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  1. I have a Linn one too. Looks fantastic and no difference to my previous maple one. Needed new top plate to not show it up though.
  2. As far as I have heard linn take a profit on the trade in as part of their offer, so the dealer is taking a hit and I guess that is why different dealers may offer more or less.
  3. If the OP really wants the ARO, which I think look lovely, an option is perhaps a prefix but then you also need at least a hicap power supply for it. I had the prefix on my LP12 admittedly with troika/Ekos 1 and do rate it.
  4. In my opinion it depends where you want to end up. If you are committed to exakt then kat in the DSM is not a big issue as your speakers would become Organik, however if you are using the analogue outs then maybe. I am not sure if or when Organik will come out for Akurate DSM they say a year or more for the Klimax DSM upgrade to Organik but it is unclear. in summary I think you have plenty of time to kick back and enjoy your DSM3.
  5. Works for me too on the media app on my 103. Great news thanks @Paulssurround
  6. I moved from the 552/500 combo with quad 989 speakers to 350s and klimax dsm, I did demo but moved pretty much for similar reasons that the cabling is so unfussy, the speakers and unit look fantastic and of course the sound is excellent plus removing a large number of boxes. What surprised me was the top end rather than bass vs the quads which was something of a revelation. The extra bonus for me with Linn is that they support upgrades to their equipment unlike many manufacturers so the 350s can be upgraded to the new Organik ( and hopefully the DSM) not many companies follow this path w
  7. Well different from what I understood. Looks like still only accepts inputs up to 192kHz except for USB B (384kHz) and like previous incarnations DSD is only output over analogue via Organik in a DSM not over exakt.
  8. I think the KDSM will always have a market as not everyone is bought into exakt, and Linn know this, hence why the top of the range Linn device is the New KDSM with Organik 😉 not the new hub.
  9. Yes the clock but also don’t forget you have additional digital inputs eg USB which can take DXD not just up to 192 and the new ADC with separate power supply for the analogue ins. not sure if it makes a difference but wireless connection and 1000 connection over the old 100 on the Ethernet as well.
  10. Just to clarify are you running the ADSM via a LAN cable to the router? As if konfig is not seeing the ADSM then it is not on the network. If it was like my router then because the DSM if T100 you need to go via a switch or something like the power line adaptors which support T100. Direct connection of my router did NOT work. I use Synology NAS with my KDSM. The NAS works fine with the router. I notice Linn have changed to T1000 for the new DSMs to bring it more up to date with what modern routers support.
  11. Hi @Moomintroll my current unit is a kat KDSM but if I upgraded to a new unit I would only get a hub not a full DSM as I am now all exakt, or perhaps I wait for a board for the KDSM in 18 months as mentioned I like the 2016 styling.
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