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  1. You’ve probably thought of these, but a few suggestions to narrow down the cause: - find a CD in your collection to rip where you know it’s the same version on Tidal … compare - check Tidal settings for “quality” - check for any of your system settings that affect input gain from different sources - stream your CD and Tidal to an alternate system or Bluetooth speaker … compare - play CD and Tidal directly out of your MacBook (maybe not so helpful because small built-in speaker and Mac DAC, but oh well) … compare - play CD on a player (CD, portable, DVD, Xbox … wh
  2. I would expect them to sound essentially the same when playing built-in streamed sources with Space Optimisation (SO) turned off. I haven’t actually a/b heard the comparison you’re asking about … hopefully someone on the forum has and will share their opinion. Do you play vinyl as well? If you’re someone who is looking for an all analog path, then DSM Katalyst won’t give you that option as all inputs are converted to digital (ADC) and then back via DAC. Discussions on the forum indicate this is nothing to worry about, and also allows SO which should result in a net overall sound improveme
  3. Here’s another path you could go down Simon … nothing related to the actual LP12 at all, but a complimentary accessories kit. For example, a bespoke metal case/cigar box that inside includes: a torque wrench with the appropriate bits, a high quality level (maybe a Roeckle), green papers, soft shammy cloth, etc … the essentials to maintain the LP12. Could be limited production run and embossed with Linn logo if they agree to license. You could also add a simple golf style clicker so a user could register a “click” every time an album is played … would be useful to approximate hours of
  4. I don’t know if it’s possible to draw the parallel I’m about to make, but this makes me think of the motor in the LP 12 and the hierarchy. In that case, as I understand it, improving the consistency and accuracy of platter speed with a “better” motor + control unit has a very significant impact on the musicality/timing. Following the hierarchy, it’s delivers a more marked difference than a “better” tonearm with a lesser motor. So, I wonder about the quality of the digital clocking vs the Organik DAC. Will it be the case that the “less sexy” upgrade of the clock (LP 12 motor example) contr
  5. Thank you. His system must sound amazing. Great to hear it delivered such an improvement in what I would think is the least likely case! Should be off the charts when he adds the Organik DAC upgrade :-)
  6. Hey @Paulssurround, just out of curiosity, can you please ask the guy you talked to if he uses an Urika II with his Klimax LP12? From his perspective, how noticeable is the difference with that + the new hub (vs the 2018 KSH) … which presumably would be an altogether different story if he’s using an analogue phono stage into the new hub’s ADC. I’m personally not in the market for one having just recently bought an ASH, but would be good to hear his opinion. I’m struggling to believe the difference is so great from a KSH 2018 (for that specific use case). Especially since you can wire
  7. Thanks all for staying close to this, and confirming it’s largely ok to proceed with iOS 14.5 alongside the latest Linn app update.
  8. I also don’t know of a way to toggle this from the remote. I normally have this set to off. @Paulssurroundyou can enable this using the online Linn account/system settings. In the top horizontal menu, choose “More” and select “Dolby/DTS” from the list. Then pick “Auto” or choose one of the DTS options. I recently found a use for this. For those of you who use HBO Max app on the Xbox, it’s a current known issue that movies with 5.1 track aren’t playing properly in surround ... they are playing only out front L&R, and annoyingly it’s not even good stereo because dialogue plays
  9. Thanks for flagging this problem. I’m still on iOS 14.4.2 so will hold off on the 14.5 upgrade until you sound the all clear.
  10. It’s a good question. Especially from a “source first” perspective. Theoretically, it’s always beneficial (best) to improve the source, and so a Klimax will be “better” than an Akurate, regardless of the downstream components. In some other threads, it’s been discussed the problems with having “too good” of downstream components and a “weak” source, that it basically reveals all the flaws of the source. It will be interesting to discover the tipping point at which a “too weak” source is exposed by Organik Akubariks. I’m hoping Akurate holds up well since that’s the level I own! For m
  11. Re: the gain setting (Urika 2 + Krystal), when I first played a track last week on my LP12 “side-by-side” with Qobuz (as a comparison), I noticed the same thing you described Akamatsu. Full disclosure, I was already searching in the forum for any suggestions to change default Urika 2 settings (taking advantage of collective wisdom). I stumbled on to your other post about adjusting your gain to 56db, so I just blindly did the same to copy you! Of course, this brought my LP12 output much closer to Qobuz so all around I decided to keep it.
  12. @akamatsu- you were absolutely right! I’ll score the improved sound 60% fettler, 30% Radikal, 10% Urika 2 ... after all, fettler truly comes first in the hierarchy @Jazz Kisaten- thanks so much ... Horace Silver Serenade to a Soul Sister never sounded better ... plenty of boogie! @sktn77a- yes, 12 hours is a bit much ... I know he works on decks shipped to him, but I wanted to drive it carefully home 😁 @chickenlogic- unfortunately it was all work, no play this visit. I’ve been to Zingerman’s before, and it’s definitely a special place. I’ll be passing through again later this y
  13. Hi all, Just thought I’d share my recent LP 12 adventures. My table has seen an extraordinary amount of love in 2021: in early March a new Karousel, Kore and Krystal ... and just last week a pre-owned Ak Radikal and Urika 2 were fitted. I was previously using a Lingo 2 and the ASH built-in MC stage. Arm is an Ittok LVIII (mk1). Having upgraded to Exakt early this year with Linn Winter promo (new ASH w/ surround module and 2x new Ak Exaktbox-6s) + the fast follow LP12 upgrades, I wasn’t really looking to spend more $ for new gear ... but I wanted to upgrade my motor, so I was on the l
  14. Hi @snatex, My Kisto (and a Klout) were repaired within the last year by Dan (see details below). The service request was initiated through my local Linn dealer, and then they shipped the units to him. I had the same “no startup” problem described above with my Kisto. I don’t know if what was described was the actual problem and/or how it was ultimately repaired. Dan Wergen D.W.LABS – LINN SERVICE 203 Eggert Road Buffalo, NY 14215 Ph. 716 896-9801 Fax 716 896-9802 dwlabs@linn.co.uk
  15. I’m in the US too ... agree it’s tough to find a shop with many different a/b options and even dealers are far and few between! My vote is B. Huge improvement from your current setup and many years of listening pleasure (plus you’re going after the 2 most important pieces in the hierarchy). Holding out years for the Radikal means missing out for too long! Many people report Lingo4 is in the sweet spot of bang for buck in Linn upgrades and it’s a huge jump over Lingo1. When you look to move beyond this you can keep an eye out for an exdem Akurate Radikal that won’t break the bank (vs. new)
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