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  1. Perfect damp and miserable lockdown Saturday afternoon to enjoy revisiting my CD collection after an upgrade. I was lucky enough to get a pre-owned A5 CD and M6i amplifier, both upgraded by JS -and a special offer on some lovely PMC Twenty5 22s which are just getting run in nicely. I These replaced my A3.5 amp, A3.5 CD and Monitor Audio GS10s. I'm keeping my A5 tuner. Although I enjoyed my former system, the results of the upgrade is stunning. Many of the CDs have so many more layers and instruments, nuances to the vocals etc and so much more involvement and emotion too. I'm assuming a good part of this is down to JS. Although I enjoy BBC R3 FM and R6 DAB on the tuner very much, the character sounds quite different to the CD despite them having similar DACs. I may consider getting the tuner upgraded but it may make more sense to get into streaming. A streamer and maybe a used/special offer M6 DAC could be an option - but that amount of money could buy an awful lot of CDs. Common sense says enjoy what I have, at least for now....
  2. Can anyone comment on how the quality and character of the M6 DAC compares to that of the A5 CD and A5 tuner, both of which have valve output stages? I'm contemplating a DAC for streaming and looking at options including the M6 DAC which are appearing on Ebay. Thanks
  3. The results are in. I've installed BBC Sounds on my TV and resurrected my Cambridge Dacmagic plus to feed the TV optical output via a spare pair of very basic phono leads into my Musical Fidelity M6i amplifier and PMC Twenty5 22 speakers. The TV is plugged into my home Ethernet. This allows me to compare the BBC Sounds digital feed of Radio 3's Night Tracks with my Musical Fidelity A5 FM/DAB tuner, which has a good upsampling DAC The BBC Sounds feed sounds terrible compared to the two tuner options; thin and lack of detail. The DAB is a lot better but the FM is still the best by a long way, albeit with a slight background hiss. I also installed a trial Tidal ap on the TV with the HiFi option -the sound through my HiFi was not good either. The Dacmagic plus may not be as good a DAC as that in my tuner and the cheap interconnects won't help, but the main limitation is the TV. On investigation it seems that the digital feed is not carried straight through but converted to analogue, along with all the decoding to make the image, then the 2 channel sound is converted back to digital with Pulse Code Modulation for the optical output for a soundbar or HiFi. I've not been able to find out what the bit rate is but from the LEDs on the DAC it is 32 kHz or less. In summary the TV is not a substitute for a HiFi streamer, although I enjoy using the optical feed to improve sound quality for films. For music radio I'll stick to my tuner for the time being, despite the limitation on stations. In the long term I may go for a streamer and new good quality DAC, but I couldn't justify the cost considering how good the sound from my tuner is.
  4. I'd really want a better DAC than that to do justice to my amplifier and speakers, provided that the bitstream from BBC Radio 3, Tidal etc via my TV is comparable to that from a dedicated HiFi streamer and better than my Musical Fidelity FM tuner
  5. Yes I understand that, my HiFi is ok, Musical Fidelity M6i amp and A5 CD player with PMC Twenty5 22. and yes a DAC would make TV content and streamed films sound better. My question was specific to Hi res music through Tidal , BBC Sounds streamed Radio 3 and similar. Would the stream of 1s and 0s be as good as those from a dedicated "HiFi" streamer, and if so how expensive would a DAC need to be to better my MF A5 FM tuner?
  6. I can install on my Samsung smart TV and also access BBC R3 etc via BBC Sounds. If I get a new DAC and feed these sources into my HIFI will there be any significant difference in sound quality compared to using a dedicated Streamer?
  7. I understand that even BBC Radio 3 stores all of its music as digital files, but they have a very good DAC to feed the FM broadcast
  8. A mischievous and entertaining wind up, probably by a (much) lower budget HiFi enthusiast who is a member of this forum, quietly chuckling away at the indignation in some of the above posts
  9. Thanks that's interesting. My Musical Fidelity A5 tuner must be one of the best around and I have a very good room mounted aerial. The A5 actually digitises the FM signal at 195kHz, and upsamples the DAB to the same before putting each through it's DAB and valve output stage. Radio 3 is of course still much better on FM than DAB. My main use of DAB is for BBC Radio 6 for which I'm less bothered about sound quality than I am for R3. I've considered getting a streamer and DAC for internet radio and Tidal etc, but the cost to match the quality of my tuner would be substantial for no appreciable improvement in sound quality. MF A5 tuners still come up on ebay at around £400 - £500. Emotionally (irrationally?) I enjoy the fact that I'm enjoying music without computer/internet having usually spent my working day sat in front of a computer. For the same reason I'm unlikely to spend a long time ripping my CDs to a computer or server - but this may change if I decide to get a high quality Walkman type device for my travels post Covid.
  10. Do many people still enjoy radio as part of their HiFi pleasure? I listen to Radio 3 FM a lot and also Radio 6 via DAB (upsampled through my tuner) I find that late at R3 FM through a god aerial and tuner can still surpass a good quality CD player. R3 and R6 are great ways to be introduced to new music. I know I could maybe get almost as good quality through an internet streaming but don't see the need
  11. As always Snopes comes to the rescue. I remember green pens being pushed by What HiFi back then. Hence any digital snake oil (inter connectors etc) reviews in What HiFi etc should be treated with caution https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/bewaring-of-the-green/
  12. Whatever happened to green pens for CD edges? Weren’t they essential to stop some of those crucial 0s and 1s escaping?
  13. Thanks, I had forgotten that I had posted that. Since then I have a new TV with AppleTV built in, my Cambridge Dacmagic has died and I have upgraded my amplifier and speakers. So now I need to decide whether to get a cheap DAC just to play TV soundtracks through my HiFi, or get a more expensive DAC to make it worth streaming high res music
  14. Apologies if this is a stupid idea. My TV has AppleTV built in and an optical audio output. The AppleTV works via Ethernet connection. I can access Tidal etc on my iPad and have the stream sent to the TV via Ethernet. If I add a quality DAC to link the TV’s optical output to my amplifier would the sound be as good as using a dedicated streamer to feed into the DAC?
  15. I’m two days into my Twenty5 22s which replaced Monitor Audio GS10s on my Musical Fidelity A3.5 CD and amp. I’m very impressed so far and sure to improve further with running in. Looking forward to listening to them with A5 CD and M6 amp which will arrive later this week