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  1. Yes I will take a photo at some point. All the boxes are in the loft.
  2. I used Nordost cables extensively when I had both my naim amplification and also border patrol systems with the DCS stack I used Valhalla digital cables, shiva, Vishnu and some Brahma mains cables (power amps and power supplies) and the arm cable from the LP12 was a Frey. I really enjoyed the sound difference. I think I am in the “tone control” camp for cables, as they added a bit of high end sparkle I loved. I never tried the speaker cables For my now all linn system it is stock which sounds better IMHO, but if you think your sound is just not quite what you want a cable can make a difference for sure.
  3. Just bought caress of steel by Rush gatefold Canadian import from 70s, boy do I love 70s vinyl, playing the necromancer and it is superb.
  4. Yes tres annoying hovering at the bottom of the screen a bit like trying to swat flies from
  5. I wonder if this is similar logic to the purging of the buffers on the radikal which is also meant to improve sound quality. Perhaps @zee9 if your unit is relatively new or upgraded there is not much “baggage” to reset while others may have had their units for a long time so “hear” a bigger difference. just a thought.
  6. My KDSM came with converters from linn for the balanced outputs to RCA so would be my option. Just plug in to the XLR ports and then use your existing RCAs
  7. @akamatsu I heard that there may be no Organik upgrade for the ‘bariks, as they will have to go back to Linn HQ for any update not a dealer upgrade as per the 350s, which would be a large undertaking. Perhaps that helps justify those 350s while you can
  8. I guess we know now why the cost is the same but the non AV should be cheaper they have obviously invested in fairy dust seriously though are the boards in non AV and AV versions significantly different minus the obvious HDMI 2 board as I can find no internal shots of the KDSM3 audio? The HDMI is on a separate board so I guess you could take it out vs turning off HDMI.
  9. @Newton John what are you using as your source? Is it all streamed or are you also using other sources. Wait with interest the Next gen with kat exakt boxes. enjoy
  10. I also have a CD12 so will be interested in your thoughts on what you prefer the digital or analogue input. Agree on reading the notes and on this point vinyl wins for me. I still play my gatefold rush lps with lyrics in the middle. welcome to the forum
  11. Ok hub returned to the shop this afternoon so back to the KDSM kat, which I use only as a hub as I am all exakt . overall my impressions and opinions based on listening ( only blind tested in that I close my eyes when listening ) are 1) as a streamer it is better than the KDSM, there is more air and space in the recordings giving a larger sound stage as a result very clear on tracks such as Heart mistral, or Neil Young down by the river. Even on the sisters of mercy poison door the drum machine has a bit of extra nuance. Maybe a little tighter on the bass but the 350s already gave me that in spades. 2) via HDMI fed from my oppo the DSD files now don’t miss the first couple of beats when they start which is a bit annoying for the KDSM kat so that’s a plus, and again the sound is more together. I have never heard my Yes fragile sacd sound so good. 3) using the hub via WiFi, rather than hard wired, playing some of the above tracks at 192khz via Qobuz had no drop outs or sound deterioration which may give me some options for the room given the extra size of the hub and keeping the family happy. 4) finally on the LP12 I found the leap not as great as streaming or hdmi for sure the next gen was better for piano, so less silibence and smearing at the high ends on Agnes Obel e.g. Riverside, switch to Rush and Xanadu I preferred the KDSM more foot tapping as was Joy Division Twenty Four hours. Switch to Magnum Firebird and again the acoustic guitar and keyboards stand out and are clearer more precise on the next gen. Finally back to the Sisters of mercy for the first side of First and Last and the next gen won out. But it was close. conclusions vinyl seemed a bit variable is it the recordings or are the benefits of the clock not so important in realms of the Urika 2. I don’t know but the streaming is well ahead. Overall an enjoyable 5 days with the hub. How much a 2020 KDSM kat would give some of the above benefits I can’t answer or those that said the DS was better than the DSM, but given what I heard for sure I am pressing the button. I just need to find out the current lead time.
  12. @Newton John next gen hub dropped off today so hopefully you can do the double with Organik exakt and hub. Will be interested to hear what you think makes the most difference.
  13. I’m not an expert on the av5125 but if you are just getting one exaktbox six you can only set up exakt on pass through if you want surround, so each output from the exakt only needs 1 channel to amplify to each speaker so you need 6 channels so only the 2 amps. You would need to remove any aktiv cards. I use exakt and love it and fully bought in, but the system is flexible and people do offer a service to model any speaker to exakt so take your pick, even moded Linn ones. I think regards delay the akurate can add delay as well, but if all is running via exakt box then should all be ok, though you need to set up SO. Hope that helps.
  14. Ok just looked in Konfig ( thank you @Moomintroll, yes NM set it all up on my linn account as my laptop was very slow), and it now has an option to assign an exakt channel to the Urika 2 not seen this previously. now working perfectly from the LP12 via the sub box. Will feedback after listening in depth tomorrow @akamatsu
  15. well really enjoying the music all last night and today. A convert except still not mad on the looks but would stick it on a shelf to hide it. would love to hear the Organik side and @Newton John I am sure the exakt boxes sound fab! I am on exakt 350s which are none too shabby, but will order Organik boards at the same time as I am sure they will sound phenomenal. only problem has been can’t seem to get the Urika 2 to play when going via sub box into the hub rather than directly into the hub even though it sees the Urika?
  16. Well had a nice surprise today when Nigel from Peter Tyson dropped off a next gen hub so settling down to my first long listen, the most immediate effect is just more “airiness” and seems quieter noise floor than my KDSM kat. back to the music now. but so far so good.
  17. Interesting @scallon very keen to hear the module may be able to be taken off the daughter board on the KSH surround module it looked like it when I did the instal to my KDSM but didn’t want to test it out.
  18. My dealer did initial set up in Konfig for sound optimisation I run it on a laptop so it can be in the room with the hifi. It can do everything related to setting up and updating the systems. I think the online system will eventually take over everything but is a work in progress. not sure if that helps
  19. I went from maple to piano black to match my speakers looks rather nice
  20. I have kat 350s how would you describe the improvement on the Organik ? @Newton John I think as long as you have pcm out on your multichannel player you don’t even need the card to play surround via the hdmi if you are exakted.
  21. Hi John what do your ears tell you? I would try if it is not too late to dynamik the solos as this is the only time critical upgrade all the others you have time on your hands and as you say can be done over time. I’d then look to the LP12 if you still have a record collection I love spinning the vinyl and have a lot on vinyl that is not available on stream or CD. all are good choices though.
  22. Ok so if you are using balanced it should be on this is especially important for long cable runs.
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