hell here. But massive audio tweaker. No probs.
  18. I can pass on a tip for numerical data entry only DSP EQ. But I am a professional audio engineer so this might be too complex for some. if you have an eq that you can drag around with a mouse, finger or track pad. Use that - then jot down or take screen shots of all the parameters - then you can type those values into the DSP. I did this with an Auralic device Prior to getting it, I was running an audio unit eq on my Mac called FabFilter. (It’s a terrific parametric eq and has a great reputation in the studio world). I had some favourite settings so when I got the Auralic. I just copied the numerical data for: frequency Decibels boost or cut “Q” (narrow or wide) And it sounded great! Anyhow, this advice presumes some knowledge and ability to set eq parameters to taste.
  19. Sell off surplus gear Mytek DAC, Mutec reclocker, Auralec Aries G1, Grace designs M903, Adam A5xs & Sub to fund latest & incoming gear Weiss 501, HEDD type 20 Mark 2’s & sub
  20. The Mconnect UPnP app transport controls showed up on my watch. Totally unexpected!