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  1. They look interesting, do you use them with stands? How are they close(ish) to a wall? I'm also assuming that with XLR inputs, it means you could use an outboard DAC at some point? Last summer when I was working out of my shed, I had the turntable plugged into an old Cambridge Audio BT speaker. It did the job, so it's certainly something I would entertain for the right speaker. The Audio Pro Addon Cx ones seem to get good reviews, but I'm not sure I can get over the looks. The Drum Fire is maybe a touch much for my space, but could maybe be a good option.
  2. I asked for the partition between the two spaces to be soundproofed. No idea what they're going to use, I assume it's some sort acoustic mat applied to my side of the divider. It's mostly to stop any chance of either of us overhearing the others Zoom calls. As for how much I'll listen to the vinyl, that depends, some stuff I only have on vinyl and some stuff I only have on CD, I don't stream, other than the radio. So it all depends on how much I'll be wanting to listen to certain LPs and 12"s. I did wonder about the Bluesound stuff. Given my desire for clarity, I thought I should concentrate on speakers first, so hadn't given much though to either that, or the Node 2i, as I don't know if I should go passive or active. As the room is small, and will have a sit/stand desk at one end and all my vinyl in some sort of IKEA storage contraption at the other, I just don't know where to locate the speakers. I'm not sure if they should go behind me, it's background music I'm after most of the time anyway, or if they should go on the back corners of my desk; near field monitors would seem to be the option for that. 🤷🏼 I think I liked the idea of the Mu-so Qb 2, as I could plonk it down and if I didn't like the sound, I could just plonk it somewhere else until I did. With a pair of speakers, it's literally, the back corners, or on the desk.
  3. This is the partner question to the one about upgrading, or replacing, my existing Pro-ject Debut III. Given the comments in there, my spreadsheet has been slimmed down and now contains entries for a Pro-ject Speed Box S2, Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit, Audio Technica AT-VM95ML cartridge and some bearing oil. Depending on the answers here, I may, or may not, want to upgrade my Pro-ject Phono Box MkII, so let’s assume that out of my £1,200 budget, £400 is spoken for by the turntable and phono stage, leaving £800 for everything else. TL;DR We’re getting a garden office installed, I’d like to put a small system in there for listening to the radio, ripped CDs and vinyl while I work. I have a Pro-ject Debut III, which will have some love shown to it. I have no streamer, DAC, amp, or speakers and have absolutely no idea what to get. I’m after suggestions and recommendations, on how to spend my £1,200 budget. Background Like a lot of people, I’ve been having to work for home during the pandemic. We’re having a garden office installed next month, which will be split into two rooms, one for me, one for my wife. We’ll both end up with a 8’x6’ space, in what is essentially, a fancy glorified shed. I’ve always wanted a proper hi-fi system. Floor standing speakers, a rack full of separates and a fancy deck. When I had the space, I didn’t have the money, when I had the money, I didn’t have the space. I’ve tried a couple of times to get some sort of system together, but have been thwarted by redundancies, kids, etc. Part of me is fed up with always having to make do, and compromise on something I’m not happy with, either in the interests of martial harmony, or due to financial constraints. It feels like getting my own little space, is an opportunity to finally put together something that I want, and am vaguely happy with. I generally listen to BBC Radio 6 Music in the mornings, then either some ripped CDs, or various other radio programmes for the rest of the day; if TMS is on, then I’ll listen to that. How much vinyl will I listen to? It’s hard to say, as my deck and vinyl have never been out permanently (marital harmony), or for any length of time, for me to find out. Let’s assume a third of my listening time will be taken up by each of those, so two thirds digital, to one third analogue. Thoughts When I started trying to think about what I would like, I wrote a document. It listed what I listen to, and what I thought I wanted from the system. Clarity was the first thing I wrote down, followed by ease of use. It’s also not a big space, and my wife will be next door, so it doesn’t need to go too loud, but I’d like it to go loud enough when required. Finally, the fewer boxes, plugs and wires, the better. All other thoughts are tempered by two things: I’m totally deaf in my right ear, which is where the desire for clarity comes from, and it pretty much trumps everything else. It’s not an audiophile listening room, it’s a small office, where I’m supposed to be working. So whatever I get will mostly be playing distraction background music, to help me concentrate on work. My starting point is a Pro-ject Debut III, Pro-ject Phono Box MkII and Velvet Vortex RCM, that’s pretty much it. I will have either a Synology or QNAP NAS in the office with me, it will have all our ripped CDs and digital downloads on it. I signed up to this forum to find out more about the Velvet Vortex RCM, but I stayed for the highly entertaining discussions about DAC measurements… 🙄 But it got me thinking, as did the recent one about active speakers. If most of my listening will actually be digital, then maybe I should get a separate DAC that I could upgrade. Maybe I should get a Beresford, or a Topping, and a 2.1 active monitor setup, say some Yamaha HS5’s and a Yamaha HS 8S? 🤷🏼 Maybe I should get an audiolab 6000A Play, and a pair of passive bookshelf speakers, like Q Acoustics? 🤷🏼 Maybe I should roll my own streamer with a RPi4, maybe I should just use my laptop? 🤷🏼 Maybe I should just get an Audio Pro Addon C10, or Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2's, and stop over thinking things? 🤷🏼 Maybe I should get a… and on, and on, and on. 🤦 I really like the idea of opening a singular box, pulling something out, plonking it on something solid, switching it on and having it just start playing. To which end, I really like the look of the Naim Mu-so Qb 2, it certainly fulfils the requirements for fewer boxes, plugs and cables. Although, if I’m going to get something with multi-room smarts, then I’d rather buy into a system I’d happily give to my kids; there’s no chance of me giving them a Mu-So Qb each. So I’m totally lost and confused. I have no idea what I'm doing, or what I should be looking at, so am looking for some advice, suggestions and recommendations, etc. Cheers, Bob.
  4. There was me thinking I was being funny mentioning Castrol GTX... 😳 I will investigate that cartridge, and add it to the top of the long list. I was going to cover the rest of the system in another post. I did intend to do it all in one post, as you need to look at these thing holistically. It ran to two pages of a word document though, so I though it was best to split it up. To answer your question though, two thirds of my listening will probably be the radio and ripped CDs, with vinyl making up the final third. So some sort of DAC will be required somewhere... This has been one of my issues. Trying to figure out what combination of things I can buy to fit within the budget. I keep thinking I've worked it out, when I think of something else. More on the turntable, less for the speakers. More on the speakers, less for the turntable. But what about a separate DAC, or a new phono stage, what about passive speakers , or active near field monitors... 🥴🤦 I did look at the Funk Gett! 2, but figured it was just a bit too much of the budget. Looks really nice though. Maybe if I sold some of the stuff I've been hoarding in the loft...
  5. There appears to be two obvious questions now. One: what oil do I use for the bearing? Pro-Ject Lube-IT would appear to be hideously expensive, so can I use veg oil, 3-in-1 or Castrol GTX...? Two: what cartridge? The vast majority of my vinyl is electronica, with a smattering of metal.
  6. I have a phono stage, it's just very bottom of the line. I was hoping that the split in the budget would be around £500 on the turntable and phono stage, and £700 on the rest of it, obviously this is totally flexible. I'm was just assuming the carbon arm on the Debut Carbon EVO will be better than the aluminium one on the Debut III, as it's the latest and greatest model. Obviously I may not be able to hear any difference with whatever the rest of the system turns out to be. 🤷 Yeah, I do feel there is a certain amount of wanting to flash some cash for the sake of it. My Dad was saying to concentrate on the arm and cartridge, so I was considering turntables that had, a perceived, better arm that would also allow future upgrades. I'm not 100% sure the Debut Carbon EVO leaves much room for upgrade beyond different cartridges, hence the plea for suggestions and recommendations. I agree about the bearing, I didn't realise until the other day when watching YouTube, that you could just drop some oil in there. As a starting point, and with the need of a new belt, some oil and the S/E Upgrade for £25, seem like sounds investments to make. As much as I'd like a Planar 3, I wouldn't buy one without a Neo PSU, as I'm absolutely done with having to remove the platter to change the speed.
  7. I have a Pro-ject Debut III, which I bought about fourteen, or so, years ago to digitise all my house, techno, trance and drum ‘n’ bass 12”s. For marital harmony reasons, after the digitising didn’t go very well, it has lived in its box, in the loft, occasionally being let out for a weekend of fun when my wife’s away. One of my resolutions this year was to appreciate the things I have a bit more. So I purchased a Velvet Vortex, so I could clean all my vinyl and start playing it again. I was thinking that with nice clean vinyl, I should probably show my turntable some love too. We’re having a garden office installed next month, and my wife and I will each get a 8’x6’ (ish) room to call our own; my turntable is finally going to be allowed out permanently. So I’ve started looking at ways to upgrade it, with a Pro-ject Speed Box S2 being the first thing on the list. The novelty of taking the platter off to change the speed wore off years ago. The second thing on the list was a new stylus, to replace the Ortofon 5-E that’s on the OMB cartridge; as far as I’m aware, an Ortofon Stylus 10 should fit right on. Then I started looking at things like the Acoustand Sub-Platter And Bearing Upgrade and the Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit, as the motor and bearing were quite noisy last time I had the deck out. With clean vinyl, the wipe clean Pro-ject Acry-IT also seems like a better option than the current felt mat and noisy metal platter. With all the upgrades taken into account, the total cost is the same as buying a brand new Pro-ject Debut Carbon EVO. If I was to put a better cartridge on, something around the hundred pound mark, then it would cost more. Is it worth upgrading my current turntable? I’m assuming that the improved motor suspension and carbon arm of the Debut Carbon EVO, would mean it was a better option than an aluminium armed, albeit pimped, Debut III? I fully understand that both of these are budget decks and I’d get more for my money buying second hand, etc, etc, etc. So I'm also open to recommendations and suggestions for other similarly priced turntables. It’s a shame my total budget, around twelve hundred, which includes needing to buy some sort of DAC and speaker system, won’t stretch to a new Rega Planar 3, Neo PSU and Fono MM, which is what I’d actually like. Cheers, Bob.
  8. I've used Juno, Relevant Records (local pickup in Cambridge), Bandcamp and direct from Phantasy Sounds; I'm currently waiting on some that I bought in the Warp sale off Bleep. The only issue I have had, was a copy of Kelly Lee Owens debut LP direct from Smalltown Supersound off Bandcamp, had one track scratched to buggery. No way to know, as it was all sealed, they sorted me out with a replacement without any issues (and sent me an André Bratten LP as an apology). @manicatel I always forget about Lost in Vinyl, as I'm not in that part of town much, that's going to cost me £75... 🙄
  9. I think that's only true if you use anything made from PVC, rather than Polythene. I've got the Metalheadz Boxset 1 which has five slabs stored in PVC sleeves in a metal box, the vinyl is indeed now cloudy. I didn't know this happened, until I catalogued everything during Lockdown I and got them out for an inspection for the first time in an age.
  10. I have BBC Radio 6 Music on in the mornings, listen to certain Radio 1 shows on catch-up. If TMS is on though, then it's Radio 5 Live Sports Extra all day.
  11. K100T

    Vinyl Storage

    I've stored a load of vinyl in my loft and as @darthvadersdad has indicated, I've had issues. Mostly from dust, grit and grime, no idea how it gets up there, but it does. I've stored mine in open top plastic crates, which if I was doing it again, I wouldn't use. You can get good cardboard boxes for storing vinyl off the internet, I'd use though, and seal the tops with some sort of tape.
  12. That's just cost me a few quid... 💸💸💸
  13. Picked up this afternoon from Relevant Records in Cambridge:
  14. I recently bought some of the AUDIOPHILE Inner Sleeves from SpinCare. Slightly cheaper if you go direct, £19.95 for 50 via Amazon, £16.95 via the Spincare website. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you can grab a 10% discount on your first order; which could be useful depending on how many you buy.
  15. 2021 is the year I finally get a system into a space of my own. All I want, is to be able to play some music and think, that doesn't sound half bad. So: Clean all my vinyl Upgrade/replace my stylus/cartridge/deck and phono stage Buy a fancy Bluetooth speaker / streamer all-in-one Put everything in our (soon to be installed) garden office