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  1. My Musical Fidelity A5 tuner has FM and DAB. FM is purely for Radio 3 and is a very good analogue sound, helped in part by the tuner's valve output stage. DAB is useful for Radio 6 when it's playing music that interests me. R3 is much better on FM than on DAB, the difference is less striking on BBC R4. I've considerd streaming but don't believe that my preferred stations would sound noticibly better than on my tuner. Musical Fidelity A5 tuner | eBay MUSICAL FIDELITY A5 DAB/ FM 192 HZ UPSAMPLING TUNER. | eBay Musical Fidelity A5 Tuner Dab FM Upsampling Ex Condition & Work
  2. The Musical Fidelity A5 tuner is brilliant; there are a couple on ebay at the moment
  3. Thanks, but at that bitrate for BBC R6 there would be no benefit in repacing my DAB tunner with a streamer
  4. So after the great switch off / switch over yesterday; who has lost BBC radio on their streamer?
  5. I am very pleased with my PMC Twenty5 22s, a vast improvement on my previous Monitor Audio GS10 speakers and wonderful tuneful bass for a stand mount. The PMCs have recently been superseded with a big price hike. I'm not sure of your budget but there is at least one good used offer on ebay PMC TWENTY5.22 SPEAKERS, AMARONE, EXCELLENT CONDITION, BOXED, AUTHORISED DEALER! | eBay
  6. Ive tried streaming BBC radio from the optical output on my smart TV via a Cambridge DacMagic, however the bit rate on the optical output was very low (despite a high speed ethernet input to the TV). DAB through my upsampling tuner sounds a lot better
  7. Gosh, I'm rather taken aback at all the anti BBC feelings, but I'm not sure what TV has to do with anything. If anyone's interested in getting back on topic; my main interest is music on BBC R3 and BBC R6. I sometimes indulge in R4; I don't agree with everything they say but I enjoy listening to radio rather the being in an echo chamber. I'm fortunate in getting quite good R3 on my FM tuner and I like the combination of familiar and unfamiliar classical (and other) music, Classic FM is so compressed to be a waste of FM bandwidth. R6 is limited to DAB and hence quite poor, which is a sh
  8. I haven't heard it yet because I don't have a streamer, but this will influence my decision whether to buy one or not. It would be interesting to knoe what Linn have to say on ths?
  9. Why do I hear a message on my third-party app stating that BBC Radio will stop working on 22 March? | BBC Sounds
  10. I understand it may not after 21 March
  11. Apparently from 21 March the only internet access to BBC radio will be via BBC Sounds, and no streamer or packaged internet radio will work on BBC unless they have BBC Sounds installed. As far as I'm aware no streamers are available which have BBC Sounds on board. Does anyone know any different? It seems I'll be relying on my FM tuner for some time yet
  12. I've been enjoying music a lot lately during lockdown, particularly following a major upgrade to my system. One consequence of this has been a re-appraisal of my CD collection. Some recordings have been brilliant with new levels of detail and emotion recovered. I've also started replacing less good recordings or performances with much more enjoyable versions with the help of my dogeared copy of The Gramophone Classical Music Guide 2009. Have others found this too? Two non classical (but classic) CD's really stand out. Jeff Beck's Truth had been languishing unloved on my shelf, b
  13. well over budget but is this of interest? Musical Fidelity M6 PRE Pre-Amplifier - Preowned (fanthorpes.co.uk)
  14. No you are not confused, that's me. I'm still not totally decided on moving from FM to streaming yet and still pondering
  15. The NAD may be interesting too. I'm waiting to see reviews of Arcam's new ST60. One factor is that I understand BBC Radio no longer works with Tunein but does with vTune? I would wand to be able to stream BBC radio without the hassle of extra boxes or having to play through my phone or tablet
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