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  1. @Countryman Ok thanks.
  2. Thank, I’ll have a look into this as I don’t know it. I’ve a Technics 1500c so am using the preamp on that as I think it’s really quite good.
  3. Very tempting. I used to have a C352 and loved that. I’ll have a think. Cheers.
  4. To upgrade my ageing PM6002. Budget max £500.
  5. My order arrived today - exactly as Ward described above. Excellent stuff!
  6. There’s a whole other thread where someone is selling a collection and people have to email for prices.
  7. I'm probably going to move mine on. You know how much they go for now! Is anyone interested and local to Surrey? They're all boxed, as new. I would rather avoid eBay and nutters. I've had them since 2014.
  8. How much is your copy of What's Going On?
  9. I’ll take them then pls.
  10. Are the Billy Joel LPs still available?
  11. Yes, I will try the Goldring for sure. Thank you.
  12. No! I’m happy with the Ortofon red straight out of the box! Might be because I’m coming from a old DJ straight arm turntable, but honestly the difference is absolutely stunning. It’s like I’m in the room with the musicians!
  13. It’s great! What an incredible turntable / phono stage / cart combo. Very happy.
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