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  1. That confirms the findings of the you tube video I posted previously. Currently there is no hardware or software solution to get Apple lossless (or 'Hi Res') music from the Apple site to the end user. I suspect Apple know this hence the reason they do not charge a premium for their 'Hi Res' output. Obviously this will probably change in the future, however, If I was currently subscribed to Quboz , Tidal etc and were thinking of switching to Apple music, I'd hang fire till a solution can be found.
  2. In terms of sound quality, no. CD's are a digital format, therefore it's all 1 - 0's, ( in essence it's all or nothing, it works or it doesn't) the magic happens when that source is then converted using a DAC. What may affect the SQ using dBpoweramp is what format you are encoding the source e.g. FLAC, MP3 etc and what compression rate you are using. I went through the CD ripping process for my NAS drive last year and generally went for the accurate rather than burst to ensure there were no errors and maximised the file format to uncompressed. My thinking is that you can always compres
  3. This appeared on my youtube feed. Although not directly relating to Linn, the implementation of Apple music to a hi res output is discussed in detail.
  4. £599.00 for 3ml of liquid ... Come to think of it, I've just devised a device to improve two way communication .. I'll happily sell it for £1000 per metre and £500 per pair for the optional 'audio acoustic transference flux capacitors'
  5. Maybe you should double your odds by betting St.Pauli for promotion and Hamburg remaining in 2. Bundesliga .
  6. A decent review which at least puts the majik dsm up front and centre. I'm six months into ownership with my own 2020 majik dsm and still very happy with it. This segment is increasingly becoming very crowded with the likes of Nad, Naim, Cambridge Audio etc producing similar products within relatively the same scope of a price point and although the competitors may have a few nicer features such as album art etc, It's good to see that this review centered on the core attribute, the sound signature. video set up .. oops I must have missed that part , I just took it out the box, plugged it
  7. There's always next season Jens. At least Hamburg never managed to secure promotion, so at least that's a small comfort to you.
  8. As above and then use Bluetooth to connect. I know, you won't get the full SQ using Bluetooth but consider it a workaround you get the Kazoo App to work.
  9. Today I've been listening to Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps on CD. The album is a little melancholic. stretching into a few dark places but the strong melodies probably save it from getting too dark. Not a bad album overall, however you do need to be in the right mood for it. I've also been steaming the Black Keys new album - Delta Kream. If you like your blues with a hint of rock, then definitely worth a listen.
  10. I've posted the video directly, I hope that's ok. With regards to MQA, I'll be honest, when I started looking at buying a streamer last year, MQA was on the list of what I wanted. I ended up of course with my Linn Majik and although not natively supported at least I could still access Tidal with MQA through another means so I was reasonably happy Though, perhaps what set me thinking about MQA was Linn's own response about it's restriction's and whether MQA was indeed an additional asset to an audiophile, or was it just a marketing exercise with some vague reference to improving SQ. C
  11. Of course, thanks I have no issue with one over the other, or if it makes any noticeable difference at all, I'm just happy to try things out and see where it leads(or cables or plates) to. It will give me an excuse to get the Dremel out and make a few extra blank plates !
  12. Thanks for the responses, I do appreciate the constructive advice. The likes of bi-wire etc, I will look into that in the future when I've happy I've got the most out of the Majik DSM4 box. With regards to the 140 speaker's, I'm going to try out using jumper cables instead of plates and vice versa, to see if there is any difference . I might also give the two plates a try and use that to compare. Would there be any preferable metal to use as extra plates ? Of course for what it's worth, I'll report back with my observation's.
  13. That's good to hear your back to normal Billz. I fully understand the convenience and the ability to store, save and backup at the same time with different media, however, I took the approach from the outset not to use my NAS drive as my source of doing this for various reasons, and one of them was security. When I rip a file, I will then send the original ripped file from the source, to my various media backups directly. That way I can be sure it's a direct copy from the source and in theory I'm never dependent solely on my NAS drive or other media back up. If I find an issue I can compare i
  14. I'm certainly no I.T. expert, and I've only had my DS200+ for a few months, and still lot's to learn. The easiest option I've so far found was maybe once a month connect up my various back up media ( my NAS drive usually get's my ripped music straight from source). That obviously depends on the amount of new material you have each month and the time that would take. I'd also draw your attention to this thread, although this specifically relates to QNAP drives, it's only a matter of time before they make an attempt for Synology drives . Just make sure you have everything up to date, lock
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