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  1. Wanted oak Isoblue shelf with standard 100mm sides based in NE England or 100mm sides.
  2. Since you reinstalled windows, it maybe an IP address thing that the account thinks you are accessing the device from a different network, so in effect trying to hack your own “old” system. Sounds feasible not sure how probable to give this error.
  3. Mike I am running beta and have always done, you can always roll back if it doesn’t work.
  4. Hi @SnapperMike just tried Radio Paradise on airable and still getting FLAC 1.4Mbps on my dsm. linn app version, you need to ensure the dsm also has the latest firmware updates.
  5. Also running the £25 Cisco as it has fibre link so I can ignore cables
  6. The title says it all really, just say it flashing update system in the app, usually do via Konfig, didn’t know the app could do it yet. Turns on and off a few times and unhelpfully shows not connected to network but all went okay. A real heart in the mouth.
  7. @uk030 I think they could still show the info and power down on the time, as sometimes I like to know how long is left on a track but you don’t even get that option.
  8. I’ve had Quad 63s and then upgraded to the 989s which are taller with an extra bass panel, I loved them but had to move them after each listening session back parallel to the walls. The sound is sublime, and I didn’t notice a lack of bass, it just sounds different, but in the end I went back to normal speakers that I could leave in place I.e the 350s, the first thing I noticed with the 350s was an opening up of top end which really surprised me, must be the super tweeter.
  9. Not sure but a loose hdmi cable can sometimes give a issue and it is sometimes tricky fiddling around the back of the KDSM due to the overhang of the back. Also just check you are plugged into the right hdmi input/outputs for pass through.
  10. I guess since I have not heard of most of the Spotify “top of the pops”, I have made the right choice with Qobuz happy new year to all.
  11. Looking forward to the update and shoot out results. I used to love Valhalla 1 interconnects. The only snag I have had with Nordost mains cables is they are incredibly stiff and hard to bend meaning you can’t put your equipment too close to the wall, which can be a problem.
  12. You should indeed I use an oppo into my linn DSM over HDMI for 5.1 surround SACDs. The oppo does the conversion to PCM from the 5.1 DSD. enjoy.
  13. I had most of the early Ronnie James DIO stuff i.e. Rainbow, and Black sabbath on SACD but they are Japanese imports so tend to be £30+, and some Rush and scorpions Ones through mobile fidelity.
  14. So I guess you run the 109s via the power amp from the analogue outs? I am not familiar with the sub but some subs have a pass through but not sure how space optimisation would work in this case. You could get a exakt sub box just to run the sub but obviously it is extra expense.
  15. Not sure what a tune box is ( is it the same as the naim Snaxo) but looks like a mono in and then outputs are the individual speaker drivers so one for each speaker Komri L and R but yes do you then need the 8 solos after ? 10K seems good but I picked the 350s exactly because all the power amps etc was built in and the cable runs are a joy, my biggest nightmare is the 8 core cable to my 225 centre. Wish Linn would do a decent exakt centre.
  16. You can adjust delay to balance the speakers in a DSM for just this reason exakt vs non exakt.
  17. Not sure I understand @Moomintroll they are analogue not exakt so you need to buy exakt boxes if you want Organik, and enough solos, the klimax boxes are just external crossovers, unless linn replace the crossover internals to make exakt boxes?
  18. They are good. They have RCA and XLR yes 2nd hand around 750 to 800 when they come up
  19. Not sure but seemed to remember this also being a problem for naim devices where the screen faded over time. Strange as I think it is a TFT display which should be good for 20K hours.
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