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  1. I’m currently speakerless so in no rush for a turntable. I think i’m going to have a little time on my hands until a decent set of the R50’s fall into my lap, so in the meantime I think I’ll do some research into the Goldring Lenco GL75. If it all looks too much, I’ll stick with something safer as recommended.
  2. I’m trying to put together a sound system. About 6 months ago I didn’t know anything about amplifiers/speakers, I know a tiny bit now but still have zero knowledge on turntables. I own a Sansui Eight receiver but no speakers. I’m looking to hunt out a pair of Cambridge R50’s but nothing is set in stone yet. Maybe a set of Kef Concerto’s as plan B, who knows. I don’t know how much influence turntables have on the character of the sound but just in case - I’m looking for a warm sound with no bright higher frequencies, my ears are very sensitive to that. I’m open to which path I should take - modern/vintage, I don’t mind used modern either, I’m just looking for the best I can afford. Any advice would be great...
  3. I’ve spoken with the wife now... they sold the instant she put them up for sale. She’s just holding them now until after lockdown for them to be collected.
  4. Oh and thanks for those very handy tips mr-mac and Lawrence001. I’m green as grass when it comes to this sort of equipment so it all helps.
  5. Yes, looks like they could maybe be spun into something good at that price. I just don’t think I’m the man for the job.
  6. Yes, I’ve spoken with the owner. His wife inherited them but he has no means to test them. I’d either have to buy blind or make a 6 hour round trip to go see them. Both not out of the question, but for now I’m still looking.
  7. I'd like them in very good working and physical condition. I'm willing to travel to pick up the right set. (Will obviously pick them up after lock down)
  8. Thank you for the list, I’ll get to work looking through them. I’m not using any speakers at the minute, this is my first attempt at putting a sound system together. I’ve heard quite a few modern amps and speakers in high street store auditions but wasn’t keen on the brightness of the majority of them. I must have sensitive ears.
  9. I’m near Durham... Just thought I’d better add... I’m trying to fill a 7m x 4m room.
  10. Sorry, which Castle?
  11. I own a Sansui Eight and I’m looking to buy a pair of speakers for it. I’d like them to be warm with not even a hint of brightness, my ears are very sensitive to it. I was thinking about buying a modern set of Wharfedale Linton Heritage but after auditioning them with my receiver, I couldn’t pull the trigger. They sounded great, could have listened to them for hours but for me they lacked a big sound, a big deep base. That is something I’d like. I did a little googling and came across some old posts on this forum with people talking about the Celestion Ditton 66. They seemed like they could do the job for me but are hard to come by. Ditton 44’s and Cambridge R50’s also got thrown in the mix but neither having quite the respect the 66’s had. I have roughly £1,200-ish for speakers, warm, relaxed non bright highs, big sound, big base, suitable for a 60w Sansui Eight. I know next to nothing about vintage speakers so I’m just running around in the dark at the moment so any advice or pointers would be great.
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