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  1. That's a good point regarding Kazoo. . It's just weird that this only came to the fore after the recent update, and this update was meant to fix "Fix bug causing Deezer playback to fail after a number of hours".( I use Tidal) I've passed it onto Linn directly and I'll start running through some in depth problem solving at the weekend when I have a bit more time. I may un-install Kazoo and re-install it see if that makes a difference. Before anyone asks, the first thing I checked (repeatedly) was my internet connection and it was fine. I
  2. Anyone else having issues with this update ? My MDSM4 is now constantly freezing and rebooting itself after this update, especially if I jump from say Tidal to the files on my NAS drive. Having looked it appears this is a beta update, so lesson learned , only update with stable software !
  3. I've seen Mogwai on several occasions and have tickets to see Mogwai/MONO next year. Finger's crossed in 2022 we can get back to a full menu of live music.
  4. I've had a bit of a post rock evening , mainly listening to Japanese group MONO from their album Hymn to the Immortal Wind and from my native Scotland, Mogwai
  5. Good point. The way the whole Dash radio is set up did make me wonder if it was something to do with the way they operate rather than my clumsy attempts to get a work-a-round. Thanks for the reply
  6. I was about to start a similar thread, so hope the OP does not mind me tagging along. This is probably my one big gripe about my own system. Despite the comments above, I'm unable to my add my favourite Internet stations from either tunein app or minimserver and get it to work through my majik dsm. The station is from the Dash radio stable, so I don't know if it has anything to do with perhaps with their own settings? The url I can find is. https://dashradio.com/dashindie I'm at the stage where I've actually got my old Rotel RT-12 network streamer/radio out and attached that to my Majik dsm. Which works well as a work-a-round, but I'd prefer everything to work from one box (ok, the real reason is I hate trying to find numerous remote controls to operate things ! .) Anyway, is there something I'm doing wrong/not doing or is it from the Dash Radio side ? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. I was going to start a thread regarding my Linn ownership 6 months in being completely new to the Linn ecosystem, however, I gathered that this could be expanded to other Linn product's . I must stress this is not a Linn bashing exercise and hopefully will be constructive. So what questions should I ask (and answer) 1. What Linn products do you have and how long have you had them for?. 2. What made you choose Linn? 3. What do you like about your Linn system ? 4. Conversely, what do you not like or feel your Linn item could be approved on. 5. If you could speak directly to Gilad Tiefenbrun, what new product would you like to see, or existing product improve ? for myself 1. Linn Majik DSM (4) 2020, Linn Majik 140 speakers- 6 months of ownership 2. I had trialled NAD and Naim music streamers, however, for one reason or another they did not suit my needs/tastes. The next option at the time was to look at the Linn. I nearly bought a Selekt DSM, however as this was my first foray into Linn, I decided to play it safe and opt for the Majik DSM. With the money saved, I purchased a new set of 140 speakers, rather than the 109's simply because I wanted a little more low frequency bass, a decision which I'm glad I made. 3. I like how it's compact, versatile and flexible to suit various musical inputs. Of course I like the sound signature and although this is a personal preference, I like how the majik dsm brings out a little more detail over the NAD and Naim units. One thing really does stand out for me is how stable the Linn system has been in comparison to the other's and one excellent feature is having more than enough AV inputs. 4. Of course no item is perfect and a few things stand out. I would have preferred a couple more s/pidf /Toslink inputs round the back. Tunein radio does have it's limitations' and unfortunately does not have my own favourite internet radio stations and Ideally I would have preferred a sub out. With regards to my 140 majik speaker's, Linn should really be supplying the upgrade speaker stand as standard. 5. The Majik ecosystem is Linn's entry point. Perhaps from a software point of view it could be literally be plug and play without the need for dealer input . Linn claims "just add speaker's" . Strictly speaking that is not true, you need a computer to run Konfig & SO etc. I understand for the higher up system's there is definitely a requirement for this, but is it needed for it's entry level system where ease of use is more likely to keep the consumer happy? Anyway, just some quick thoughts', feel free to answer any question or add any as you see fit.
  8. You learn a new thing everyday and I had just dismissed songcast initially as I usually used Bluetooth to connect my laptop to my MDSM, which wasn't without it's issues (I'll maybe explain at a later date), however I've tried the songcast this evening and yes, there is definitely a big improvement. so thanks to all.
  9. The BBC have uploaded a Glastonbury library on Iplayer (UK), and available for the next few weeks. Most of it perhaps a bit too 'pop', however I did find the Arcade Fire set from 2007 which I remember watching and listening through my TV. Now I'm able to listen to it through my Majik DSM and yes it does sound a helluva lot better.
  10. Maybe the actual source has the most important bearing on SQ. I find modern DDD recorded CD's will outperform the same LP pressing. However, for old analogue recorded - say from the 50's to the mid 80's, the LP will sound better.
  11. That confirms the findings of the you tube video I posted previously. Currently there is no hardware or software solution to get Apple lossless (or 'Hi Res') music from the Apple site to the end user. I suspect Apple know this hence the reason they do not charge a premium for their 'Hi Res' output. Obviously this will probably change in the future, however, If I was currently subscribed to Quboz , Tidal etc and were thinking of switching to Apple music, I'd hang fire till a solution can be found.
  12. Another 3 levels to go and you become a dBpoweramp grand master !
  13. In terms of sound quality, no. CD's are a digital format, therefore it's all 1 - 0's, ( in essence it's all or nothing, it works or it doesn't) the magic happens when that source is then converted using a DAC. What may affect the SQ using dBpoweramp is what format you are encoding the source e.g. FLAC, MP3 etc and what compression rate you are using. I went through the CD ripping process for my NAS drive last year and generally went for the accurate rather than burst to ensure there were no errors and maximised the file format to uncompressed. My thinking is that you can always compress the source at a later date (if you are listening on a phone for instance on a commute, where it would not make much difference) but you cannot up the source to 'lossless', so better to start off with the best source available, especially if you are starting from afresh and you only want to do the process once. Other's may have a different view, but that was my logic when I set up my NAS drive.
  14. This appeared on my youtube feed. Although not directly relating to Linn, the implementation of Apple music to a hi res output is discussed in detail.
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