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  1. Ah well that is a thing to note. My Focal Clears are usually on my desk plugged into an iFi MicroDSD Black Label but of course plugging them into the main system may be something I want to do as well.
  2. Right. So does it matter which you use (Selekt or Akurate), if it does - why? And is the nice case, glass dial and modularity of the Selekt box the only reason it costs more? You would think that these were basic questions that Linn's website might answer...!
  3. Does that mean that the "hub" version has no DAC at all - either the standard DAC or Katalyst? If the hub is the system's master clock (which I believe is correct) and the Exaktbox clocks are slave clocks then the best clock out of Selekt or Akurate hub is the principle thing that would affect how the system sounds, with casework, board isolation etc second to that, I assume?
  4. So if you buy a Selekt in hub configuration, it still comes with the standard DAC? I presume if you then connect the box to Exaktbox, it bypasses or ignores the onboard DAC?
  5. My house is 5 years old - I did not build it - and it has exactly one ethernet port, in my office, which I had put in for my computer because my office shares a wall with the cupboard that has the router in and putting the port in was easy. Where the hifi is going there is no ethernet at all. My ISP engineers will be coming to put some cabled network ports in when they have some time spare but for now the Selekt that I have on demo is working just fine on wifi. I think ethernet is a better and more stable connection route but maybe in 10 years the Selekt (if I go that route) can go from being a hub to a seperate system in the (say) bedroom and wifi would be easier than cabling. I could use powerline routers to get ethernet where I want it I suppose.
  6. In case at some point in the future I want to use the system in room where there is no ethernet access?
  7. For reasons best known to themselves, Apple have never made Home Pod range available for sale in New Zealand so I can't comment. My Samsung fridge has a speaker and screen - so I can play Spotify etc on that when I am cooking instead!
  8. Although not abundantly clear, it seems that Selekt has wifi and Bluetooth whereas Akurate has Ethernet only. Is that correct?
  9. I wish. It is $18,000 here - my entire budget is $24,000! Not going to get much amplification or speakers for the $6000 least, not that would do justice to a Klimax hub.
  10. However, surely a Selekt ordered in System Hub form has no analogue bits or DA converter? Or are those bits not removable?
  11. Thank you for your detailed reply. I completely agree Akurate SH ought to be better than SSH based on what I read but I have to say Linn do a poor job of explaining why and the pricing makes little sense - the better one ought not to cost less than the worse one, if you see what I mean (not that the Selekt is at all bad - it is very good) and that just adds to the confusion. I am definitely going with the metal base. What speakers are you using with your system? I am not sure where I can get the Gaia feet from -- none of the NZ websites I get from Google seem to stock them so they may have to come from overseas, possibly Australia. How would you describe the effect of the Exaktbox on the sound?
  12. That they do. My history teacher at prep school was a former Ceylon tea planter who played for Colombo Cricket Club. He used to regale us young boys with stories of the Empire Flying Boat service back to GB and elephants on tea plantations and so on. Halcyon days. Yes bi-amping needs two sets of cables. Exakt would be much better although just doing this has improved imaging, separation and vocals quite noticeably.